“How the As Above of the Noosphere and So Below of the Animal Sphere mold humanity and our organizational structures.”

Human bodies can be considered miniature versions of the earth and the planets above, whose bodies contain the same substances. We also have the ability through unseen biological processes like the Earth’s Magnetic Biosphere to act as a generator through our minds spinning these various substances, resulting in attractive and repulsive forces that create ideas and actions forming human societies, friendships, religions, organizations, and even political ideologies, and secret societies.

This is known as human magnetoreception.

As many of us already know, different people have different tastes and attractions to various people, things, and what I believe is much more powerful – ideas. It is these ideologies that form the basis of economic or political theory and policy. These ideas often act as human magnetics that make many of us unaware of this phenomenon unknowingly gravitate towards a person, place, or thing. At the same time, we are repulsed or demagnetized from other ideas that do not align with our own.

This creates a “group consciousness,” which refers to how members within a social identity group become aware of how their group identification impacts their position in society to pursue collective action to advocate for their shared interests. Group identity is also known as social identity theory (SIT) in psychology and sociology. According to SIT, an individual’s identity is primarily derived from her group membership. Even a slight difference in ideologies between groups of individuals have been found to foster intergroup bias (see Rabbie & Horwitz 1969Tajfel et al. 1971). (2)

A group’s collective consciousness is based on a set of ideological and political beliefs about one’s group’s social standing, as well as a view that collective action is the best means by which the group can improve its status and realize its interests (Jackman & Jackman 1973Gurin et al. 1980Miller et al. 1981Conover 1988Chong & Rogers 2005McClain & Stewart 2006).

This phenomenon can be observed and quantified via the numerous organizations in operation today that are working toward a common objective. When a group of people works together for such purposes, they have a high level of self-motivation and very personal and even spiritual engagement.

For example, modern movements and organizations such as Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the organization known as Antifa show us this paradigm very well. Individuals involved in BLM are united by a specific type of groupthink called “racial consciousness, which is defined as “the tendency toward sentiment and ideological identification with a racial group.” (Brown 1931). Race consciousness refers to “a collective sentiment in which race becomes the object of loyalty and idealization, which is essentially a characteristic of so-called oppressed minority groups, and takes the form of a feeling of solidarity among group members.” ( Ferguson 1938, p. 32)

Although black Americans may have different ideologies, group members are generally working toward the group’s social, economic, and political promotion (Dawson 2001Brown & Shaw 2002). This African-American paradigm of political behavior has dominated the race and politics literature. (Junn 2006). Meaning it is mainly their race or lower natures and not the ideas that unite them for the promotion and power of their people.

Other races who join a racial movement are often manipulated by the group via their own lower natures to ignorantly join these racist organizations such as BLM to work against their own race.

For example, a study found that Whites and Blacks demonstrated that the BLM movement, in particular, has collectively affirmed the value of Black lives, and could theoretically have influenced both implicit and explicit racial attitudes in the United States. Thus, white people involved in BLM over time had explicit attitudes were less pro-White during BLM than pre-BLM, became meaningfully less pro-White overtime during BLM, and were less pro-White during two of six periods of high BLM struggle (other periods showed no change).

Members of Antifa are different, being that it is a group of many different races and genders who espouse certain left-wing and neo-liberal ideologies. Most adherents identify with one another via ideas because they are anti-fascist, anti-capitalists, anarchists, communists, and other socialists who describe themselves as revolutionaries. Antifa’s ideologies encourage members who identify with their movement to confront and protest other groups of competing ideologies physically. Many have no problem using illegal activities and violence to do so.

As you can see, through race, ideas, people, and magnetism, the organization or business can align with someone’s purpose and goals to form a symbiotic relationship with the organization’s vision. This creates a “group consciousness.”

A type of hive mind aligned with an individual’s purpose, goals, and vision impacts motivation and engagement positively, negatively, or spiritually through the sense of the greater purpose, as demonstrated most prominently in the concept of linked fate. Each one of these indicators might have a relationship to political behavior.

The common denominator that separates each group is race and ideas. While on the surface, it may seem like a good idea for a country like America to have so many different competing races espousing their ideologies and creating organizations, it sows division, radicalization, and promotes violence, amongst groups. Hence, the American motto, “United We Stand Divided We Fall.”

How do people create and join various organizations, religions, and or secret societies?

As science clearly states, either through our race or our thought process creates our vision, goals, and actions. Hence, matter and spirit. An As Within our being that aligns with various ideas and philosophies of organizations on the So Without.

Thus, we humans will be naturally magnetized and repelled to people and organizations according to the nature of our spin ie our thoughts, will, and actions. The reason is that we are part of the earth’s magnetic biosphere, which is now called “human magnetoreception.” A new area of science that can be connected to the Ancient Hermetic principle of “As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above.”

The immortal dance between spirit and matter.

According to the author, and geopolitical strategist, Dr. Nicolas Laos;

“Refers to the interplay between spirit and matter as well as to the interplay between thought and form.

In particular, according to Hermetic cosmology, there is a reciprocal relationship between the physical world (the physical “microcosm”) and the spiritual world (the spiritual “macrocosm” ): the world is a beautiful whole, and creation can be understood by understanding that earthly realities imperfectly mirror supernatural realities, in accordance with the Hermetic maxim “as above, so below,” he had said. (1)

It is important that you understand what Dr. Laos calls the interplay “between spirit and matter as well as to the interplay between thought and form and these reciprocal relationships.” The physical “microcosm” would be the lower mind and part of the earth’s magnetic field, which would be more of our animal nature and the spiritual world (the spiritual “macrocosm” is the higher mind. In Christianity, this is the Holy Spirit.

I contend the mind in which we mainly function controls our being. When appropriately used via wisdom and reason, our mind or brain would be our connection to the Noosphere or God. The true planetary “sphere of reason.” The second brain in our GI Tracts would be more connected to the material world and our bodies making people who primarily operate in this lower consciousness organize with one another mainly by race or ideas that have selfish motives.

But please do not confuse that you have to live in the clouds or in one mind or the other for salvation. I believe it is in integrating the two minds into one with the higher mind ie, the brain coupled with the Noosphere, and by right philosophies that must rule over the lower mind for a person to live rationally and logically. A person who operates in such a manner will be less inclined to be a group member or identify with others solely based on their race and more on ideologies.

Through this thinking process or lack thereof and living based on these thoughts or desires, it creates a magnet of like properties in which you repel and attract others according to the quality of your thoughts and actions. This is actually one of the reasons why creative visualization and the law of attraction work for many people. What you think about, your body, and life will follow once conditioned by this “self-induced thought programming,” which creates your life.

In relating this Hermetic principle to modern science, a recent study found that the human brain receives geomagnetic field information and actively processes it, indicating that the brain receives and reacts to the stimulus.

I contend this stimulus that moves and motivates a person comes either from the higher plane, the Noosphere, or the lower plane, which is the earth’s biomagnetic field working in tandem with the fungi inherent within our gastrointestinal tracts and the earth. The two centers or spheres within the human body, the brain and our second brain in our gastrointestinal tracts are where our inherent magnetism on the So Within cooperates with the magnetic fields on the So Without.

The higher mind or what the Greeks would call nous was a key term in the philosophies of Plato, Aristotle, and Plotinus, who believed that the nous was the highest activity of the human soul’s participation in the divine and transcendent principle of cosmic order, which produces the “World Soul” or “Anima Mundi (Greek: ψυχὴ κόσμου psychè kósmou).” A faculty of intelligence known as a “higher mind” came to be considered a property of the cosmos as a whole much the same way as the soul is connected to the human body. These philosophical concepts of the nous and cosmic order later developed into the idea of the Noosphere by the Jesuit Priest, Teilhard de Chardin.

As Dr. Laos writes; “The World Soul is an intrinsic connection between all living beings, and, according to Plotinus, it is composed of a higher and a lower part (the higher part is unchangeable and divine, and it provides the lower part with life), so that the World Soul contemplates both the intelligible realm and Nature as it previews what it produces, and, therefore, time and the physical world proceed from the World Soul.”

In the Scripture, the higher mind would be the Holy Spirit or Holy Fire that they receive from above or what is called “The One who comes from above (Heaven) is above all.” This is considered God-given wisdom in which they are “Illuminated by the Holy Fire and Spirit.” True Christians are also considered lights because they are connected to God, which as a result, they become in communion with the Holy Spirit as Sons and Daughters of God and heaven, which is full of Light. (Revelation 21:23-25)

A person of a truly higher mind connected to the Noosphere will be less apt to be irrational or become addicted to any substance. They would also be less apt to join organizations based on race or ideas of a lower nature. However, they are still governed by the natural laws of “animal magnetism,” and they could be corrupted or self sabotage themselves to be influenced by the earth’s second sphere or little noos.

The lower mind is described in the Scripture as a type of hive mind that controls our flesh (Sarka) portrayed in the Book of Enoch, as Behemot or Behemoth who rules the world and is King of all animals, including man of the land, and Leviathon, who is King of the water, both alike unconquerable by man (ib. xl. 14, xli. 17-26).

The lowest form of being comparable to an animal or a Beast. These people never make the history books and whose ideas and philosophies typically die in the grave with them because they are fake and not genuine. Unfortunately, this mode of thinking and living currently dominates most people and nations due to the power of the media and magnetism.

A life that can be compared to that of a parasite that lives to feed off its host as its highest form of existence. A free-will choice we all have that I contend is an ancient spiritual abomination that causes people to become judged and then damned by the very same unseen forces and parasites they have magnetized within themselves by way of their spinning down.

This phenomenon can be observed in Holywood with the Borugieos move stars and in modern social media in reference to what is called “Influencers.” Fleshly desires primarily drive these so-called stars and Influencers on Instagram and Youtube i.e., the ego such as fame, easy money, expensive cars, and sex can easily magnetize other people of the same quality of thinking. They copy and watch other influencers to create an image for the public to make incredible amounts of money from their fans who look to them as idols to mimick without really doing any real work.

They are really just a copy or a copy. Ungenuine and unoriginal. The hundredth monkey effect. But they make money, have nice things, and attract sexual partners, so millions of people sheople copy them in their hopes to attain similar results. They are often going right off the cliff, ignoring that many of these same people they ignorantly idolize are not very good people who are often miserable and made public spectacles.

This way of life and mode of thinking is controlled by the flesh, which is controlled by the lower mind and is egoistic.

Meaning, there may not be butterflies or burning in your stomach when you get nervous or mad, but electron-producing microorganisms sending impulses to the brain and for some people, such as addicts of food, drink, and or drugs, I contend controlling their very being. We have all felt this when we get mad or nervous. It’s as if there is something in our stomach releasing chemicals and energy, and guess what? There is!

For example, a recent study in the Journal Nature found “electricity-generating or electrogenic bacteria,” senior author Daniel Portnoy, a microbiologist at the University of California, Berkeley, said that this electrogenic process would determine if they are pathogenic or symbiotic. Portnoy had said;

“The fact that so many bugs that interact with humans, either as pathogens or in probiotics or in our microbiota or involved in the fermentation of human products, are electrogenic — that had been missed before. It could tell us a lot about how these bacteria infect us or help us have a healthy gut.”

Geomagnetic field information is measured at any point on the earth’s surface in combination with several magnetic fields generated by various sources such as the earth, people, places, and things that are superimposed on and interact with each other. It is through these unseen forces and electromagnetic fields that I contend magnetism creates order. This order can be defined as the arrangement or disposition of everything on earth, including our races, cultures in all nations, people, or things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern, or method.

Just like a needle aligns to a loadstone on a compass representing the North Pole. Humans normally align with people of “like races, ideas, and philosophies” in what science calls an “ordering phenomenon.”

One is within your body or, more precisely, your “second brain or gut brain” and called the Enteric nervous system (ENS). It is this second brain for the sphere of what is called “animal magnetism.” A term that I have also connected to Biomagnetism, Carbon-Based Magnetism, which is also connected to the earth’s biosphere and interacts with the various alchemical elements within our human cells.

For example, when a person acts mainly on racial motives, irrationally or is addicted to a physical substance, whether a drug or food, they are primarily controlled by “animal magnetism.” Hence, why they act akin to animals or as described in the Scripture as Beasts. People who are more prone to think and live in their lower natures, i.e., the second brain, would be naturally magnetized to these groups instead of a Christian or true Freemason. As it relates to the structure of humanity, creating organizations like BLM, Antifa, the Church of Satan, and the Ordo Templis Orientis would base their organizations, teachings, and religion on animal magnetism.

Their lower minds control people who join these groups. They are not part of the true Noosphere and are not connected to the Holy Spirit of God.

As you can see, our race, thoughts, and resulting actions form the basis of all human interactions that result in cause and effect, also called Karma. The resulting magnetizations with other people, places, things, and even the microorganisms who are our internal and external legislators of the unseen world create and destroy the very organizations we become a part of.

Choose wisely, my friends…


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