There has been a spiritual war fought on earth for millenia. The Roman Catholic, English, Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches Four Hosemen of Apocalypsehave been heavily involved in this battle for many centuries. A war that continues to this very day, but one in which the tides of battle are beginning to change. A change that appears to be a turn for the spiritual betterment of all of humanity.

This change can be called a spiritual purification process that is being led by the good side of the Illuminati. The Grand Master of the ORDO ILLUMINATORUM UNIVERSALIS (Order of the Illuminati), Leo Lyon Zagami calls this battle the “Holy Militia Against Evil”, in an event officially labeled by the Secret Brotherhood as, “Operation Messiah.”

Evidence to support these Illuminati claims can easily be found in the recent events surrounding the Catholic Church, and also the media reports that have been reporting these facts. For example, an article came out today detailing a Catholic Church group known as the “Legion of Christ.” A group plagued with the sins of the founder and previous leader, the late Rev. Marcial Maciel, who to quote the article, “sexually abused his seminarians, fathered at least three children and built a cult-like system of power based on silence, deceit and obedience.”

Bede on Death BedThis man, Marcial Maciel is part of the Black Brotherhood who rides the Black Horse as described by the Doctor of the Church and Father of English History Saint Bede who had said; “The black horse is the band of false brethren who have the balance of a right profession, but hurt their fellows through works of darkness. For when it is said in the midst of the living creatures, “hurt not,” it is shewn that one is there who hurts. Of the running forward of this horse, the Apostle says, “Without were fightings, within were fears.”

Bede had also said this about the church in end times;

Devil – These words apply to the Universal Church, against which the devil is always exercising an enmity from which there is no escape.

Sword – He has fitly mentioned first His judicial power, for He was to assign rewards to the victors, and punishment to the transgressors.

These Revelations above by Saint Bede, Leo Lyon Zagami and those found in this article, further validate that we are witnessing the punishment to the transgressors who are the false brethren and who may have the right profession, but hurt their fellows through cowardly acts of darkness. A group of sick evil humans who ride the black horse and that commit their dark acts of violence and abuse on others. Now we see that they are quickly being pulled down from their horses and purged from power, and their names are simply disgraced forever after their dark deaths. In addition to the purging of these evil dark demons from power, there is also a massive spiritual purification process that has officially begun on earth as part of the clean up process. An ancient ritual of spiritual purification by the Brothers of Light and Love (Good Illuminati), which can be witnessed by anyone in this modern story below, of how “God has cured the Legion through the purification process.”

Here is an excerpt from the article:

The pope’s envoy running the troubled Legion of Christ ended his three-year reform effort Tuesday, declaring the order “cured and cleaned” but acknowledging it bears the guilt of its pedophile founder and the superiors who delayed admitting his crimes.

Cardinal Velasio De Paolis celebrated his final Mass as papal delegate Tuesday and left to a round of applause from a congregation eager to regain the autonomy that Pope Benedict XVI wrested away in 2010.

“The Legionaries are reconciled with themselves, with their history, the world and the church,” De Paolis said.

Benedict intervened after a Vatican investigation determined the Legion had been infected by its founder, the late Rev. Marcial Maciel, who sexually abused his seminarians, fathered at least three children and built a cult-like system of power based on silence, deceit and obedience.

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