This video below would be part of my research into the Lost Tribe of Judah, and the fact that the Bedouins are descendants of Judah. Hence, before they converted to Islam and became Muslims, they were who we can say are Hebrews, or what some people call Jews.

Israel Bedouin Sheikh Salem al-Huzeil believes that he and many others like him are of Jewish descent. In an interview with INN TV, Huzeil explains how a single “tahayat” – mistake – made several generations ago led to his current situation as a Muslim Bedouin leader who identifies as Jewish.

Huzeil was joined by Tzvi Misinai, a researcher who is convinced that Huzeil’s story is far from unique. In fact, most of the Bedouins and Arabs living in Israel are Jewish, Misinai says.

In the above video, Huzeil tells his story, Misinai explains his research, and both men explain why they believe Israel’s Bedouins and Arabs must be informed of their Jewish roots.


Bedouin Sheikh – My Ancestors Were Jewish

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