English: A cleft chin

English: A cleft chin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I often wondered why growing up that I seemed to be a bit different from my friends or school mates. Not only did I feel or think different, I also wasn’t the typical Joe, but more of a Moe. One thing that set me apart was this thing on my chin that is called a cleft chin or sometimes when kids made fun of mine, they said I had a butt chin.

To be honest, I wasn’t that fond of it growing up. Especially since people ignorantly associated with smelly butts.

It wasn’t until recently that my interest in my chin had rekindled when in studying my DNA and people who shared the same blood as me, I had started to study their facial features. The first thing that stood out to me was Albert Einstein and the Wright Brothers cleft chins. I then Googled some of my other ancestors and sure enough, many of them had the same facial features as I did.

Then I started studying famous people and wow, many, many very intelligent and highly gifted people have this cleft chin. In addition, many of them are extremely beautiful as well.

Could this trait of the cleft chin go along with my theory that by DNA, we may be able to identify potential geniuses, but it also looks like our future inventors, kings, actors and artists as well.

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