That thou shalt set apart unto the LORD all that openeth the matrix, and every firstling that cometh of a beast which thou hast; the males shall be the LORD’s. – Exodus 13:12

The Scripture tells us about a specific substance in the invisible realm that also creates the visible called the matrix. It is connected to the abyss and governed by the LORD.

Webster’s Dictionary describes it as a type of womb or cavity in which anything is formed, and which gives it shape; a die; a mold, as for the face of a type. The lifeless portion of tissue, either animal or vegetable, that is situated between the cells; the intercellular substance.

The Greek translation relates it to the word, koilia, which means belly or womb. From the word koilos, meaning hollow, a cavity, or the abdomen. The Phoenician Hebrew word used is rechem, which also means womb.

These ancient teachings were conceptualized in our modern world with the advent of the popular movie called “The Matrix.”

In the movie, one of the lead characters named Morpheus explains that everything about ‘normal’ life is replicated within the simulation called The Matrix. The ‘Birthing’ within the Matrix is a global program that mimics the conditions of childbirth.

For example, when a man and woman are having sex, the machine simply captures the sperm seed and uses it to impregnate another woman who gives birth to a baby she falsely thinks is her own. Once the baby is born, the machine takes tit away to be grown in a pod and is plugged into the Matrix and its consciousness is transferred into the simulation.

From Morpheus, Neo learns that he was “the mental projection of your digital self.” The “real” sensory world “is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.”

In ancient Greek mythology, Morpheus was the Greek god of dreams, whose name literally means “he who forms, fashioner or molder.” Morpheus has the ability to change his own shape and manipulate reality, as well as the power to bewitch other people’s minds with dreams and fantasies.

In the Matrix movie, we are introduced to The Oracle, who is an intermediary between God and man. Over the Oracles kitchen door, she asks Neo if he knows what the Latin phrase means, “Temet Nosce.” He says he doesn’t know and she explains to him that it means in English, “Know Thyself.”

People could ask the Oracle questions and they would often get an answer in a riddle format that would be interpreted by the priests of Delphi.

The Latin version of Know Thyself is taken from the more Ancient Greek saying “gnothi seauton” which was one of the Delphic maxims inscribed upon the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and came from Luxor Egypt, according to the Greek writer Pausanias.

The Gnostic concept of the Matrix can also be found in the teachings of the demiurge. Plato, writing in approximately 360 BC, is the first philosopher to bring forth the concept of the Demiurge (Matrix) which was derived from the “Platonic theory of creation out of primordial matter.”

In Timaeus, Plato continues the dialog as the character Timaeus with Socrates, in which he refers to the Demiurge as a benevolent entity who “fashioned and shaped” the material world which remains imperfect.

Plato’s cosmology of the “world-forming God” (Srjiuovpyos, demiurge) is the agent who takes the preexisting materials of chaos, arranges them intelligently according to the models of eternal forms, and produces all the physical things of the world, including human bodies formed or shaped out that which is not being, ie; space, “with regard to the Ideas.”

According to Timaeus, humans live on earth at the center of the cosmos, which he compares to one unique perfect cosmic organism, in whose image we have been created, and whose nature and destiny have been ordained by unseen forces from eternity.

Plato’s Demiurge became the foundation of the natural philosophical concept called Organicism, which views the universe and its parts as an organic living organism based on the Ancient Greek view that the world is orderly and alive.

The concept of Plato’s demiurge and the Matrix is also found in Scripture via the teachings of The LORD. The LORD is the Almighty One, governing all creatures, guiding all events, commanding all powers both heavenly and earthly, and ruling the whole history of humanity.

The LORD was also a supernatural force that worked through matter, animals, and even human bodies to become instruments or tools for God issuing punishments and rewards to people for their good or bad behaviors, often called sins. The “LORD of Hosts” can also make the earth melt, control people’s minds, make war, and bring devastation.

In Freemasonry, the Matrix, AKA the Demiurge is known as the “Great Architect of the Universe or G.A.O.T.U.” and the Masonic motto “ORDO AB CHAO,” meaning Order Out of Chaos.

Writing in the 16th century, the eminent German philosopher,  Jacob Boehme explains that here is still a deeper source of things than this inward spiritual World, which is after all a manifested and organized World. Boehme states that which is before beginnings — the unoriginated Mother of all Worlds and of All that is, visible and invisible.

This infinite Mother of all births, this eternal Matrix, he calls the Ungrund, “Abyss,” or the “Great Mystery,” or the “Eternal Stillness.”

A place that is beyond beginnings, beyond time, beyond “nature,” and we can say nothing in the language of reason that is true or adequate. The eternal divine Abyss has its own origin and explanation; it presupposes nothing but itself; there is nothing beyond it, nothing outside it — there is, in fact, no “beyond” and “outside” — it is “neither near nor far off.”

Boehme states that “The good or evil that men do, by acts of will, enters into and forms the soul and so molds its permanent habitation.” He says:

“We should take heed and beget that which is good out of ourselves.

If we make an angel of ourselves we are that; if we make a devil of ourselves, we are that.”

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