A speech given in the late 1990s by Jesuit political scientist Michael Novak, published in the weekly magazine of American Jesuits, claims the United States of “liberty and justice for all” was a political system built for a land of sinners who would constitute the “moral majority” of the country. Novak had stated,

‘The framers wanted to build a “novus ordo” that would secure “liberty and justice for all”…. The underlying principle of this new order is the fact of human sin. To build a republic designed for sinners, then, is the indispensable task…. There is no use building a social system for saints. There are too few of them. And those there are are impossible to live with!… Any effective social system must therefore be designed for the only moral majority there is: sinners.” (1)

This statement by the Jesuit political scientist Michael Novak is essential to relate to the title and theme of my new book – The Satanic State of America. It is a national state of mind that I believe is mental and, more importantly, has originated from sin, sinners, and what could be called a Satanic ethos.

When I use these terms, please do not confuse this with a typical fundamentalist Christian point of view or someone not educated on philosophy, occultism, and history. The English word sin means to “miss the mark.” It is derived from the Biblical Greek New Testament ἁμαρτία hamartia “sin”, missing the mark (failure or error) which is derived from the Hebrew hata – “sin”. A word that originates in archery and literally refers to missing the “gold” at the “center of a target,” but hitting the target – i.e. “to miss the mark.”

Think of sin as not being a good or decent person who treats others as they want to be treated. Hence, you are missing the point of being a good person. In secular terms, it means hate, selfishness, lewdness, human excess, crime, immorality, gluttony ie eating or drinking too much, consuming porn, stealing, drug use, cheating on your spouse, inventing killing devices, consuming human blood or semen, and the list can go on. Even non-religious people and decent atheists understand this and will refrain from these activities.

Many of the world’s best philosophers and political statesmen, no matter the country or time going back throughout history, have mostly believed that all people should strive to live a just, moral and ethical life. In the Biblical sense, they should do their best to remain free from sin. This serves as the microcosm of a nation that is the macrocosm mirroring and governing this same ethos. However, in the United States, when you allow everyone to have liberty and bad people with bad ideas to have Free Speech, this leads to immoral and evil activities that are protected by law.

In the Scripture, we learn that the law is for the sinners, rebels, and the immoral who are the lawbreakers to be punished for their sins, “We know that the law is good if one uses it properly. We also know that the law is made not for the righteous but lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers, for the sexually immoral, for those practicing homosexuality, for slave traders and liars and perjurers—and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine” (1 Timothy 1:8-10″ — University Of Wisconsin-Madison, Legal Studies Program, Sources Of Law 1)

When you understand that in the early beginning of American history,  it was both a plan and an experiment, you will find that our nation bears all the signs of the Novus Ordo Republic of Sinners. As if the U.S.A. was purposely created to allow individuals to pursue liberty and individualism without being taught about philosophy and or religious values.

This would result in human error and a lack of wisdom to know the difference, causing many of the irreligious and ignorant citizens of the United States to create a Satanic culture. They are being punished for their sins via the various laws that enchain them.

The upside of sin is that the United States has become a global superpower, spawning some of the most intelligent independent thinkers like black magician Jack Parsons and Alfred Nobel who invented dynamite and other more powerful explosives and who also founded the Nobel Peace Prizes or the many other people who have invented some of the best machinery, weaponry, medicines, poisons, computer systems, and media that the world has ever seen. A massively successful experiment for the government, military-industrial complex, global elites, and big business.

However, there is a massive downside to allowing sin to be protected by law. The cost on the mental health and criminality of the people can be seen in the nation’s most current statistics indicating we have a massive crisis on our hands.

For example, the United States has the worst mental health-related outcomes, including the highest suicide rate and second-highest drug-related death rate. 20.6% of U.S. adults have experienced some type of mental illness such as major depression (also called clinical depression), manic depression (also called bipolar disorder), schizophrenia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

According to John Hopkins University, “an estimated 26% of Americans ages 18 and older about 1 in 4 adults — suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. Many people suffer from more than one mental disorder at a given time.” Approximately about 18% of people ages 18- 54 in a given year have an anxiety disorder in a given year. In 2019, 51.5 million people representing 1 in 5 adults. (2) The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates these numbers as high as 40% post COVID. (3)

The U.S.A. also has the highest prison and jail population with over 2 million people in the nation’s prisons and jails—a 500% increase over the last 40 years. Many of these people are in jail for the sins they committed, like simple drug crimes where the so-called criminal has hurt nobody and committed no crime to anyone but themselves. Since the 1980’s War on Drugs, sentencing policies have caused massive growth in incarceration for drug offenses skyrocketing from 40,900 in 1980 to 430,926 in 2019. Hence, they are behind bars for their sins. (3)

Our criminal justice system punishes sin with such severity that it locks up 2.3 million sinners on any given day, giving the U.S.A. the highest incarceration rate in the world. If the U.S. prison population were a city, it would be among the country’s ten largest. Approximately $80 billion is still spent each year on corrections facilities alone, according to a Prison Policy Initiative report, dwarfing the $68 billion discretionary budget of the Department of Education. (4)

One of the most common reasons to go to jail is because of drug-related offenses. This is because the prison industrial complex with the guard unions and private prison system along with cheap labor make billions of dollars by capitalizing on the sins of the American people. The politicians also benefit from the lobbyists’ donations. It seems all the players are winning while the people lose their minds and their freedoms.

This massive increase in mental health diseases and the incarceration of millions of people, I contend, was caused by the legalization of sin via the Satanic State of Mind in the American culture. It happened slowly over time through the liberalization of our culture and the courts resulting in our values and various laws being changed. 

The graph below shows the increase in incarceration rates, which coincide with various events, mainly starting in the 1930s and 40s with the promotion of sin with the invention of television, the entertainment industry, legalizing alcohol,  and multiple drugs for medicine. Then we had famous black magicians such as Aleister Crowley and the teachings and O.T.O. promoting a lifestyle of liberalism and ultra individuality that took off in the 1960s with various Satanic organizations such as Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan and the Process Church of Unification who infiltrated the music scene and Hollywood with their Satanic ethos infecting the entire nation like a viral contagion.

The results can be witnessed as I mentioned above and also many other statistics via our modern mental health and prison crisis which can all be attributed to sins of the people and the government due to the Satanic State of America.


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