In the triangle we see spirit descending into the square of matter. Let us so purify matter that spirit may shine through it and make of us lights to guide the footsteps of humanity. – Manly P. Hall

For thousands of years, the color white was symbolized as a sign of innocence, perfection and purity of the heart. The ancient priesthoods had most often used some type of white garment represented by either a white robe or apron that they would issue to initiates of their secret mysteries.

freemason apron

The Masonic Apron is designed to represent the human body separated into two distinct parts just like the image below of the upright and inverted pentagram symbols.

PentagramThe upper portion of the Apron represents our higher, noble and spiritual selves. This would be our hearts and heads that are the seats of reason, intellect, spirituality, gnosticism and pure love. The pentagram man to the above left would also represent this spiritual quality, as does the image below.


The second separate area of our bodies is represented by the bottom portion of the Apron which would symbolize our lower selves that deal more with our natural animal natures and our passions. The upside down pentagram on the above right would also represent the lack of nobility, purity and spiritual quality.

The Masonic Apron is made of Lamb or Satin to signify innocence, purity and integrity. It is a symbol of the Masons newly attained spiritual purity and primary symbol of the ceremony of the First Degree. This Apron will accompany the Mason at every step of their progress through the remaining degrees and it serves as a continual memento as he walks his path to perfect and purify himself in order to best serve his family, brothers, lodge and all his fellow man.


Henceforth, the goal of the Freemason with his Masonic Apron is to subdue their passions in order to take a higher road than the rest of humanity in so that he can perfect and purify himself as he walks his path with the white emblem of light, truth, and love. A true human living representative of the philosophers stone as he tirelessly builds Solomon’s Temple which now expands the globe.

founding fathers freemasons

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