There is a Grand Science known as Magic, and every real Master is a Magician.ancient magi

Feared by the ignorant, and ridiculed by the “learned” the Divine Science and its Masters have, nevertheless, existed in all ages, and exist to-day.

Masonry in its deeper meaning and recondite mysteries constitutes and possesses this Science.

All genuine Initiation is, like evolution and regeneration, from within.

Devoid of this inner meaning and power, all rituals are but foolish jargon, and all ceremonies an empty farce.

The power that made Jesus to be called Christos, Master, whereby he healed the sick, cast out devils (evil spirits), and foretold future events, is the same Life revealed and attained by initiation in the Greater Mysteries of Antiquity, is perfectly plain.

The disrepute into which the Divine Science (Magic) has fallen has arisen from its abuse and degradation.” J.D. Buck

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