The Vikings were known for their notorious horned helmets. Here is an image of the Viking Norse God, Odin with his horned helmet and his upturned toed shoes.

Horned helmet Odin

However, the Vikings were not the only people who were said to have worn or have been depicted in art with these horned helmets or Gods. The first people that I have found with this type of head gear were a people known as the Kheta, or the Hittites who were the sons of Heth (Ham, Amon or Jupiter). Here is an image of a Hittite God that I believe represents Jupiter, and is very similar to that of Odin above with the horned helmet and upturned shoes as well. Notice the Trident in his hands and the horned winged disk above his head.

Winged Sun Hittites 2

Hittite Horned Helmet Carving

The next people who I have seen in my research with these horns and even the upturned shoes are from the Twentieth Dynasty of the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt, that I believe to be Israel. Horns and upturned shoes are worn by Ramesses III.

Ramesses III horns

Ramesses III coatThis tradition was carried on by the Priesthood of Jupiter Amon (Amun). The capital for their religion was located in the City of Light, or what we know of as Luxor. The God they had worshipped was god Amon-Ra (Jupiter-Amon). At the temple at Luxor there are many Ram Sphinxs that symbolize God Amon Ra.

Secrets of the Pyramid Amon Ra Rams

This coin below shows the horns of Jupiter-Amon on Alexander The Great around the period when the ancient city of Damascus was captured in 333 B.C.

Jupiter alexander the great

The image below is of Marc Antony on a Denarius  31 B.C. Cyrene. L. Pinarius Scarpus, moneyer with the horns of Jupiter Amon.

Priest of jupiter amon Marc Antony. Denarius

Here is one of the first images of the bronze “Ingot God” from Enkomi, 12th century BC, Cyprus

Horned helmet Ingot God

Plate C of the Gundestrup cauldron, 2nd–1st century BCE

Horned helmet Gundestrup cauldron

The Waterloo Helmet, ca. 150–50 BC, found in the Thames (British Museum)

Horned helmet Waterloo

 The question that we must ask is, “Who were the original people that had started this tradition?” All the evidence appears to point towards the Ancient Hittites who the later kingdoms of the Egyptians, Greeks and Vikings, who are seen with these very same exact horns, may very well be the descendants of the people known in the bible as the Hittites, the Sons of Heth (Ham) and the Kheta.

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