This article is from an Italian news source. The title reads; Former head of the Swiss Guard: “Strong gay lobby undermines the Pope-and-Swiss-Guardsecurity of the Pope” – The accusation of Elmar Maeder in a German magazine: “It ‘a kind of secret society”

“A gay lobby so powerful as to be dangerous to the security of the Pope.” The accusation comes from Elmar Maeder , 2002-2008 commander of the Swiss Guard.

Maeder, 51, speaks in an interview with the Swiss weekly Schweiz am Sonntag . “Of the existence of the gay lobby I can speak from personal experience,” he explains, adding that the Swiss Guards commander warned his men from possible Pitfalls of monsignori Curia. According to Maeder, “the problem is that this network is composed of people so faithful to each other, to form a sort of secret society.”

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