“The Vikings also were Muslims’ proxy-partners in raiding and abducting the white women and Races - muslims and vikingschildren to meet the Islamic world’s demand for white slaves, particularly concubines.” – M. A. Khan

Not many people today are aware that our modern society was built upon the four pillars of world domination being that of war, slavery, rape and the global trade of human souls. We people living in the modern era are the biological byproducts of 3,500 years of these brutal pillars of what we call human civilization.

With that said, a lot of people living today are severely confused and even traumatized about their racial and tribal origins, and for good reason. After all, some of us in both the West and East are living in the first years and generation of our families who were lucky not to be enslaved themselves by pirates, raped by foreign men, and/or to be killed for simply speaking their voice.

We live in a type of fantastical illusionistic type culture that was built upon fantasy which we unconsciously use to fool ourselves about our true histories and the history of the world. A type of post traumatic Disneyland for the racially insane.

You see, this current reality of living a somewhat peaceful existence in the midst of this 3,500 year world-wide war is unique to our modern world. Something that has never been seen in thousands of years, if ever.


There is a serious racial misconception in the modern world amongst various races, tribes and countries that I feel needs to be sorted out. It involves the historical concept of various races who claim certain lands or countries as being the soul property of their ancestors who they often say were the first people who had settled there and therefore have the rights to these lands. In addition, they say the influx today of foreign blood into their countries is causing their racial identity to be erased and that there is a conspiracy today to literally change the color of their skin from white to brown.

Races - white prideThere are many people, groups and websites who make these claims in one form or another by stating their racial side as being that of white or brown pride. Often, this stance is taken here in the West by whom some would call angry white males or just proud white skinned Nationalists like here in the U.S.A., the U.K. and in the Scandinavians countries such as Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

I believe that since we live in a world where we can freely choose to think, act and be who we want to be, that these people who base much of their ideologies on race and skin color have every right to do so. This is their God-given right, and now many of our nation’s laws such as here in the U.S. protect these rights. With that said, these laws of free speech also give me the right to interject some truth, history and light into the conversation of race, skin color and national identity.

I’m not here to take sides of either group or to damn one or the other. My goal is to just seek truth about history and who we truly are. A scientific art that is much more complex than our skin color or current country of origin.

Let me also please disclose to you that I’m a white male with blonde hair, blue eyes and several moe-swordtattoos. The picture to the right is a recent photo of me taken by my beautiful brown-skinned Mexican wife.

I have been accused many times in my life for being a white supremest skinhead and even a Nazi skinhead because I keep my hair very short and my numerous tattoos on my white skin. In fact, I was almost beat to death at a punk rock concert by a gang who are Skinheads Against White People known as the Sharpies (Sharps). This event happened in 2006 because they ignorantly thought I was a Nazi skinhead because I was white, tattooed and had a fresh haircut, though I was even at the concert with my brown Mexican wife. About 30-40 of them almost kicked and beat me to death. They broke my back, gave me multiple concussions, and even beat my wife as she tried to save me from these ignorant people who seem to not know any better.

But the facts are I have never been interested in white pride or racist movements at all, and I’m not at all a racist. In fact, I’m a DNA verified multi-racial white skinned man living in the U.S.A. whose ancestors come from North Africa and were Ethiopian, Phoenician and Greek. Hence, the biblical racial claim of my race, “If the Ethiopian can change his skin, or the leopard his spots: you may also do well, when you have learned evil.” – Jeremiah 13:23


The facts are that who we can call the “white man” in the West, has always had contacts and even brotherhood and the sharing of blood with the “brown man” of the East. This history of interrelations and even interracial sexual relationships has been recorded by both European and Arabic authors.

For example, in 1954, the Norwegian theologian and expert on Semitic languages, Harris Birkeland wrote a book called “Nordic history in the Middle Ages by Arab sources.” In this book, he outlines the continuous relationship between the Vikings and the Islamic world, from as early as the 8th century CE.

In 1978, the Swedish Historian and Archaeologist, Örjan Wikander wrote about the relation between the Islamic world and the Norse, as a result of the extensive archeological evidence he found of Islamic artifacts and tens of thousands of Abbasid and Umayyad-minted coins in Denmark and Scandinavia.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese coins have been found all over Scandinavia proving the ancient relationship and trade between the Vikings and Arabs. In the article titled, “An archeological excavation on the Danish island of Bornholm” by Sif Goodale from the School of Humanities, University of California, Irvine; he writes: “An archeological excavation on the Danish island of Bornholm, south-east of Sweden in the Baltic Sea, has unearthed a cache of 152 Persian coins.

The coins are primarily from the Abbasid period but the find also includes Umayyad, Tahrid, and Sasanian coins. Because cutting coins to make payment by weight was a common practice in the Viking Age and because the coins were found in a field and may have been damaged by plows, many of the coins are fragmented. Some twenty coins including the Sasanian coins shown here, are nearly intact. According to Dr. Michael Alram, Director of the Münzkabinett at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, the pictured Sasanian coin is a drachm from the reign of Khusro II (590-682 CE) and was minted in Shiraz in 612.

A shard of the coin is missing near the edge. Archeologists believe that the coin was once worn in a chain as a necklace and that perhaps the first hole which was drilled in the coin broke upon which a second hole was drilled. The Abbasid coins were minted between 750-861 CE in Bagdad or Tehran for Harun al-Rashid. One coin was minted in Tabaristan in 778 CE. The Tabaristan coin is a so-called Tabaristan drahma and is similar in style to Sasanian coins. In addition, the treasure included two Tahrid coins, which were minted in Herat.

The treasure was buried under the floor of a Viking house from the early Viking Age ca. 793-850 CE. Similar finds have been made in Sweden, Poland, and northern Germany, Russia, and it attests to Bornholm’s involvement in the trade network which extended from the Baltic to the Persian Empire along the Volga River. The excavation was initiated after amateur archeologist Klaus Thorsen came across the first of the coins with a metal detector.”

The Muslim writer, Ibnu Horradadbeh, wrote in 844 CE about the Vikings’ trade route with the Rurik titularnikAbbasid Caliphate and how they transported their goods to Baghdad by camel caravans. Other Arab authors observed and interacted with the Viking people who they call the tall, blond traders by the name of the Rus (pronounced “Roos”). During the Umayyad period, Muslim merchants and missionaries traveled into a land they called the land of Ar-Rus, modern day Scandinavia.

The name Rus’ is an Old Norse or Swedish word meaning, “rowers or men who row,” which may give indication to the Viking origins of prince Rurik and the ruling dynasty of Kievan Rus’ who would become the founders of Russia. In Greek, Rus is spelled, Rho; Rosh or Ros in Hebrew, and Ru in Arabic. The meaning of the Hebrew name prince of Rosh is “the chief prince,” or “king of the Russian Empire.”

Races - Rus and arabsIn fact, at one time, who we might call the white Viking man and brown Arab man, traded with one another as business partners and long time associates. The white man’s main trade commodity was the white women they would capture as slaves to sell to the African Arabs who would then make them their concubines.

Later the Arabs would do the same for their white Brethren in the highly lucrative slave trade when the white Europeans decided to become buyers of slaves themselves when they came to the African shores looking for booty and some brown slaves they could take back to Europe. The image to the left is of the Rus trading slaves with the Khazars: Trade in the East Slavic Camp by Sergei Ivanov (1913)

This was the official global beginning of the transcontinental slave trade founded by the white and brown man as Brethren in business.

These interracial business relations between the white man of the West and brown of the East via the trade of slaves and concubines had forged a union in blood with these separate races of people a long time ago. Thus merging their races by biological default together through the thousands and thousands of women concubines they inseminated their seed into which can be verified by the science of DNA.

In the book ‘Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Imperialism, Forced Conversion and Slavery’, M. A. Khan discusses the history of this Viking and Islamic slave trading relationship:

“As capturing of white sex-slaves through wars and raids reduced, purchasing them became the alternative for meeting their unceasing and obsessive demand in the Muslim world. At the rise of the berserk Viking raiders, the Scandinavian fur-traders reached the Europe-Arab trading center of Bulgar Volga (in Russia), where they met traders from the Muslim world with huge demand of white women for Islamic harems.

The savage Vikings, thereafter, embarked on capturing young white women for selling to traders from the Muslim world. This first opened the Eastern European route of slave-trade with the Muslim world. The supply route of white slaves via Spain also soon opened. With the spread of Christianity to Northern Europe, Viking slave-trade tapered down and eventually ceased.”

In his book, The Viking World, E. Mikkelson, says on pages 543-544; “The most famous Arabic source concerning the descriptions of the Vikings is Ibn Fadlan who wrote an account of a journey from Baghdad to the Volga Bulgars in 921-2. His main task was to spread the Muslim faith to this people… He tells that he saw among these people 5,000 men and women, who had all converted to Islam. They were called al-baringâr, which is interpreted as an Arabic rendering of the Old Norse name vœringar, another name for Vikings… Ibn Fadlan built a mosque of wood for them to perform Islamic service and he taught them to pray.

There are some difficulties in interpreting this part of the Arabic source… It is, however, interesting if Vikings really were converted to Islam in Volga Bulgar, although the number of converted is probably highly overstated… Amin Râzi, describing Rûs among the Volga Bulgars, says that they highly valued pork. Even those who had converted to Islam aspired to it and were very fond of pork….

The Spanish Arab Abu Hamid who visited Bulgar in the twelfth century complained that it was very cold and there were only four-hour days during winter and twenty-hour days in summer. When he visited Bulgar, Ramadan — the Muslim’s month of fasting — came in summer.”

I would like to end this with an interesting note on what fueled my fire to create this article. It was this title the news today, Why was a 9th century Viking woman buried with a ring that says ‘for Allah’ on it?. This goes along with my article here and I will cover this news plus more facts in the future.

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