Did you know that naturally occurring nano-magnets can go up your nose traveling into your brain?

You may not be born with a tinfoil hat, but there is a natural magnet in your head that can attract, repel, and even dance with outside forces within the earth, in humans, and the air.

Hidden within your brain is a gray-black mineral called magnetite, a mineral composed of iron ore oxide that is naturally magnetic. Studies have shown that the human brain contains magnetite, has been well established, and that brain cells respond to external magnetic fields.

“Crystal structure of magnetite as viewed along the [111] direction (diagonal through the cube). Green tetrahedra contain ferrous iron (Fe2+), yellowish octahedra contain ferric iron (Fe3+), and oxygen is shown as red spheres.”

Science has found that magnetite has the ability to magnetize information and store memories in what are called nanospheres that I contend become part of what the Greeks called the World Soul and today is known as the Noosphere. However, elevated levels of magnetite in brain tissue have been found in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s that cause us to lose our memories.

Meaning that magnetite may be the naturally occurring physical substance within the earth, and organisms such as humans use it to navigate and store information in the material world. Researchers have found that these brain magnetites show a strong similarity with the magnetite nanospheres formed by combustion, which is airborne particulate matter (PM) and the resulting global pollution.

This magnetite nanosphere pollution, I theorize can be both bad and good.

My theory of good ideas and bad ideas I discuss in my previous article, “War of Ideas: The Battle of the Neurosphere for the Noosphere,” where I contend that these good or Holy magnetic connections of human brains create a physical sphere of influence that then develops into our human social order or rank – Hierarchy.

The natural order of Logos (Noosphere).

Heraclitus (c. 535 – c. 475 BC) used the term Logos to represent the principle of order and knowledge. Isocrates’ believed that philosophy and logos generate an ethical, mindful polis or what we call a city today. This would go in line with Plato’s Theories of Forms. He made the distinction between imperfect matter and perfect Form.

People (philosophers) were necessary to bridge or should we say magnetize the enormous gap between God and the material world.

Philo called these words and ideas “the first-born of God when he had said, “the Logos of the living God is the bond of everything, holding all things together and binding all the parts, and prevents them from being dissolved and separated.”

In the Scripture, the Gospel of John identifies the Christian Logos, through which all things are made, as divine (theos). Further, he identifies Jesus Christ a the incarnate Logos or, in Plato’s theory, a bridge between God and the material world.

Hence, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” – (John 1:1)

The word Lego comes from Logos. Humans who become bridges bringing us wisdom form an immortal chain of unbreakable Legos via the Logos.

The “beginning” is translated from the Greek, ἀρχῇ (archē or archomai) meaning a commencement, or chief as in the start of our Traditions and the philosophical chiefs who remain magnets via their good ideas.

Immortal by the legos of ideas – The Logos. Not by men.

The bad ideas also become part of the Logos via magnetization, but I contend they eventually die out. These are ideas, things, and information created by humans that I theorize enter the air and immediately start to ferment and decay like combustible carbon substances and humans.

Bad things and bad ideas are no Bueno. Both can kill us.

The Ancient Greek concept of pathos.

Ideas that encourage pathos or sadness and pity are considered pathetic by the Greeks. Hence, the word pathetic is derived from the etymology of pathos. In rhetoric, however, it means an appeal to the emotions in general and why pathos is used mainly by politicians and in advertising for the vast majority of the ordinary people like beast automatons who follow these pathetic people and their bad ideas.

Always leading them to pathos.

Hence, why we have a global suicide, murder, and health crisis today.

Back to the True or Divine Logos.

The Christian Logos or Noosphere is created by magnetic particles when the brain is engaged becomes part of what science calls the electron atmosphere. The magnetic field lines are created by the movement of these charges absorbed by the electron nucleus and then ejected in a cycle of vortex movement explained in the image below.

The good nanosphere would be the good pollution in the air, which creates the earth’s biomagnetic fields that organisms use to navigate and, for humans, the World Soul/Noosphere. What we use to navigate back to our roots and Traditions.

The bad ideas I speak of above are nanospheres, AKA tiny magnetic charged particles that are eventually ejected from our world because other people mostly reject them. As a result, they do not receive any more electric charges from other minds who feed the idea with their energies; thus, the life cycle in the Noosphere is short before it is eventually aborted.

Bad ideas become like aborted babies thrown out with the bathwater via Bathos (from Greek baths, “deep”).

Alexander Pope coined the term “Bathos” in his 1727 essay “Peri Bathous”, to describe an amusingly failed attempt at presenting artistic greatness. It is used to identify anticlimactic and trivial (intentionally or otherwise) figures of speech, any intentional deviation from literal statement or common usage that emphasizes, clarifies, or embellishes both written and spoken language.

Hence, these Batho’s ideas come mainly from selfish people who present themselves as wise and use emotional language to magnetize people to their cause. But, unfortunately, these same said people often have ulterior motives that do not follow our ancient Traditions and ethics in philosophy, so they embellish their trivial teachings and wish to mislead others with lies.

In the Scripture, the job of misleading people and lying is given to Satan, who also becomes their persecutor of those who lie, sin, and do bad ie evil. That is why he is considered the Father of Lies (Liars) and Prince of the World.

The followers of bad ideas always seem to lead them to decay, destruction, and eventually death. A type of hell on earth.


According to a recent paper published in Nature Physics, an international team of researchers discovered what drives a transition in magnetite. Using an ultrashort laser pulse, the researchers confirmed the existence of electronic waves that are frozen at the transition temperature and start “dancing together” in a collective oscillating motion as the temperature is lowered.

This is known as the Verwey transition in magnetite (Fe3O4), the first metal-insulator transition ever observed and involves a concomitant structural rearrangement and charge–orbital ordering. The fundamental building blocks of the charge-ordered structure are three-site small polarons called trimerons which create spectroscopic signatures of the low-energy electronic excitations of the trimeron network.

The researchers said that “By driving these modes coherently with an ultrashort laser pulse, we reveal their critical softening and hence demonstrate their direct involvement in the Verwey transition. These findings shed new light on the cooperative mechanism at the origin of magnetite’s exotic ground state.”

“We were investigating the mechanism behind the Verwey transition, and we suddenly found anomalous waves freezing at the transition temperature,” said MIT physics postdoc Edoardo Baldini, one of the lead authors on the paper. “They are waves made of electrons that displace the surrounding atoms and move collectively as fluctuations in space and time.”

This work, led by MIT professor of physics Nuh Gedik, was made possible by the use of “ultrafast terahertz spectroscopy,” an advanced laser apparatus based on ultrashort pulses in the extreme infrared. Gedik says, “These laser pulses are as short as one millionth of one millionth of a second and allow us to take fast photographs of the microscopic world. Our goal now is to apply this approach to discover new classes of collective waves in other quantum materials.”

This discovery is significant because no frozen waves of any kind had ever been found in magnetite. “We immediately understood that these were interesting objects that conspire in triggering this very complex phase transition,” says MIT physics Ph.D. student Carina Belvin, the paper’s other lead author.

I contend that these waves of electrons conspire with one another and move collectively; creating multiverses is how we can measure the Noosphere.

For example, a new study shows that the reproducible magnetization patterns of magnetite are preferentially partitioned in the human brain, specifically in the cerebellum and brain stem.

Prion diseases like Crutzfeld-Jacobs disease and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and ALS share a common theme, dysfunctional prions and excessive magnetite. In addition, researchers have found that the rapid formation of magnetite is causing the dysfunctional prions to act as if they become pathogenic.

As I have explained before, a 2015 study titled, “Different Brain Regions are Infected with Fungi in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD),” researchers had shown the possibility that Alzheimer’s Disease may be a fungal disease, or that fungal infection is a risk factor for the disease. The researchers provided evidence in the study that tissue from the central nervous system (CNS) of AD patients contains fungal cells and hyphae.

In fact, 100% of the AD patients analyzed in the study had fungal cells and fungal material in brain sections.

It is believed that when our prions are working properly, they function to “write” memory onto our brain. Still, when excess iron/magnetite builds up between the neurons, they become unreadable.

Dementia and Alzheimers via the natural laws of the fungi world take care of the Human Pathos.

Just within a few weeks or months, people who have been deemed unfit by the creator experience memory loss, mood changes, and apathy. They become clumsy and confused and slurred speech.

Their symptoms are likely to progress to jerky movements, stiff limbs, incontinence, and the loss of the ability to move or speak.

They no longer have Logos to contribute to the Noosphere.

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