Plato’s Demiurge is a “world-forming God,” and the universe is “filled with mortal organisms” at the center or inner being of all life ie: the microcosm which acts upon everything else. It is interesting to mention that modern science is proving that Plato’s theory of a world forming god that acts like the Masonic Grand Architect of the Universe intelligently crafting everything out of primordial matter that is teeming with organisms filling the entire universe is, in fact, truer than we or probably Plato could have ever imagined.

These Platonic teachings later developed into the Neoplatonic concept of the Counterfeit Spirit of Gnosticism and then progressed into the Christian ideology of the Devil of this world and then made its way into the secret teaching of the Kaballah as Peels”, “Shells” or “Husks” (from singular: קְלִפָּה qlippah “Husk”) – the domain of evil or impure spirits.

According to Dr. Nicolas Laos, in his article, A Kabbalistic Approach to the Matrix, he states that “one of the most influential Jewish mystics in the Galilee region of Ottoman Syria, Rabbi Isaac (ben Solomon) Luria (1534–72), had developed the so-called Lurianic Kabbalah (a school of Kabbalah named after him), the holy “Sefirot” (emanations), namely, the attributes/emanations through which the “Ein Sof” (the unmanifested Infinite Unity) revels Itself and creates both the physical realm and the chain of higher spiritual realms, are surrounded by the unholy “Qliphoth.”

Dr. Laos explains that “the holy “Sefirot” (emanations), namely, the attributes/emanations through which the “Ein Sof” (the unmanifested Infinite Unity) revels Itself and creates both the physical realm and the chain of higher spiritual realms, are surrounded by the unholy “Qliphoth.” The Hebrew term “Qliphoth” literally means “Peels,” “Shells,” or “Husks” (the singular form “Qliphoth” is “Qlippah,” and the singular form of “Sefirot” is “Sefira”).

This is Qlippah to that and this is nucleus to that’” (“Sefer Liquitim,” Parshat Bereshit). Therefore, the Lurianic Kabbalah differentiates the holy nucleus of the cosmos and of the beings and things that exist in the cosmos from their impure, unholy peel, and, in this way, it reveals important esoteric knowledge regarding Eden and the narrative of the Book of Genesis.”

He continues, “One may find more details about these issues and the relation between Luria’s mystical notion of “holy nucleus” and the Greek philosophical notion of “logos” (the efficient and final cause) in my book “The Meaning of Being Illuminati” (sections 1.6, 1.7.2, 1.7.3, and 2.4).

As these traditional teachings relate to my own modern era of the Matrix here in the U.S., I feel it is my duty to expand upon this concept and to substantiate them as scientific facts of our current reality. In my modern concept of the Demiurge with the science of Dark Matter and the Demonic Fungi, I would equate it with the unholy “Qliphoth.”

It is worth repeating myself to note that DNA researchers have already shown that the human body is like Plato’s description of the primordial receptacle or the qlippah of the Kaballah. This is where I believe the domain of evil or impure spirits is being proved with science which has already has identified is our carbon bodies (husk/shells/human primordial receptacle) are filled to the brim with Plato’s mortal organisms in the form of fungi/molds, bacteria, and viruses that comprise of approximately 95-97% of our DNA.

Meaning that you and I only have about 3-5% so-called human DNA and the rest are alien organisms in which science has proved to be mainly fungi/molds that appear to make-up the vast majority of this primordial matter.

They are both symbiotic (neutral) and hostile (parasitic) and when they attack, they eat not only our unholy shells, they devour our organs and appear to have the ability to commandeer our central nervous systems. Morphing us into what could be called in religious terms, demons hell-bent on their own and their neighbor’s destruction.

Foreign DNA that science is saying is another type of human that apparently seeks to control the human husk and take over our central nervous system. For example, this other so-called human DNA I contend is from Plato’s Demiurge who made us our of primordial matter (Dark Matter) in which he claims is filled with organisms

To quote a 2015 article from Big Think, “There may be another human’s DNA trapped inside of you. This foreign DNA could potentially influence which hand is dominant or the propensity to develop Alzheimer’s.

The article continues; “There may be another human’s DNA trapped inside of you. While it may sound like a weird science sequel to The Exorcist, according to Peter Kramer at the University of Padua, “A very large number of different human and non-human individuals are all incessantly struggling inside us for control.”

Kramer and his colleague Paola Bressan just published a paper about this strange phenomenon — microchimerism — that influences our behavior. Basically, we pick up DNA perhaps in the womb from a twin, a subsumed twin, an older sibling, our mothers, or later in life from a pregnancy. In one study, 63 percent of women who’d had children were harboring male cells in their brains.

“A very large number of different human and non-human individuals are all incessantly struggling inside us for control.”

That is pretty unholy if you ask me and when speaking in a religious sense, I suppose you might turn into an evil demon when you lose control of your mental apparatus.

These modern scientific revelations have brought me back to some of the ancient statements made by Plato of the Demiurge like when he had said that it is a “primordial receptacle,” which he “compares to gold or wax which patterns can be impressed.” He described it as “not a substance” but “merely an amorphous stuff” that is “not tangible,” “empty of all forms,” “in no way perceptible to the senses”  and” it receives all things in a wondrous way” through “its connection to the intelligible is incomprehensible.”

Plato’s choice of adjectives seem to align exactly with the descriptions used today to describe nature’s 4d printer – fungi/molds who are mostly not perceptible to the senses and they have the innate ability to copy anything that they inhabit which aligns with Plato saying the Demiurge “compares to gold or wax which patterns can be impressed”

Researching further into the Demiurge and the theories of Plato brought me to a 17th-century quote from the Dutch philosopher of Portuguese Sephardi origin, Baruch Spinoza who said;

“The Demiurge is the space that holds the universe. He himself being one is the universe”

These descriptions above by Plato and this statement by Spinoza immediately caused my intuitive Gnosis to recognize a link to my research into fungi/molds over the last several years that seems to align almost exactly with these ancient descriptions of the Demiurge. For example, his claim that the Demiurge is a “primordial receptacle,” which he compares to gold or wax which patterns can be impressed and can be impressed without obtruding qualities of its own, or to the oil that serves as the neutral base for perfumes.

The receptacle is introduced by Plato as a new concept with the biological metaphor, as the Mother of Becoming, in addition to his theory of Forms (ie: the Model) being the Father and the world of becoming is an imitation of the model which he calls, “the receptacle of all becoming.”

To Plato, the receptacle in imitating its creator becomes a model in which all becoming takes place.

The Forms or fires that you see coming into being and being extinguished are just appearances, in the receptacle, of the Fire Itself (the Form). I find it very interesting that this Receptacle is compared to the element we know as gold, which “can be molded into any number of distinct figures,” but which contributes nothing of its own characteristics to the final product.

These descriptions remind me of the story of modern humans and how given the opportunity to learn about other good humans and their own turn at molding an empty slate, they can often turn from what some perceive as a Path set in stone by the Sins of the Father to change paths in order to redeem themselves from the dark grips of the Demiurge or the Devil to walk the path of light and truth to become Saints amongst a world of Demons in which their father was the devil.

This is why I believe Plato had described the Receptacle as having no properties of its own, so that it may more faithfully reproduce the properties that objects will possess in virtue of the “imprint” of the Forms.

This now leads us to modern science which is beginning to reveal the apocalyptic truth of the Demiurge.


Yes, I believe it does exactly that which I will attempt to prove that the science of dark matter validates Plato’s theory of the Demiurge. What I contend is that Dark Matter is  Plato’s Demiurge as he describes as a “world-forming God” (Srjiuovpyos, demiurge) who “fashioned and shaped” the material world using preexisting materials of chaos, arranges them intelligently according to the models of eternal forms, and produces all the physical things of the world, including human bodies, etc.

In studying Plato’s theory of the “primordial receptacle,” I found that he describes the receptacle as “space” and mediating between Being and Becoming is first identified as a Receptacle or something which receives the Forms. Many other authors have also made it clear that the Platonic matter is simply space. (Cf. H. Siebeck, Untersuchungen z. Philos. d. Or. 2 Aufl., Freiburg i. B. 1889).

With that said, these old and new-world descriptions of the Demiurge that I mentioned above and my previous article actually align with a more recent scientific phenomenon known in the world of science as “Dark Matter” which I discuss in, “Dark Matter: Surfing the light of cosmic filaments into space and beyond.”

Dark Matter: Surfing the light of cosmic filaments into space and beyond

The Demiurge is the space that holds and is one with the universe is found in the descriptions scientists are calling dark matter today such as a “cosmic or galaxy filament” – the largest known structures in the universe.

Researchers are finding that these massive thread-like web formations comprising huge amounts of dark matter made of clusters and superclusters connect to form filaments in the web due to gravity which they say make our Universe appear like foam or a sponge and may act as the skeleton of the Universe.

Like Plato had though the Demiurge to be the world forming God, scientists believe that this dark matter dictates the structure of the Universe on the grandest of scales.

Interestingly, this brings the Demiurge and Plato’s statement that it is a “wax which patterns can be impressed and can be impressed without obtruding qualities of its own” that connects with my research that I discuss in my article, Darwin’s Dead: How fungi are the evolutionary creators and destroyers of humankind.

I explain that today, scientists are theorizing that the first life on earth formed in the waters/ocean via the sea sponge, an animal that looks very much like the human brain and has been identified as the first organism to branch off the evolutionary tree from the common ancestor of all animals which isn’t an animal: fungi/molds.

Darwin’s Dead: How fungi are the evolutionary creators and destroyers of humankind

To inform you with some simple research on these sponges, you will find that they are a collection of cells and spicules that create folding, tubing forms that have pockets, channels, chambers and what are called flagellating ‘hearts’ that pump water filled with microorganisms used as food through from the outside of the sponge to the inside hollow where the water is released back into the sea/ocean.

Now, let me bring your attention to a sponge made from fungus first discovered in 2011 in Malaysia called “Spongiforma squarepantsii (Sponge Bob Square Pants) which is a species of the Boletaceae family, genus Spongiforma. It produces sponge-like, rubbery orange fruit bodies that have a fruity or musky distinctive odor of the species that may indicate that spore dispersal is mediated by animals.

Yes, they are named in Latin after the famous cartoon fungi character who lives under the ocean, Sponge Bob Square Pants.

As I also mentioned above, in describing the physical characteristics of the Demiurge, Plato compares it to gold or wax which patterns can be impressed and can be impressed without obtruding qualities of its own, or to the “oil that serves as the neutral base for perfumes.”

This brings me to an interesting note to further my thesis which is the fact that the oils produced by fungi have been used for at least 2,000-3,000 years as perfumes and today, they are making a comeback. So much so that some of these musky perfumes are the most prized and expensive in all the world selling for as much as $5,000 a pound.

For example, an article on explains that the perfume is sometimes known as “liquid gold” is made from a mold infection in the wood of the Southeast Asian agar (aquilaria) tree is called oud (or oudh). The tree reacts to the infection by creating a greenish dark resin with a musty scent. According to the International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, oud oil can cost as much as £20,000 per kilogram (more than $30,000) depending on its purity.

Here is a quote that puts this in perspective;

“Oud is astonishingly rare,” says Chandler Burr, the former New York Times perfume critic and author of The Emperor of Scent . “It has a very particular scent and there is nothing like it on the market. It’s dark, rich and opaque.”

The scent is an ancient one that has been used for thousands of years in the Middle East and Asia both at home and in religious ceremonies. The International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences states that agarwood, also known as the “Wood of the Gods,” is mentioned as early as the third century AD in ancient China.

In the Middle East, where oud is most common, it is considered a cultural touchstone and highly prestigious. “Oud is so ubiquitous in the Middle East,” says Burr. “Anyone there can recognize its scent immediately.”

These modern scientific descriptions of dark matter, the first life on earth, and fungi/molds I believe validate the teachings of  Plato’s idea of a “world-forming God” (Srjiuovpyos, demiurge)  according to the models of eternal forms, and produces all the physical things of the world.

These forms would include sponges and human bodies essentially that are made essentially out of the “nothing” which in reality are the shape of mathematical forms and earth is then molded into not only a world of Ideas but also a hierarchy of organisms, animals, mammals, plants and powers and principalities in order to create balance.

This modern scientific explanation of fungi and sponges as the first life on earth seems to coalign exactly with ancient descriptions that the Demiurge was a creator God who is fashioning, molding, and maintaining what we know as the world.

A divine hierarchy of humans who are the chosen ones that create a sacred balance and an intermediate link or type of internet from the dark world of “forms” born in the light (phosphorus) of ideas.

The hidden meaning of the word Demiurge reveals to us exactly what was meant by the Ancient Gnostic and early Christain writers who passed down this knowledge for “The mystery which was not made known to former generations.”

In the compound word demiurge, we find the three words “dem, I, and urge.” Dem means people, I denotes the self, and urge is a strong desire or impulse. This meaning is found in such words as democracy, demon, demagogue, and demography.

With this research now established, and I’m sure many more copies and derivatives of it thereafter, I believe that we can safely say that the” Demiurge creating the first life” or Masonic Craftsman – “The Grand Architect of the Universe” is actually fungi.

A Demiurge Democracy With Demagogues Ruling the Demography.

And you and me, Sons of the Demiurge…

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