“the fakes will be exposed and disposed of Behold I am The True Saten.” – Quote By Convicted Murderer, Christopher Gulzow (The Denver Demon)

Earlier this month, a Denver man who regularly drove around town in a demon outfit was convicted of murder after he slashed the neck of an innocent homeless man leaving him to bleed to death in front of shocked onlookers.

The CON-vic-ted DEMON, CHRISTOPHER GULZOW, 37, fatally stabbed Brian Lucero in the parking lot of Torchy’s Tacos at 11th Avenue and Broadway, following a confrontation between the two in the early morning of May 23, 2017. GULZOW was wearing what police call white clown makeup with dark streaks, gloves with blades on the fingers, and spiked wristbands at the time of the attack.

Friends and family of Gulzow, who identified as Christöf Gülzowprüzenstein, said that he was a loner and a troubled man who constantly shared his dark imagination in social media posts and was often seen around downtown Denver on his scooter wearing elaborate demon, vampire and ghoul role-playing costumes.

It is obvious that the murderer had serious mental or what we can just call demonic parasite issues given the fact that at 37 years old, he still lived with Mother, worked at a pizza restaurant, and was the lead vocalist of a heavy metal band.

He also lived in the dark world of parasitical half-human activities such as posting on social media all day and magnifying his inner being to the world with his dark selfies or demies role-playing and dressing up as demons which I believe is a huge sign on who we are dealing with here, not a “human being!”

A demon masquerading as a human with bright red flashing lights for everyone who is with a human eye to see, “LOOK AT ME – I’M NOT HUMAN, I AM DEMON. WE ARE LEGION!”

Do you think I’m kidding? NO! I AM serious, here is a link to the demon’s Facebook page.

For example, he murdered a homeless man in May 2017 and just two months earlier, he can be seen on Facebook saying he feels good because he gave a homeless youngster a free ticket to one of his friend’s band’s shows.

Gulzow claimed to be the owner, founder, producer and promoter of @ΨWorldMusicStudiosΨ and the goth-metal band, The Paranormals, which in October released the album, “The Dark Saints Kings,” with original songs that included “Rulers of Darkness,” “Sinful Flesh,” and “Tortered (sic) Souls.”

According to his father, Jack Gulzow, he said after the murder that his son had been attending anger-management classes and might not have been taking his medications. He also told the Denver Post that the 2009 death of his younger son – Christian’s brother – may have impacted Christian’s mental health.

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