As we Gnostic Warriors approach this All Hallows’ Eve, that Woms in humanstoday we call Halloween; we must never lose sight of the fact that knowledge and Gnosis is the true sweet candy we crave. It is that poisonous carmel covered candied apple that may have a worm or two inside of it, that we have to watch out for. In fact, these worms are not just something in an apple or piece of fruit; our bodies are literally their homes. Our flesh is what these worms feast on as they lay eggs in the crevices of our organs, while their feces and rotting corpses decay all over our own bodies; leaving nothing but a tattered wasteland of dead human flesh behind.

I know it sounds like a scene from a not so scary Halloween movie, with dudes dressed up as killer worms with big teeth who terrorize a small town as they eat cute little girls and boys who play trick or treat at their door. But the reality is, this ain’t a Big Hollywood horror film, these worms are real folks and they kill people like you and me every single day in many more ways than one. In fact, they have been killing humans for thousands of years.

The human body is infested with various kinds of worms. The main demon worm that wreaks havoc inside our blood and organs would be the ascarides, or small white worm which is very common and may infect 25% of world population. It is 12-40 cm long and transmitted via stools of infected people, via dirty hands, unwashed fruit or vegetables. Eggs can live in soil for years. They live in the small intestine but can crawl around (e.g. coming out of the nose or climbing up a tear duct). Large numbers of worms can tie in knots and block the intestines. They absorb nutrients, leading to vitamin deficiency. Other demon worms are the teres, or round worm, and the taenia, or tape worm, which is flat, and the demodex which is a small spider like worm with teeth that lives on top our skin and burrows in our pores.  Some of us have more than others and some of us less. But the facts are, much of the ailments that infect us humans, come from these worms from hell that eat us alive and from their rotting feces and carcasses where many diseases will originate and even death as told in this 19th century medical journal;

an Italian, who, when young, was infested with these worms, as are almost all the people in his neighbourhood, the sides of the magnificent Lake of Como. He told me he had discharged as many as thirty at a time; and that two of his brothers died of their numbers. The ascaris or oxyure also prevails there. He had lived some time in England, perfectly free from them, but three years ago, discharged immense quantities of fragments of taenia; without being at all indisposed. He went home last summer for a few months, and had not been long returned to England before symptoms of worms appeared; by means of oil of turpentine I liberated him from these twelve large lumbrici, and he instantly regained his health. I should suppose that these must have been introduced from without.(1)

There have been hundreds, if not thousand of cases of worm infestations reported over the last couple thousand years. They have even been found in the intestines of the human embryo.(1) Some people who have died of these worm infestations have complained of a sensation in the heart and stomach as if it were gnawed from the inside by dogs. Others, simply have severe stomach and abdominal pains for years until they eventually die from the petrifying puss filled ulcers that are left behind by these worms rotting carcasses. A young boy in France who died in the early 19th century of a fever was found to have fifty to sixty worms in his small intestines. Doctors tell of patients who have escaped death from extreme purging and fasting; they had given reports of the vomit and them within their stools, with up to a 1/4 pint of live and dead worms that they had purged from their bowels. In one medical journal I found, it was reported in the second volume of the Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, a person who discharged between 800 and 1000 of these worms in the course of the year. This all makes perfect hellish sense, since some of these worms not only live, but breed deep within the dark moist confines of the human bowels and organs.

Worms ascaris-life-cycleHere is some great information on these worms and how they cause various diseases.

It was formerly contended by some eminent physicians, and latterly by Dr. Rush and others of our own country, that the presence of worms in the bowels, is by no means injurious to health. Some, indeed, have gone so far as to say, that they are of decided benefit, by acting the part of Scavengers; removing all foul and indigestible matters that may be lodged in the alimentary canal. Unfortunately for this theory, not a single fact could be adduced in its support, and it has consequently sunk into its merited oblivion. On the contrary, it is well established, that worms are the fruitful source of many and very serious diseases. Indeed there is scarcely a complaint which afflicts infancy and childhood, that may not be produced, or highly aggravated, by the presence of these animals in the bowels!” Cases are recorded,” says Dr. Chapman* “of their producing epilepsy, chorea, (St. Vitus” dance,~) tetanus, (locked jaw,,) apoplexy, mania, hydrocephalus, (dropsy in the head,) ophthalmia, (inflammation of tlie eyes,) perverted vision, paralysis, especially of the muscles subservient to speech, syncope, (fainting^) palpitation of the heart, hiccup, dry cough, pleuritic pains, consumption, croup, rheumatic pains of the joints, dysentery, convulsions, dfc. ‘§-c. To these may be added a peculiar fever, termed verminosa febris. This disease presents so many of the appearances of dropsy in the head, that it may be easily mistaken for that disease.

Considering then worms as a cause, and a very serious cause of disease, we shall proceed to point out the different varieties of these animals, and endeavour to present some facts, which may prove useful in dislodging them from the bowels.

Yes, it may prove useful in dislodging them from the bowels! Don’t you think?HerodtheGreat

Most people do not even know these worm facts, but they have been known to the Ancients for thousands of years. The bible relates a story of worms in the 1st century AD of Herod the Great who was literally eaten alive by worms. In Acts 12:23 via the King James Bible is written – “And immediately the angel of the Lord smote him, because he gave not God the glory: and he was eaten of worms, and gave up the ghost.” Church Father, Saint Bede had written about Herod, “In the forty-seventh year of the reign of the emperor Augustus, Herod was attacked by dropsy; and his whole body being swarming with worms, he died in wretched, but not unmerited torments.” Josephus’ further describes Herod’s hellish type symptoms, which included his genital area becoming so severely infested that it bred worms.

Beza’s most ancient copy adds, “while he was alive”; Josephus only makes mention of pains in his belly, but these were occasioned by the gnawing of the worms: this was accounted by the Jews a very accursed death; they say (u), that the spies which brought an ill report on the good land, died this death: their account is this, that “their tongues swelled and fell upon their navels, and worms came out of their tongues and went into their navels, and out of their navels they went into their tongues,”of this death died many tyrants, oppressors, and persecutors! as Antiochus, “So that the worms rose up out of the body of this wicked man, and whiles he lived in sorrow and pain, his flesh fell away, and the filthiness of his smell was noisome to all his army.” (2 Maccabees 9:9)

and Herod the great, the grandfather of this, according to Josephus (w); and Maximianus Galerius, according to Eusebius (x), and many others:and gave up the ghost: not directly, but five days after, as Josephus relates, in the fifty fourth year of his age, and when he had reigned seven years; but before he died, and as soon as he was smitten, he turned to his friends and said, I your God am obliged to depart this life, and now fate reproves the lying words you have just now spoke of me; and I who was called immortal by you, am led away to die, with more, as related by Josephus:

by such a token as this, a man was discovered to be a murderer with the Jews; for so they say (y), that”out of the beheaded heifer went a vast number of worms, and went to the place where the murderer was, and ascended upon him, and then the sanhedrim laid hold on him and condemned him.” (s) Ib. l. 18. c. 7. sect. 7. (t) Eccl. Hist. l. 2. c. 10. (u) T. Bab. Sota, fol. 35. 1.((w) Antiqu. l. 17. c. 6. sect. 5. (x) Hist. Eccl. l. 8. c. 16. (y) Targum Jon. in Deuteronomy 21.8.

As I mentioned above, most people are unaware of these worm facts, but if you read my blog, you now have this knowledge that you can use as a tool to educate yourself. A tool, that now may be able to bring you better health, a better life, and quite possible, a heavenly body without these hellish worms taking over your temple. Hence, a true Gnostic “Worm-Free” Warrior 😉 !


1. The Lancet London: A Journal of British and Foreign Medicine …, Volume 1

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