(This article is a continuation of my last two articles titled Levites Part I and, “Dragon Lords of Thebes: From Cadmus Came the Race of the ‘Spartoi’ (The Sown Ones).”

In studying ancient Biblical history, you will come across a multitude of mysterious tribal or family names that many historians have no conclusive evidence to who they were. This is really no surprise to researchers like myself who understand that whole libraries have been burned or destroyed over the last few thousand years with some very important historic books and facts that now appear to be lost forever.

That is why we historians of today need to act like detectives whose job it is to put these missing pieces together in order to make sense of the three thousand year old crime scene which many of our ancient ruins are evidence of the attempted cover up. But what you cannot cover up is the book of life that is encoded in our very DNA and when you descend from these very peoples and tribes, these lost secrets and history of these people are contained within your blood which is your own Holy Grail. I have written about this before many times in my DNA articles where I explain how blood memories work and this article titled, DNA Memories – Our Blood Holds the Lost Keys to Ancient History is a good place to start if you want to understand DNA Gnosis.

One of the most mysterious unsolved ancient mysteries is that of the origins and the current status of the “original” dragon family, snake clan, serpent cult or priests of the sun whose symbols we see everywhere across the globe even to this very day. Whatever researches may want to call them, they simply worshiped the sun as the giver of light and life while in ancient times they had primarily used the serpent and the cross as their symbol. This symbol later had changed to Jesus on the cross because they would also be the Fathers, Peters of Christianity in Saint Peter that we can find via the Universal Church that we know of today as the Catholic Church.

These would be the founders of Christianity via the Tribe of Levi from whom the Levites descend are the scribes and priests of the New Testament and what Saint Bede in his 9th century book titled, Ezra and Nehemiah has said, “allegorically, the Levites represent those attached to the Catholic Church.” Who has always been known as the Universal Brotherhood and why this tribe as spread its wings around the globe via the Twelve Apostles of Ireland.

Prior to the arrival of the 12 Apostles of Ireland, they were known as the 12 tribes of Israel and their law was the Old Testament with one of their symbols being the Star of David (As Above, So Below). It is through Jacob, the son of Aaron that we get the name of Israel because his name was changed by God . It is these original priests of the sun through Jacob where we get Israel and his son , Joseph who wears the coat of many colors and are also the founders of people of Israel and the church of Jerusalem.

This is the religion of Judaism before they had created Christianity and then formed the Universal Brotherhood, AKA the Catholic Church that includes both gentiles and jewish people into the Church. This was the New beginnings of the New Foundation that had also ended the bloody rites and human sacrifices associated with that of the Old Testament with our full intent of turning blood into wine, human flesh into bread and hell on earth into a heavenly homeland. This is the whole purpose of Solomon’s Temple.

It was in the time of Saint Bede when he had worked hand and hand with Charles the Great, that this same brotherhood had drawn up the allegorical blue prints for Solomon’s Temple in which Charlemagne was King Solomon and Bede would be HiRam Abiff. This was when the New Testament was finished and also where you will find that the serpent on the cross was officially changed to Jesus on a cross and also the Apocalypse of Saint John being written by Bede who was a Levite and is also known as Alcinous/Alcuin or John Scotus. Alcuin was disciple to Egbert, archbishop of York who was invited by stay at his court of Charlemagne where he taught the King of Gaul logic, astronomy, and mathematics and it is said by Alcuin’s persuasion that the emperor had founded the university of Paris, as likewise that of Pavia. This Alcinous was sovereign of twelve tribes, so also was Solomon, according to I Kings iv, 7. It was Bede/Alcuin/John Scotus who had led the work on a revision of the Latin Vulgate version of the Bible in order to rid it of errors made and a copy of this new revised bible via the new law of the New Testament as a present to Charlemagne on the day of his coronation as Emperor at Rome, the 25th Dec, A.d. 800, which was then accounted the first day of the year 801.

In the Bible, you will find various names which all connect several tribes to these same peoples who are all one and the same or various splits in the tribe made via new blood alliances which then severe old blood alliances. Names like the Naassenes, Essenes, Ophites, Horites, Hivites, and Levites which are all one in the same serpent/dragon tribes or hybrids of the previous tribal names. One of their most famous descendants of this serpent cult or priests of the sun we find in both the Old and New Testaments in the allegorical names such as Moses and Saint John who they are two of the most famous descendants from this tribe that I will just call the Levites.

These Levites had started with one “main” seed family who would then later merge, break and reunite with various blood lines, tribes and families throughout history.

They all originate back to the Dragon Lords of Thebes which is about a real Phoenician Prince who would become King of Damascus, Cadmus. This same Cadmus lived in approximately 1500 BC and would also be known in the esoteric world as Hermes I. Cadmus was the Father of Mithras who left a colony out of Egypt and founded a new secret society called the Ophite Order of Priests that was aid to total 30 in number. This serpent cult or priests of the sun were in direct competition to and now fierce enemies of the Egyptians. This is the ancient Order where even the Druids had spawned from as well as almost all secret societies today such as Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism and the Knights Templar of this age would model their Orders from the original Ophites.

Cadmus had many notable descendants who many had birthmarks and that also became famous such as Pythagoras who was an Ionian Greek philosopher, mathematician, and founder of the religious movement called Pythagoreanism. Not much is known about his appearance other that the fact that Pythagoras had a golden birthmark on his thigh and has Plutarch had said, Sparti, from the sown men, i. e. the armed men that sprang from the teeth of the dragon sown by Cadmus, from whom the oldest families in Thebes — a large part of the Boeotian aristocracy — were said to have descended. Something like this mythical birthmark had probably made its appearance on the body of a member of one of these ancient families. Another one of his descendants, Seleucus, reputedly Apollo’s son and had Apollo’s symbol, an anchor, as a birthmark on his thigh was the founder of Syria. Revelation 19:16 – On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. Many more of his descendants would go on to be the founders of several kingdoms, nations, tribes and secret societies.

This same Cadmus lived in approximately 1500 BC and he had a sister named Europa for whom we get the name Europe and his brother’s name was Phoenix. The phoenix is the symbol of the Bird of Paradise and why we see it on the backside of the American dollar is because the United States of America was founded by the same Universal Brotherhood.

Their tribal name meanings signify the snake or serpent in various languages. For example, the Ophites or Ophians comes from the Greek ophianoi (ὄφιανοι), from Greek ophis (ὄφις) meaning “snake.” The name of the “Naassenes” is from the Hebrew na’asch, which means snake. Hivites” is related to the Aramaic word “Khiv’va” (HVVA), meaning “snake” related to the word ‘awwiah in Galilee meaning serpent. The Hivites or Serpent-tribe of Palestine, were, like all Levites and Ophites of Israel, initiated Ministers to the temples, i.e., Occultists, as are the priests of Quetzo Cohuatl. (See Isis Unveiled, Vol. II. 481.).

Who were the Hivites?

The Hivites were the Syrian Ophites (Snake Clan) who descend from Heth, son of Canaan who was son of Ham, ” the accursed” who would later become the Levites of the Bible and the Druids. You will find the name in the genealogical tables of Genesis, where “the Hivite” is named as one of the descendants (the sixth in order) of Canaan, the son of Ham  who would be the Sons of Cain (lien. x. 17; 1 C’hr. i. 15).

  • Hivite signifies a serpent in the language of Syria
  • Originally the ‘ Snake’ clan
  • Origins of the Ophite worship, or double-serpent worship, can be traced to the Hivites
  • Hivite word is derived from Hivim or Chivim (Hebrew)
  • The names Hivi or Hivite, and Ephites, Evites  became Hevites or Hivites and Levite or Levites and where the Greeks got their word ” Ophites,”  for the worshipers of the serpent
  • “I am Hivim”, they say. “Being a Hivim, I am of the great Race of the Dragons. I am a snake, myself, for I am a Hivim”
  • Cadmus, the Phonecian Prince, inventor of the written language is said to be the founding member  of the Hivites
  • The conquered Hivites became ” hewera of” wood and drawers of water” for the house of Jehovah and for the congregation (Josh. ix. 27)

The Hivites then later had morphed into the Tribe of Levi and who are the “Levites.”

The meaning of Levite we can find in the root word in Hebrew means “to join,” to “‘ bind ” (see Lui-than “snaky-monster “) and “joined” or “attached to”–see Genesis 29:34, and also Numbers 18:2, 4 (Hebrew text). This word, says Professor Goldziher, “is but an expanded form of Lui, a serpent,” just as nahash-than, the name applied to the Levitical brazen serpent of the temple, is of nahash, any oracular serpent, as that of Eden. The serpent Nehushtan (” snake monster”) was worshiped in the Jerusalem temple (2 Kings xviii, 4) with incense, and was traditionally said, about 726 B.C., to be the copper, or bronze, serpent-symbol made by Moses in the desert. Let us not forget that we now find in Freemasonry both Boaz and Jachin that are said to be two copper, brass or bronze pillars. Now you have a clue as to where we might find the Levites today.

This all makes perfect sense because when I had awoken to who I was, a prodigal son of this same tribe, my ancestors along the 33rd degree latitude via the rainbow bridge had directed me to call the high priest direct on his cell phone at the Scottish Rite here locally where I live in San Diego, California and you know what, I did do just that.  Let’s just say that he never received a call like that in his life and he honestly didn’t know what to tell me. Looking back, I must of seemed a bit delusional to this priest I had called and my call may have seemed at the time akin to the reptilian and royal baby eating prophet David Icke coming out on the BBC telling the world that he was a reincarnated Jesus. But it is obvious to those with an eye to see that the difference between Icke and myself may be just be that I AM the real serpent deal calling a high priest from my family telling him I was Saint John. This is how our activated bloodline operates and the stewards of the Temple, the Freemasons must be privy to this DNA knowledge. But with Freemasonry and especially the Scottish Rite being a secret society, do not expect the revelations that I AM making here to become part of regular Masonic literature anytime soon.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) in Ithac...

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891) in Ithaca, New York, September 1875 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Author of Isis Unveiled, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky had said about this Tribe:


Hivim or Chivim (Heb.). Whence the Hivites who, according to some Roman Catholic commentators, descend from Heth, son of Canaan, son of Ham, ” the accursed”. Brasseur de Bourbourg, the missionary translator of the Scripture of the Guatemalians, the Popol Vuh, indulges in the theory that the Hivim of the Quetzo Cohuatl, the Mexican Serpent Deity, and the ” descendants of Serpents ” as they call themselves, are identical with the descendants of Ham (! !) “whose ancestor is Cain”. Such is the conclusion, at any rate, drawn from Bourbourg’s writings by Des Mousseaux, the demonologist. Bourbourg hints that the chiefs of the name of Votan, the Quetzo Cohuatl, are the descendants of Ham and Canaan. “I am Hivim”, they say. “Being a Hivim, I am of the great Race of the Dragons. I am a snake, myself, for I am a Hivim” (Cortes 51). But Cain is allegorically shown as the ancestor of the Hivites, the Serpents, because Cain is held to have been the first initiate in the mystery of procreation. The “race of the Dragons” or Serpents means the Wise Adepts. The names Hivi or Hivite, and Levi—signify a “Serpent”; and the Hivites or Serpent-tribe of Palestine, were, like all Levites and Ophites of Israel, initiated Ministers to the temples, i.e., Occultists, as are the priests of Quetzo Cohuatl. The Gibeonites whom Joshua assigned to the service of the sanctuary were Hivites. (See Isis Unveiled, Vol. II. 481.)

” They were a two-fold colony which came both from Egypt and Syria.” * The Syrian Cadmians colonized the islands above mentioned. The Egyptian adventurers settled first in Crete, and afterwards in the Cyclades, Peloponnesus, Greece, Samothrace, Macedonia, Illyrium, & as we shall hereafter find.

The Syrian Cadmians colonized the islands above mentioned. The Egyptian adventurers settled first in Crete, and afterwards in the Cyclades, Peloponnesus, Greece, Samothrace, Macedonia, Illyrium, &c. as we shall hereafter find.

The descendants of Levi, the son of Jacob. (LEW (1).] He had three sons: Gershon or Gershom, Kohath, and Merari (Gen. xlvi. 11 ; Exod. vi. 16: Numb. iii. 17; 1 Chron. vi. 10, 43). Moses and Aaron were the grandsons of Kohath, and the greatgrandsons of Levi (Exod. vi. 16, 18, •JO, 2G). Gershon, Kohath, and Merari all founded families, but a certain prominence attached to the Kohathites, from whom the leaders of Israel at the critical period of the departure from Egypt had sprung (Numb. iv. 1-40).

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