The text below is part of a lecture given by 33rd Degree Freemason Manly Palmer Hall in Long Beach, California on July 2, 1950.nazi occult

It is popular belief that after the fall of Germany and Adolph Hitler‘s regime, that many SS officers and scientists had defected to various parts of the world, and some were recruited by the United States of America’s military industrial complex. But what few people know is that many of them had went to Russia and were cooperating with the Russian atomic project in a Mongolian area in a little community called the State of Tanna-Tuva.

The Tuvans or Tuvinians (Tuvan: Тывалар, Tyvalar; Mongolian: Тува) are a Turkic ethnic group living in southern Siberia. They are historically known as one of the Uriankhai, from the Mongolian designation. The Tuvans’ recent ethnic history is rooted in Mongol,Turkic, and Samoyedic groups of peoples.(wikipedia)

Hall also states in the lecture, “That the United States has an elaborate research project we know too well to even question it.”

Hall had said, “Now let us consider the problem that was originally advanced. and which has been more or less sustained by documentation and recent reports. We know that on various continents in secluded areas very elaborate experimental laboratories have been functioning for a number of years. We know that prior to the collapse of Germany the Germans were already pondering a number of ideas in relationship to the development of atomic armament, and fantastic, scientific dreams about the earth’s outer atmosphere.

Many of these scientists survived the disastrous collapse of Hitler’s regime, and have disappeared behind the Iron Curtain. It is known with reasonable certainty at least a few of these scientist are now cooperating with the Russian atomic project.

We also have every reason to believe that that project is situated in the great Mongoliain area in a little community called the State of Tanna-Tuva, where many of these laboratories are underground and where research in atomic missiles and in the delivery of these missiles is under consideration.

There are almost certainly other such centers of this research which will account for the reports of jet- propelled rockets, or something of that nature that were seen in a considerable number over Sweden and other Scandinavian countries several years ago. There are other reports that Britain has experimental projects in Australia and Canada. There is every reason to believe that even France may be carrying on moderate work in one of her lesser known colonial possessions.

We do not know exactly where, but we can well imagine they could do a lot of private work in Madagascar, where the inhabitants seldom leave their own country, and very few people go there. That the United States has an elaborate research project we know too well to even question it, because the reports that come out, little by little, are backed up by every indication that we actually lead the world in that type of research.”

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