Below is an old 9th century Saxon spell for health and longevity. The spell is known in Latin as the “Contra Vermes,” or in Worms norseEnglish, “Against Worms.”

It was created in order to help expel the worms (parasites) from the body, using a form of magic that uses words, intent and concentration to help a person focus on their health, and energies on killing these worms that are killing them.

This is just another example of how many of our ancient ancestors had known that worms were a serious health concern, and that an overabundance of them can wreak havoc on the human body to the point they make us sick, ill and disease ridden. Hence, as I have said before, the worm is the destroyer and creator.

Over a 1,000 years ago, the ancients devised health regimes that included special diets, bathing, and other remedies such as charms and spells to expel and kill these worms (parasites). Here is an example of one of these spells originally written in a German and Latin mixed text:

Against Worms

Go out, worm, with nine wormlings,

out of the marrow into the bone,

from that bone into the flesh,

out from the flesh into the skin,

out from that skin into this arrow.

Lord, so Will it BE! ”

By out no matter in insects, nine animals of microfilariae us,

From the bone marrow into the bone, and from bone to meat,

From meat to the skin, from the skin to this arrow.

Lord, it Shimeyo become emergency so!

In Germanic Latin:

Contra Vermes (Against Worms)

Gang ût, nesso, mit nigun nessiklînon,

ût fana themo margę an that bên, fan themo bêne an that flêsg,

ût fana themo flêsgke an thia hûd, ût fan thera hûd an thesa strâla.

Drohtin, Uuerthe so!

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