Here is a recent Twitter exchange I had with the Church of Satan and its current High Priest, Peter Gilmore. My tweet was directed to their Church because they claim that there was never a person who was named and or represented Satan and that it is a fairy tale.

I even tagged the current Pontifex Maximus, Pope Francis in the tweet with the hopes that he would add his Satanic wisdom to the conversation. But I assume he was too busy dealing with the scandals created by the legions in his midst of whom he said this week the “the Great Accuser has been unchained and is attacking bishops.”

If you are interested in the reading the origins of Satan from the Christian Churches perspective, you can read a few of my previous articles such as, Who is Satan?Why Saint Peter is Called Satan by Jesus, and Why Saint Peter is Called Satan by Jesus where I explain the true history of Satan and the fact that he was a real person.

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