In researching the meaning and etymology of words for the last 10 years, I have come to the conclusion that many researchers of modernity have systematically butchered the original meanings out of existence. It has got so bad that I have found that it is much better to just to do your own research well before our modern Babylonian era.

Take for example the people who the Egyptians called the ‘Keftiu.’

As I have explained in numerous articles, the Keftiu is just another name for the Cretans from the island in the sea called Crete which was considered the soul of the world and most powerful island for thousands of years.

If you try to research modern interpretations of the meaning and etymology of Keftiu, you will find some researchers with ludicrous meanings such as, “Those beyond or the men from the Back of Beyond; back behind; hinderland, the nail of the earth and even pillar.”

But the facts are the compound word Keftiu is derived from the words Kef or Keph and tiu or tu.

Kef is from the Greek words “kepha, kephas and or kephalé,” which mean “the head,” but also denote esoterically in religion as, “Rock, Ruler, Lord or a Cornerstone (Masonic), uniting two walls.”

The definition of Tiu we can find is borrowed from the Ancient Greek word – ταῦ (taû) which comes from the 22nd letter of the Phoenician abjad, called taw AKA ?‎ (t) which is the Omega in the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

The taw, X, and t, all signify the mathematical formula the left and right brain bullseye in the 22 bones of the skull that we humans need to create AKA to do which must first happen in the Kef (Kepha) AKA the head.

This is why in Middle English tawen, from Old English tawian (“to do, make”), from Proto-Germanic *tawjaną (“to make, prepare”) or the Gothic ?????? (taujan, “to make, prepare”).

After all, the Ancient Egyptians had portrayed the Keftiu has the creators and makers of all sorts of crafts, buildings, and statues. Today, science has verified that Crete and the Cretans were essentially the creators of Western civilization in which they would have had to use their heads to do – AKA Kef Tiu.

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