In studying the history of reincarnation, I have found a strong correlation between people who have birthmarks and reincarnation. I AM finding out in my research that there are many people such as myself who believe they are reincarnated, and who also have peculiar birthmarks and or moles on their bodies. In addition to these connections, I have also found medical research, religions, and entire cultures who believe that the birthmark is some sort of divine sign and or mark from the Gods indicating a past life.

I wrote an article a while back that had somewhat gone into the subject of birthmarks, called “The BirthMark of Cain.” In that article I had made some birthmark connections to the bible and also ancient history where I had explained how birthmarks were held in very high esteem amongst various Tribes and secret societies throughout ancient history.

What I have also found in the course of my studies is that there are very few people who are experts or specialize in this subject. In fact, I have only found one major Ian Stevensonstudy that was put out in the year 1997 by a man named Dr. Ian Stevenson who is a psychiatrist and has written a book on reincarnation and birthmarks. In his study he found that an incredible 35% of the subjects who claimed they were reincarnated, had also either birthmarks or birth defects on their skin.

Stevenson reported that in the majority of these cases “the subject’s marks or defects correspond to injuries or illness experienced by the deceased person who the subject remembers; medical documents have confirmed this correspondence in more than forty cases”. Many of the birthmarks are not just small discolourations. They are “often unusual in shape or size and are often puckered or raised rather than simply being flat. Some can be quite dramatic and unusual in appearance.”Stevenson believed that the existence of birth marks and deformities on children, when they occurred at the location of fatal wounds in the deceased, provided the best evidence for reincarnation. His major work in the area of birthmarks is Reincarnation and Biology: A Contribution to the Etiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects (Praeger, 1997), at 2,268 pages.

I have found in my research, that reincarnation plays a major role in the life of the Druze tribe, more than druze 2any other tribes that I have come across in my research. In fact, as soon as a child is born, it’s body will be examined for any birthmarks; there have been several Druze children who claim to remember past lives that have been studied. (Stevenson, 1966/l974, 1980).

Here is an excerpt from the book, “The greater the ignorance, the greater the dogmatism,” by Sir William Osler MD that explains part of the study done by Dr. Stevenson.

In Lebanon, Dr Ian Stevenson went unannounced into a Druse village and asked the villagers if they knew of any cases where children talked of past lives. He was referred—again without any prior warning—to the home of five-year-old Imad Elawar. Since the age of one Imad had been talking all the time about a former life in a village twenty-five miles away.

At age one his first words had been the names ‘Jamileh‘ and ‘Mahmoud’; at the age of two he had stopped a stranger in the street identified him as a former neighbor.

Stevenson interviewed the child and the parents and recorded over fifty-seven separate claims about his former life. When Stevenson went with the boy and his father to the other village to investigate the boy’s claims, it took them several days to locate the boy’s former house. No contact with the relatives had been made before the visit.


• Imad was able to make thirteen correct statements and identifications about his former life including photographs of himself and his brother
• he recognized photographs of his former uncle, Mahmoud, and his former mistress, a prostitute named Jamileh
• he was able to point out details of where he had kept his rifle—a secret known only to his mother—and of how his bed had been arranged during his last illness
• he stopped a stranger and had a long talk with him about their experiences together in their army service.

In all, Stevenson calculates that of the fifty-seven claims Imad had made about his former life, fifty-one could be verified (Stevenson 1978).

Scholars say the Druze absorbed ideas from Sufism, Greek philosophy and from Gnosticism. They call themselves Ahl al-Tawhid “the People of Monotheism” who are the “mountain dwellers, and monotheists.” The Druze believe in the transmigration and eternity of the soul, that at death, one’s soul is instantaneously reincarnated to be reborn into the life of another. They are also said to believe that there are two groups of people: the enlightened and the un-enlightened and that all human souls are reborn as humans again, good as well as bad where a person who acts in ill will or bad during their lifetime cannot reach perfection or unite with God. Hence, good people who live right and moral will be more fortunate in rebirth than bad people.

A few months ago when I as writing the rough draft to this article, I received an email to an article via a Facebook group that I AM a member called Haplogroup E3B1 (E1b1b1). In the article it had mentioned a Israeli Knesset member named Ayoob Kara, who in recent articles had speculated that the Druze are descended from one of the Lost Tribes of Israel and that the Druze also share many of the same beliefs as Jews.

Kara is also claiming genetics the evidence to prove that the Druze were descended from Jews.

Those roots explain, at least in part, the fierce loyalty the Druze in Israel have to the state. “However, Druze here are too fearful, to loudly proclaim their sympathies with Israel, or to convert to Judaism, although some do – because of the fear of what might happen to their brethren in Syria and Lebanon,” Kara said. Druze soldiers have given their lives for Israel and have risen high in IDF ranks. However, Druze tradition is to be loyal to whatever country rules the area they live in, so that Druze in Syria are loyal to Syria.

And then there is the genetic study, which shows that Druze display genetic attributes quite similar to those of Jews (see the study for the technical details). “A major genetic test from last year, the first extensive test done of the Druze, proves my contention clearly,” says Kara.

I agree with the rsearcher Ayoob Kara and this makes complete scientific sense, because like the Israelite or the Phoenicians, the Druze are a very independent tribe of peoples. They also reside in the very same areas such as the country of Lebanon and the area around the base of Mount Hermon, with villages that are also located in Golan Heights, Syria and inside Israel just inside the Northern border.

In a scientific study done in 2006 we can find more science to lean on. The psychosocial function of reincarnation among Druze in Israel;

To gain an understanding of the psychosocial function of reincarnation among Druze, interviews were conducted with nine male subjects who had experienced reincarnation (Notq) and with one or two of their family members. Analysis of these interviews revealed that the onset of Notq typically occurs at between two and five years of age. Five of the subjects had displayed psychological distress in their childhood that was alleviated after the Notq.

Once the child has displayed initial indications of reincarnation, such as mentioning names that the family construes as being from a past life, the family takes an active role in constructing the past-life story and matching it to a known real story involving a tragic death. This match creates a new order in the life of the child, the family, and the past-life family. All parties benefit from this new order: the child receives new special attention and love and becomes able to control and manipulate the parents; the parents are relieved because they see the child happy, and benefit from the social attention and regard they receive; and the grieving of the bereaved past-life family is alleviated by the realization that the soul of their lost son still lives.

The findings support the sociocognitive notion of the constructing of past memories by the social environment. Additional research that should include data collection from the past-life family and examination of the affinity of reincarnation with dissociation and child abuse is recommended.

The facts from the great research of Dr. Ian Stevenson in this scientific study, and the snippet above from the Israel National News, helps prove the birthmark and reincarnation connections I have made in my two articles on this subject. In addition, as I stated in my previous article, I also have a white birthmark on my thigh that is very similar to the description of both the birthmarks of Seleucus and Pythagoras.

These marks are hereditary in which my own story and DNA profile can be added to this science because my paternal YDNA is from the Haplogroup E1b1b1c M123. If you check this Haplogroup E1b1b1c Wikipedia page you will find that Druze’s who had DNA tested came up 28% positive for my very same paternal DNA. It is well-known that Seleucus is the founder of Syria, which is one of the same locations where the Druze still live to this very day.

These same Druze who believe in birthmarks and reincarnation would most likely be the same peoples who descend from the founder of Syria, Seleucus, and one of the founders of the ancient mystery schools, Pythagoras. I also have very similar beliefs to the faith of the Druze, and I believe that we now have the actual DNA science that we can use to help verify these ancient stories, ancient history, and connect with our ancestors or relatives.

Can my birthmark, past life memories, Gnosis, and the fact that I AM returning back home to the ancient homelands of my ancestors and relatives all be by chance, or is this simply destiny that is built within my DNA? My intuition, Gnosis and works, I believe confirm the latter.

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