This was truly the funniest and most hypocritical thing I have ever heard Tom Green say or should I say, Tweet.

Since I have my own blog, I wanted to start shining a light on the hypocrisy that can be found everywhere in our Western culture. Let me add that you can find these hypocrites on both sides of the modern political divide: Conservative or Liberal. However, I have never witnessed more two-faced people than “some or a lot of modern Liberals.”

Case in point – the Canadian comedian Tom Green who became famous and also wealthy for making a career from “saying and doing dumb shit.”

I would confidently state that he is the modern de facto King of saying dumb shit, and there is probably not one person who can take his crown other than Tom himself.

In one of Tom Green’s latest tweets on Twitter in frustration with some of his unruly fans, he warned them, “If you say dumb shit, I will block you. Period.”

Well Hell, that was the funniest thing I have EVER heard Tom Green said. The hypocrite has become rich and famous saying dumb shit like “My bum is on your lips” and would say anything and stop at nothing to get a laugh.

Tom Green has made millions of dollars on the back of Free Speech and lives on the same money today while not having to work. I would call that tweet damn hypocritical and Tom would be a two-faced hypocrite for stifling other people who say dumb shit and canceling them but he can do whatever the hell he wants without impunity.

Apparently, some of his followers feel the same as I do.

Tom Green’s jokes are really just 3rd grader jokes to annoy other people, and that’s all. His character was based on an egotistical maniac with the maturity of a grade school kid.

Jokes like these…

I never liked his jokes or his show because they were simply stupid and I believed they made other people copy him and do stupid shit as well.

Influencing a whole generation of idiots to do the same.

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