Danish researchers have discovered a genus of fungi that infects and eats flies from the inside out as it controls their minds creating what they call “zombie flies.”

What is interesting is how these now fungus-infected flies become zombies and predators of other flies.

The study leader, Professor Jørgen Eilenberg, had said, “It is fascinating how the life cycles of these fungi are so well adapted to the lives of the flies they target,” says Professor Jørgen Eilenberg.

According to the research published in the September 2020 issue of the Journal of Invertebrate Pathology, the fungi, Strongwellsea tigrinae and Strongwellsea acerosa have developed the ability to attack the fly, which then becomes infected. It continues to buzz around for several days as the fungi devour them from within their abdomens, creating holes that eject fungal spores that it lands upon it infects.

The Danish researchers have speculated that the fungi may produce substances that “dope” their hosts, and a fly who comes across it to mate risks becoming infected. The fungi are nourished from within the flies’ abdomen as it also feeds upon the fly’s bodies right up until the fly lies on its back, goes into convulsions, and dies as it then releases spores as it decays.

While this research may be considered groundbreaking, I honestly believe that is how ALL genus’ of flies operate, so it does not matter if Danish or an American house fly; they are all infected with fungi and practically carry out the same duties in their respective countries. I believe that the fly is one of the closest relatives to ancient fungi. They are just flying sacks of fungal spores whose job is to act just like fungi do by becoming a unique vehicle to infect others, mate and control other organisms to do their bidding.

For example, we know that like fungi, almost all flies are predators, parasites, and parasitoids, feeding upon damp and decaying plant and animal material that is the most ubiquitous food source found over much of the Earth. Today, we also know that flies and their aquatic or semiaquatic larvae have the ability, just like fungi, to live in the waters of the ocean to the bottom of the world’s deepest lakes while others live in wet mud and sand and within the skin and bodies of mammals. In contrast, one species of fly larvae can live in crude petroleum.


In the Scripture, we are told through various passages that Beelzebub, is another word for the Devil and the “Lord of the Flies,” an English translation. I find it interesting that the Devil is referred to as the Lord of the Flies concerning these scientific findings.

For example, the Bible tells us that we need to be alert to the fact that the “Devil is our adversary” who is the “prince of the power of the air” that “puts thoughts into our head” to lay traps to trick us into doing his will and that he “seeks to eat us.”

When we look at modern science, we can find interesting parallels between the knowledge we have now of the fungi kingdom and our Christain ancestors’ knowledge when the Scripture was created.

Then when we examine the human race and especially here in the West with our modern lifestyles, we can find similar traits that can be compared to these zombie flies and the other fungi infected insects that I have written about here on my blog. Our lifestyle choices have led to many of us to have serious addictions and diseases like alcoholism, drug addiction, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

Our ancestors may have called these sins and some people who today we call infected they may have called possessed by the devil or demon.

Perhaps, they are one and the same phenomenon but one explanation is scientific, while the other is religious?

Diseases where it appears that people are literally being eaten from the inside out develop sores on their bodies and lose their ability to control their behaviors no matter how hard they try. It’s as if they become demons or conscious zombies who “think they are doing their own will” when in fact, they are doing the bidding of the fungus that infects them.

Just like the flies. Just like the devil, the Lord of Flies in Scripture.

To put my theory in context, I thought I would include some images like these of methamphetamine addicts. People I have personally known in life appear to go mad as if they are losing their minds and their souls as they are eaten alive.

It is not just methamphetamine. Many drugs cause this behavior and people become zombies who have lost control of their bodies, such as fentanyl and heroin, to name a couple.

The drug use may be leading to a massive fungal infection in these people due to the chemicals, lousy food, lack of vitamins, and staying up for days on end, which is wreaking havoc on their immune systems.

These addicted people become like zombies who unwittingly start doing the fungi’ bidding, which seeks to destroy them and everyone they meet.

Maybe we can theorize that the spores are coming out of these people and their wounds infecting others?

Then we have a disease like diabetes where people develop open sores and many massive fungal infections.

Or the fact that fungi are being found in 100% of the autopsied brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

People who have Alzheimer’s Disease have been described to lose all memories and their identities to become a shell of a person.

According to this 2014 article;

“The feeling that someone is already gone before death fully claims them – that they are “a shell,” in the words of Paul Tripoli, a Washington-based clinician and counselor – leads some friends and family members to stop visiting someone with Alzheimer’s disease altogether.

“Some people say, ‘It just isn’t Grandma,’” Tripoli said.

They forget who they were and who they are and even forget to eat as if they are zombies, waiting to die to be consumed by the same fungi that inhabit their abdomens and brains, thus highjacking their minds, consciousness, and their bodies.

To many of you, comparing this science of zombie flies, addiction, Alzheimer’s, and zombie people to the Devil and Lord of the Flies’ stories is ludicrous because you think the Church concocted the biblical myths to control their ignorant flock.

But in my opinion, if you keep an open mind, modern science provides us with the knowledge that I believe helps validate some of the ancient teachings in the Bible.

Please keep in mind that how they had understood science two thousand years ago was much different than today.

Our scientific understanding of life and I contend the Devil proves that what they had written was true to describe this unseen world and prophetic. I believe that they knew that one day we would reach this point in human knowledge that we bring about the Apocalypse or the unveiling of these truths.

Behold flies of the dung pile, your “prince of the power of the air” (Ephesians 2:2) is here.

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