“Because of the long and varied history of the Jews, it is difficult to define a Jew. There is no such thing as a Jewish race. Jewishjews are not a race identity is a mixture of religious, historical, and ethnic factors.” – World Book Encyclopedia 2001 Edition

According to Jewish law, anyone born to a Jewish mother or converted to Judaism is considered a Jew. If you are born to Jewish parents, then you are most likely Jewish if you have not converted to another faith, and if you were not born to Jewish parents, you can become Jewish through conversion.

Therefor by law and DNA, many Jewish people do not share a common ancestry or the exact same DNA. Hence, the Jews cannot be defined by any scientist today as one single race, DNA Haplogroup, and/or skin color.

Like almost all religions on the planet today, Judaism has been scientifically proven to be made up of several different races from various countries all around the world.

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