The Dead Sea scrolls tell us in what is known as the “Words of the Sage to the Sons of the Dawn“, the need to destroy a house if it was infected with mildew or molds/fungi.

The story is told in approximately 30 B.C., about the leader, Maskill of a Gnostic sect known as the Essenes who addressed the Sons of Dawn, who were disciples of the Essenes serving a two-year probationary period before they would be accepted as full-fledged members of Sons of Light and allowed to fully enter the community.

Like me, author and researcher Dr. John S. Marr believe that past plagues were due to molds/fungi. My theory is that they caused fungal infections and death in people as we see in modern times, which can be proved by science as the leading cause of death in most people as if it is the king mold like the so-called coronavirus is today.

Dr. John S. Marr contends that molds/fungi were the cause of the 10th plague inflicted upon the ancient Egyptians, allowing the Jewish people to flee Pharaoh’s bondage.

Like we see with the coronavirus, the 10th plague of Egypt had killed the eldest Egyptians and their livestock but spared the Jews living in the Hebrew land of Goshen.

Dr Marr said, “Perhaps they were divinely guided to live away from the humidity of Memphis, the ancient capital, and to prepare their breads without leavening, thus preparing them during their exodus from another potentially deadly mold, Saccharomyces: toxic yeast.”

This makes perfect sense given the fact that humid climates and cities near the ocean and sea are overly humid, and both science and mold remediation experts have proved these properties located in this type of climate zone to contain more mold. Hence, people who are sensitive and or their immune system becomes weakened after prolonged exposure often suffer from allergies, asthma, illness, disease, and death i.e.: The Plague.

The EPA recommends maintaining low indoor humidity, below 60% relative humidity (RH), ideally 30-50%, if possible to prevent mold growth but in ancient times, this would have been almost impossible to accomplish in climate zones near large bodies of water where humidity levels are regularly above 60%.

Another interesting fact is that the Dead Sea is also home to various fungi.

In 2014, a team of scientists from Israel, Germany, and the US studies a filamentous fungus found in the depths of the Dead Sea called are studying Eurotium rubrum to research why it tolerates sea salt so well. The scientists are finding that the fresh groundwater deteriorates and increases in salinity in parts of the world undergoing accelerated desertification, the scientists said.

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