Doctors from all around the world are finding real-life alien type monsters growing within humans. These chimeric creatures have been dubbed “teratoma tumors” by scientists and they are freaking people out. The word ‘teratoma’ comes from the Greek word teratos, meaning monster, and tumor, from the Greek tumere – ‘to swell.’

These true stories seem to affirm the fascination with alien and demon lore.

But these things are real and have the ability to control the mind of its victims to the point that they want to stab themselves in the skull to stop the pain like Amanda Murphy, from Rutherford in NSW. In 2015, Amanda tried to stab herself with a knife to try and relieve the crippling pressure on her brain.

She was acting psychotic at the time and even attacked and yelled at her family and hospital staff. This is a typical symptom that plagues people with these creatures growing within them.

Who the hell wants to stab themselves in the head? Maybe some parasite with brain cells growing within you who wants to eat your ass does!!!

After doctors performed an ultrasound on her abdomen, they found a tumor growing on her ovary, which had brain matter in it that caused Amanda’s immune system to attack her healthy brain tissue. One nurse said it was ‘a monster growing inside’ of Amanda.

The science behind the teratoma shows that our bodies identify these tumors as foreign entities and our immune systems than mounts an attack response against this alien type creature.

Professor of Neurology at the University of Pennsylvania, Josep Dalmauays had said, “The body sees this tumor as a foreign type of tissue and mounts an attack, an immune response against these brain cells that are in the tumor but the immunological system is tricked by this and not only goes against the tumor but is also misdirected against the brain.”

Dr. Dalmau claims that he has seen many cases like this. He said, “All of them were very, very similar, very young women that after an acute psychiatric period of symptoms developed all these manifestations, had to be in the ICU and they had all these abnormal movements, decreased level of consciousness and spinal fluid that showed there was an inflammatory process in the brain.” (1)

Dr. Dalmau concluded, “Many times the hallucinations are related to hyper-religiosity, people see angels or they feel that God is talking to them directly or they feel like they have possession of the absolute truth. There are patients and this depends on the religious background, the patients are having the impression of being possessed.”

He says, “Even asking the family members to call a priest or equivalent depending on their religion to try to help them because they are hearing all these voices and having all these visions and hallucinations. The speech disintegrates they start mumbling or repeating things and then they have all these abnormal movements and contortions with the body, with the neck, with the face. When you put it altogether it’s a very scary situation.”

It is interesting that our immune system is actually tricked to not only attack the tumor but also against the brain and central nervous system of the patients in which the research reveals that these people often have uncontrollable neurological problems and lose the ability to control their own minds.

Often these tumors are found exactly where we humans have our reproductive organs such as a man’s testicles or a woman’s ovaries. It is as if they are highjacking our sperm to copulate, unbeknownst to us. In fact, these teratoma tumors can practically mutate into a full person or monster with developing organs, head, body, extremities, and even the beginnings of a penis such as a case reported in 2002 of a tumor in a 25-year-old Japanese virgin woman.

Researchers reported of an ovarian teratoma demonstrated considerable differentiation, “forming a doll-like structure.” The 25-year-old virginal Japanese woman underwent surgery for an ovarian tumor that was diagnosed as a mature teratoma that was found to have a head, trunk, and extremities. Later analysis revealed that the alien creature has a brain, eye, spinal nerve, ear, teeth, thyroid gland, bone, bone marrow, gut, trachea, blood vessels, and phallic cavernous tissue. The eye was located on the front of the head, a spinal nerve lay dorsal to the spinal bones, the thyroid gland was anterior to the trachea, and the gut was deep inside the trunk.

The researchers concluded that the information necessary for organization of the body plan may be conserved and transmitted, even with parthenogenesis. I explain the ancient science of parthenogenisis in my article “The Science of Virgin Births” where I detail the phenomenon called Parthenogenesis /ˌpɑrθənɵˈdʒɛnɨsɨs/,which is derived from the Geek term parthenos, meaning “virgin.” This science has actually documented several species of animals, plants, and even humans who give birth to healthy offspring without having a sexual partner or sex.

Mature cystic teratomas of the ovary are mostly benign and do not always attract detailed attention. However, precise analyses of such tumors may significantly enhance our understanding of both parthenogenetic and normal human development. (2)

The Department of Pediatrics at Richmond University Medical Center, Staten Island, NY.

A teenager from Japan who had a teratoma tumor growing inside her that had its own brain. A monster’s brain that researchers are finding that in some people can cause a wide range of neurologic and psychiatric symptoms including psychosis, cognitive deficits, movement disorders, and epileptic seizures which I will explain below.

In 2017, Japanese doctors performing a fairly routine operation on a teenage girl’s abdomen were startled when they found a 10-centimetre ‘monster’ being pulled from the teenager’s abdomen. According to Neuropathology, this alien entity which was a teratoma tumor has its own brain with a well‐formed cerebellum and brainstem‐like structures like a real brain which makes me ponder the question if they actually have the biological formations of a brain does that mean they have the ability to think and act as a second brain.

The abstract of this case report said that a mature cystic teratoma of the ovary that arose in a 16‐year‐old girl, a large amount of well‐differentiated and highly organized cerebellar tissue was found. Three layers of the cerebellar cortex were well formed, and synaptophysin‐positive “glomeruli” were found in the granule cell layer. Some Purkinje cells exhibited focal expansion and a dysmorphic appearance of the dendrites. Adjacent to the cerebellar tissue, a large space lined by the ependymal layer and a club‐shaped CNS tissue mass resembling the brainstem were found, and structures reminiscent of the midbrain tectum and pontine nuclei were distinguished within this mass. The CNS tissue was surrounded by the leptomeninges and a skull‐like, bony shell. (3)

If you didn’t know what a “glomeruli” was it is a cluster of nerve endings, spores, or small blood vessels, in particular, a cluster of capillaries around the end of a kidney tubule, where waste products are filtered from the blood.

It’s as if these monsters grow spontaneously in an asexual manner on a persons’ reproductive organs as they are feeding upon a person’s blood growing eyes, teeth, feet, and brains. As I mentioned above, these same alien entities have the ability to create neurologic and psychiatric symptoms as in the case of this 15-year-old girl whose tumor caused her to become very aggressive and psychotic.

The 15-year-old girl had been admitted to a local hospital due to ongoing fever and headache as well as abnormal behavior and irritability in March 2014. She then developed psychosis with visual hallucinations, delirium, fluctuating levels of consciousness, and epileptic seizures as well as dysautonomia with bradycardia.

Her cerebral MRI was normal and CSF analysis showed no evidence of viral or bacterial infection. An ultrasound and MRI scan of the pelvis showed no evidence of ovarian teratoma. She experienced a relapse 2 months later with increasingly aggressive behavior and excessive hyperphagia with weight gain. Another test was performed which revealed a cystic mass with calcifications and fatty tissue inferior to the left thyroid gland which found a teratoma. After the tumor removal and therapy, she was able to return to school. (4)

It seems that these tumors with brains, central nervous systems and eyes actually have the ability to control the minds of its host. After all, mental illness and people literally changing into another person overnight is a common theme with most of these tumor cases.

It makes me think about all the people around the world who have a mental illness, psychotic breakdown, and even people who seem to go crazy and hurt and kill people for no good reason.

Could these people have a monster growing within them pulling the strings of their minds?


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