In the video below, the Sex Pistols ex-lead singer John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, was interviewed by the BBC in late 1978. In the video Johnny Lyndon said he would like make a movie and kill about 200 people. One of the people he names is the most prolific child predator in Britain’s history, Jimmy Savile.

Rotten said, “I’d like to kill Jimmy Savile. I think he’s a hypocrite and I think he is into all kinds of seediness. They all know that, but we are not allowed to talk about it. I know some rumors. I bet none of this will be allowed out.”

Of course it takes a punk rocker such as Johnny Rotten to tell the truth and world about a crazed child predator that raped countless children over the years. This video below proves how the media is bought off, and many people who witness or know about these child crimes are simply weak pathetic souless pieces of human shit who have sold their souls for a paycheck or place in our sick society or what we can simply call, hell.

Let us not forget that Sir Jimmy Savile was awarded with one of the highest honors a person can  get in our modern society as a Knight of the British Empire and also a Papal Knight in 1990.  An honor he still holds to this day.

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