S. D.–Mr. Gabe, on entering this Lodge for the first time, I receive you on the point of a sharp instrument pressing your naked left breast, which is to teach you, as it is a torture to your flesh, so should the recollection of it ever be to your mind and conscience, should you attempt to reveal the secrets of Masonry unlawfully.

The Junior Deacon now leaves the candidate in the hands of the Senior Deacon, and takes his seat at the right hand of the Senior Warden in the west; while the Senior Deacon, followed by the two Stewards, proceeds to travel once regularly around the Lodge-room, as follows, viz.: Senior Deacon takes the candidate by the right arm, advances a step or two, when the Master gives one rap with his gavel. (Deacon and candidate stop.)

W. M.–Let no one enter on so important a duty without first invoking the blessing of the Deity. Brother Senior Deacon, you will conduct the candidate to the centre of the Lodge, and cause him to kneel for the benefit of prayer.

S. D.–Mr. Gabe, you will kneel. (Candidate kneels.)

Worshipful Master now leaves his seat in the east, approaches candidate, kneels by his side, and repeats the following prayer, viz.:–

W. M.–Vouchsafe Thine aid, Almighty Father of the Universe, to this our present convention; and grant that this candidate for Masonry may dedicate and devote his life to Thy service, and become a true and faithful brother among us! Endue him with a competency of Thy divine wisdom, that, by the secrets of our art, he may be better enabled to display the beauties of brotherly love, relief, and truth, to the honor of Thy Holy Name. Amen.

Responded to by all, “So mote it be.”

W. M. (rising to his feet, taking candidate by the right hand, placing his left on his head.)–Mr. “Gabe” (sometimes Masters say, “Stranger!”), in whom do you put your trust?

Candidate (prompted.)–In God.1

p. 31

W. M.–Since in God you put your trust, your faith is well founded. Arise (assists candidate to rise), follow your conductor and fear no danger.

The Master retires to his seat in the east, and while the conductor (S. D.) is attending the candidate once around the Lodge-room, he repeats the following passage:–

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” &c., &c. (See opening, or Monitor’s.) The reading is so timed as to be concluded when they have passed once around the Lodge-room to the Junior Warden’s station in the south; as they pass each 1


officer’s station, east, south, and west, they give one sound with their gavels, viz.: first the Master, one (•): J. W., one (•); S. W., one (•); which has a good effect on the candidate, the sounds being near his ears as he passes by (his conductor generally passing close up). Having passed once around the Lodge, they halt at the Junior Warden’s station in the south.


J. W. (gives one rap; conductor one.)–Who comes here?

Conductor (S. D.)–Mr. Peter Gabe. who has long been in darkness, and now seeks to be brought to light, and to receive a part in the rights and benefits of this Worshipful Lodge, erected to God, and dedicated to the holy St. John, as all brothers and fellows have done before.

J. W.–Mr. Gabe, is it of your own free will and accord?

Mr. Gabe–It is.

J. W.–Brother Senior Deacon, is he worthy and well qualified? S. D.–He is.

J. Ws–Duly and truly prepared? S. D.–Re is.

p. 32

J. W.–Of lawful age, and properly vouched for?

S. D.–He is.

J. W.–By what further right or benefit does he expect to gain admission?

S. D.–By being a man, free born, of good repute, and well recommended.

J. W.–Since he is in possession of all these necessary qualifications, I will suffer him to pass on to the Senior Warden’s station in the west.

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