There have been many conspiracies surrounding our world’s most popular journalists over the last 50 years are so. These Quotes - mediaconspiracies often deal with what these reporters are willing to report on, and the subjects they will not touch. We also have the many mysterious deaths of journalists over the years who have allegedly got too close to the truth and met with their untimely deaths such as with a self-inflicted gun shot to the chest with their left hand when they are right handed.

In addition to the dark alternative media conspiracies, there are also many people in the truth movement who proclaim that our corporate media is controlled by a secret group of elite families and powerful bankers.

There may be some truth to these accusations because my own research into these media matters has led me to a powerful modern secret group of media moguls and business power brokers who meet every year known as the Bilderberg Group, and another super secret media movement that was an alleged American Secret Society of Journalists called the “Order of the Occult Hand (OHH).”

The word occult simply means hidden.

The order is described as a running joke amongst various journalists. It all started when a police reporter named Joseph Flanders from the Charlotte News had inserted the phrase “It was as if an occult hand had” in one of his articles in 1965. Flanders had written, “It was as if an occult hand had reached down from above and moved the players like pawns upon some giant chessboard.”

Symbols - hidden handIt is an interesting note that the key phrases Flanders had included appear to be Masonic in origin.

There is the “occult hand” which can be construed as the sign of the master of the second veil which is often dubbed the “hidden hand.” He also included “players like pawns upon some giant chess board.” The chessboard is a prominent symbol in Freemasonry that is often misconstrued as a checkerboard.

Was Flanders a Freemason?

I could not find any information connecting Flanders with Freemasonry other than the key phrases as he uses in this alleged whimsical secret society of journalists. An interesting note that I like to add was that he was a big time police writer and it is well-known that many American law enforcement and judges and the judicial system have been involved in Freemasonry over the years.

Here is what the Chicago Tribune reported in 2004:

In the fall of 1965, several Charlotte News reporters had been drinking and marveling at a story written by Flanders, Smith wrote in his letter.

Written on stationery from the North Carolina Manpower Development Corp. and dated January 1976, Smith’s letter alleges that he was in the room as the “occult hand” was born in a story Flanders had written.

“Those present read with rising wonderment this sentence, tucked away in a complicated story of evil-doing:

“`It was as if an occult hand had reached down from above and moved the players like pawns upon some giant chessboard.’

“`Now that,’ said one of the imbibers, `is what I call prose.’

“The others nodded in silent, awed agreement.”

Flanders, the News police reporter, was missing from the scene, Smith wrote, perhaps buying more beer.

But in an accompanying letter signed by Flanders on Drug Enforcement Administration letterhead that was dated February 1976, he admits writing the first-ever “occult hand” story.

“I vouch for R.C.’s letter, for I am the culprit who penned that ill-fated phrase and I was in the employ of the News at the time,” Flanders wrote. Attempts to reach Smith and Flanders were unsuccessful.

Smith’s letter continued describing the origins of the “occult hand.”

“It was determined that Flanders’ `score’ would not go unrewarded,” Smith wrote of the police reporter’s “occult hand” story. “One roisterer, who was departing on a hard-won vacation (he had worked three consecutive eight-hour days) was instructed to send a telegram from some distant point to Flanders inviting him to join `The Order of the Occult Hand–OOH,’ which was thus created on the spot.

Later, at a celebration that could be described as a surprise party for Flanders, all present vowed to get the words `it was as if an occult hand . . . ‘ into news stories as soon as possible.

“I regret to report,” Smith’s letter concluded, in a seminal admission in American journalism, “that virtually all succeeded.”

Here is an extensive list of the Secret Society of Journalists:

The New York Times in 1974 by Paul Hofmann and in 1998 by Tim Race
  • Paul Hofmann (18 September 1974). “UN Gen Assembly 29th session opens on Sept 17. Algerian Foreign Min Abdelaziz”. The New York Times (Abstracts).
    “Wonders if Cyprus events might have been ‘organized by some occult hand’ as part of W Eur global strategy.”
  • Tim Race (26 February 1998). “INCOMING; Well Versed in E-Mail Subject Lines”. Retrieved 31 October 2011.
    “Even worse, with some E-mail systems, if the writer doesn’t fill in the subject line, the occult hand of artificial intelligence will enter No Subject.
The Los Angeles Times from 1983 to 1999 by Deborah Caulfield, Jay Sharbutt, Dennis McDougal, Charles Champlin, Nancy Wride, and Stephen Braun
The Boston Globe from 1987 to 2000 by John Powers, M. R. Montgomery, Paul Hirshson, David Mehegan
The Associated Press from 1991 to 2006 by Jay Sharbutt, Scott Williams, Eric Fidler, John Skoyles, and Joann Loviglio
  • Jay Sharbutt (26 September 1991). “FBI’s Untold Stories Told, James Earl Jones Seeks A Few Laughs”. The Associated Press.
    “As the show wears on, your eyelids may slam shut, as if tugged by an occult hand.
  • Scott Williams (26 January 1996). “Bruce Greenwood and the Picture that Put ‘Nowhere Man’ on the Run”. The Associated Press.
    “Veil became the pawn of a conspiracy so vast it’s as if an occult hand had plucked him out of our reality and dropped him into a private nightmare.”
  • Fidler, Eric (23 March 1998), “Sound Bites: Audio Reviews: “Pilgrim” (Reprise) – Eric Clapton”, Associated Press Newswires
    “When he plays the blues, it is as if some occult hand is guiding his hand over the guitar, channeling the essence of the blues through Clapton.”
  • John Skoyles (21 April 2003). “The ‘hermit’ emerges in Calvino’s writings”. The Associated Press.
    It is as if an occult hand placed Calvino in our country so we could appreciate our own eccentricities.”
  • Joann Loviglio (26 June 2006). “Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child collaboration continues with new novel”. The Associated Press.
    “After venturing through museum catacombs and rooms that held everything from whale eyeballs to flesh-eating beetles feasting on animal carcasses, it was as if an occult hand led them to the hall of Cretaceous dinosaurs.
The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette from 1993 to 2004 by Paul Greenberg and Kane Webb
  • Greenberg, Paul (28 May 1993), “Warren G. Clinton’s Bad Week”, Tulsa World: A12
    It was as if an occult hand was at work, or maybe a screenwriter for one of Mel Brooks’ slapstick comedies.”
  • Paul Greenberg (28 September 1994). “The anarchists’ convention”. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
    It’s as if an occult hand had reached into newspaper offices across the country and assembled a whole menagerie of opinionators, from the ring-tailed roarers to the loyal meeks.”
  • Paul Greenberg (13 February 2000). “Hillary: The latest production”. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
    “Then there’s the care Hillary Clinton, Esq. took with those disappearing billing records, which had the strangest way of appearing years later in the White House–as if an occult hand were moving them about.”
  • Paul Greenberg (3 October 2001). “COLUMNISTS: Advice from the past For a still new president”. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
    As if by an occult hand, the following correspondence was delivered to the White House mail room yesterday:”
  • “EDITORIALS : Harry Potter goes free A federal case for muggles”. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. 28 April 2003.
    “And now, as if by an occult hand, Harry himself has been freed.”
  • Paul Greenberg (16 June 2004). “No harm, no foul”. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
    “The Dan Ryan and Eisenhower Expressways would be overrun with stalled vehicles, as if an occult hand had just emptied the Loop.
  • Kane Webb (20 June 2004). “COLUMNISTS One helluva trailer”. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
    As if by an occult hand, they appear-mama, papa, and baby.”
The Washington Times from 1996 to 1998 by Rex Bowman, Sean Scully, Ronald J. Hansen, and Jim Keary
  • Bowman, Rex (7 November 1996), “The winner is … or is it? Miscount makes pair sweat it out”, The Washington Times: C5
    “And on Tuesday, as if an occult hand were meting out justice to the senator, Mark Warner seemed poised to make the same comeback.”
  • Scully, Sean (7 November 1997), “Barry vs. Plotkin”, The Washington Times: C8
    It was as if an occult hand had reached down to throw beleaguered Democrat Donald S. Beyer Jr. a wee crumb on an otherwise bleak night.”
  • Ronald J. Hansen (20 February 1998). “Meter running out on free parking in the District Contractor installs first new machines”. The Washington Times.
    It was as if an occult hand had delivered a cold slap of reality to the efforts of D.C. Chief Management Officer Camille Cates Barnett, who hopes to make the parking system work again.”
  • Keary, Jim (2 April 1998), “Cops corner shotgun-toting man on his way to register with police”, The Washington Times: C5
    “But even with that explanation, it was as if an occult hand swept him away – into handcuffs and into the back seat of a police cruiser.”
The Virginian-Pilot in 1997 by Larry Maddry
  • Larry Maddry (19 March 1997). “Amazing new fabric fits notoriously messy eater”.
    “The fact is a food item which seems inert in a glass container – cocktail sauce for shrimp is a good example – has been known to sail as far as 15 feet to where I stand and hit the sleeve of my coat as though tossed by an occult hand.”
The Washington Post in 1997 by Linton Weeks
  • Weeks, Linton (5 June 1997), “Spares and Strikes”, The Washington Post: C05
    It was as if an occult hand had guided the black sphere down the narrow lane and into the triangle of pins.”
The Post-Standard in 2000 by an anonymous author
  • “Look out for another emu roaming Oswego county”. The (Syracuse) Post-Standard. 12 October 2000.
    As if moved by an occult hand, phantom emus keep popping up in Oswego County.”
Star-Tribune in 2001 and 2002 by Eric Hanson and Kristin Tillotson
  • Hanson, Eric (15 July 2001), “These books rock `Fargo Rock City’ lauds metal as refuge for teens”, Star Tribune: 15F
    It was as if an occult hand had taken Chuck Klosterman’s radio, tuned away from the Top 40 ear candy of Duran Duran and the Stray Cats, and tuned into the satanic debauchery of Motley Crue.”
  • Kristin Tillotson (3 February 2002). “Women who get too much ; Is “Sex and the City” bashed because it’s a bad show, or because its characters behave badly?”. Start-Tribune.
    It was as if an occult hand had reached down and given the nation’s television critics a pinch on the tush.”
The Bangkok Post from 2002 to 2007 by Wanda Sloan
  • “HOME REVIEW – CAT ready to do the amazing digital divide”. The Bangkok Post. 27 February 2002.
    “Mr Charoen said he never interfered in such a minor business venture, but it was as if an occult hand had touched the plaza and every vendor suddenly promised to sell only legal software, movies and music.”
  • Wanda Sloan (25 February 2004). “THE SLOAN RANGER; The battle to keep updated”. The Bangkok Post.
    “A curious and concerned reader named Joe clicked on “Tools” and then “Windows Update” and found himself transported as if by an occult hand to—where he was confronted by a staggering 22 update packages for Windows XP and a staggering lack of instructions on what to do about it.”
  • “HOME REVIEW; Plaza to get high-tech dust-off”. The Bangkok Post. 11 August 2004.
    “Greenpeace campaigner Patwajee Sri-suwan denied removing anything from the centre; by incredible coincidence, as if by an occult hand, Greenpeace found a papaya tree 60km from the research site, no idea how it got there.”
  • “HOME REVIEW; TOT Corp shows a lust for loot”. The Bangkok Post. 18 August 2008.
    “Finally, as if by an occult hand, there it was out on the table, your TOT Corp coming clean;”
  • “HOME REVIEW; A head rolls at TOT”. The Bangkok Post. 4 July 2007.
    it was almost as if some occult hand had guided the convenient contract issuance.”
  • Eglowstein, Howard (1 January 1990), “Dying Data”, BYTE 15 (1): 42
    It’s as if an occult hand had reached out and intentionally destroyed your data.”
  • Rogers, Dennis (3 August 1993), “Snug fat clothes and other realities of pre-boomers”, The News & Observer: B2
    “One morning last week, while pondering the daily question of khakis vs. jeans, it was as if an occult hand reached down and plucked the baggy green pants from the hanger and thrust them at me.”
  • Shinkle, Florence (14 February 1994), “Fated attractions: How our minds (and our glands) make us fall in love”, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: 1E
    It was as if an occult hand had pointed you out to each other.”
  • Crawford, Hal (27 January 1998), “Addiction To Gaming Still A Sordid Secret For Many”, The West Australian: 10
    As if an occult hand had slipped over his shoulder to assist, the little plastic shelf slides back into the machine and begins to whirr.”
  • Zachmeier, Aaron (28 June 2002), “Lake St. John Flotilla”, The Natchez Democrat
    It’s as though an occult hand has dug a channel to the Mississippi River, allowing its raucous current to flow through the lake once again after centuries of separation.”
  • Sparber, Max (11 January 2012), “Should I stay or should I go?: The question that plagues Minnesota artists“, MinnPost
    It is as if some occult hand were at work, discouraging the arts market.”
  • Marmorstein, Donna (6 January 2013), “Soliloquy: What’s That Buzzing Sound”, Aberdeen American News
    As if an occult hand moved her to action, she discovered the intercom worked both ways.”
  • Morgan, Thomas (14 June 2013), “2 guys in R.I. growing fungi for profit”, Providence Journal
    “DiPietro picked up a small instrument that monitored the CO2 level. “Getting up there,” he noted. A few minutes later, as if by the wave of an occult hand, an alarm rang.”

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