Recent studies have shown that fungi-derived hallucinogenic drugs like LSD and magic mushrooms can temporarily highjack our bodies’ normal functions and chemicals, allowing our egos to dissolve and users to tap into a different reality. A 2016 study found that “Significant relationships were found between ego-dissolution and decreased delta and alpha power and between simple hallucinations.”

According to Big Think, Dr Robin Carhart-Harris, from the Department of Medicine at Imperial College London, who led the research, elaborated on this discovery:

“We observed brain changes under LSD that suggested our volunteers were ‘seeing with their eyes shut’ — albeit they were seeing things from their imagination rather than from the outside world. We saw that many more areas of the brain than normal were contributing to visual processing under LSD — even though the volunteers’ eyes were closed. Furthermore, the size of this effect correlated with volunteers’ ratings of complex, dreamlike visions. “

Dr. Carthart-Harris explained further that under LSD, people’s brain networks behave in a “unified” way, with specialized functions like vision, movement and hearing working without separation.

He said: ”Our results suggest that this effect underlies the profound altered state of consciousness that people often describe during an LSD experience. It is also related to what people sometimes call ‘ego-dissolution’, which means the normal sense of self is broken down and replaced by a sense of reconnection with themselves, others and the natural world. This experience is sometimes framed in a religious or spiritual way — and seems to be associated with improvements in well-being after the drug’s effects have subsided.”

The researchers from the 2016 study said that it is evident the distribution of power in the brain is decreased across a broad frequency range under LSD and revealed that sources of the power decreases were relatively distributed throughout the brain. Significant effects were found to occur in the PCC/precuneus (theta, alpha, and beta) and other high-level cortical regions (delta-beta).

You must understand that when you take LSD, your alpha and delta waves or power centers stop working in their usual manner. 

Brain waves are oscillating electrical voltages in the brain measuring just a few millionths of a volt. There are five known brain waves, and the central frequencies of human EEG waves, along with their characteristics, are listed in the table below.

Frequency band Frequency Brain states
Gamma (γ) >35 Hz Concentration
Beta (β) 12–35 Hz Anxiety dominant, active, external attention, relaxed
Alpha (α) 8–12 Hz Very relaxed, passive attention
Theta (θ) 4–8 Hz Deeply relaxed, inward-focused
Delta (δ) 0.5–4 Hz Sleep

Our Delta waves are the slowest recorded brain waves in humans and are primarily measured coming from infants and young children and are associated with the deepest levels of relaxation and restorative, healing sleep. 

Delta is prominently seen in brain injuries, learning problems, inability to think, and severe ADHD

LSD suppresses these Delta Waves from their natural state, so you become almost as if you are no longer thinking and using your normal brain to create a sleepwalking-like state. It is as if LSD hacks the various biological processes and chemicals of the human body and mind to temporarily allow the fungal consciousness to merge with our own, which our brain waves can now be measured.

Magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and magnetoencephalography (MEG) research has reported increased visual cortex blood flow, increased whole-brain functional integration (decreased modulatory organization), and decreased oscillatory power across a broad frequency range under LSD. 

The term oscillatory power is related to “brain (or neural) oscillations,” which refers to the rhythmic and repetitive electrical activity generated spontaneously and in response to stimuli by neural tissue in the central nervous system. Many studies have found that neural oscillations shape the way the brain processes sensory information of electrophysiological stimuli in the environment in humans and animals.

Neural oscillations are fundamental in synchronizing neural activity within and across brain regions, helping coordinate the neural processes underlying cognition, memory, perception, and behavior. (From: The Neurobiology of Schizophrenia, 2016)

A 2106 study “found that LSD alters the energy and the power of individual harmonic brain states in a frequency-selective manner. The researchers stated, “Remarkably, this leads to an expansion of the repertoire of active brain states, suggestive of a general reorganization of brain dynamics given the non-random increase in co-activation across frequencies. Interestingly, the frequency distribution of the active repertoire of brain states under LSD closely follows power-laws indicating a reorganization of the dynamics at the edge of criticality. “

As I have said before, a news study by CalTech shows that changes in alpha wave amplitude occur when the brain is being engaged as spinning clockwise or is in a resting or “autopilot” mode, making it spin counterclockwise while following rotations of an Earth-strength magnetic field.

The researchers stated that there is a widespread drop in alpha power when a human brain is unengaged.

According to Caltech, “the image above shows the changes in alpha wave amplitude—a measure of whether the brain is being engaged or is in a resting or “autopilot” mode—following rotations of an Earth-strength magnetic field. On the left, counterclockwise rotations induce a widespread drop in alpha wave amplitude. (The darker the blue color, the more dramatic the drop.) No drop is observed after clockwise rotation or in the FIXED condition.” (Credit: Connie X. Wang / Caltech)

The researchers from the 2016 study said that decreased alpha and delta power may be consistent with the notion of “seeing with eyes-shut” under psychedelics correlating with profound changes in consciousness, typified by ego-dissolution. They said that reduced alpha power could have disinhibitory consequences, facilitating the release of anarchic patterns of excitation that manifest spontaneously and experientially as visual hallucinations.

It is this reduction in human alpha waves that I contend allow the LSD to highjack our nervous systems and various chemical processes via the gut-brain access in humans to create what scientists call “anarchic patterns of excitation that manifest as visual hallucinations. “

The premise is simple as it relates to fungal-derived drugs such as LSD, our brains, and consciousness.

When our brains are not thinking actively, it is unengaged, and there is a widespread drop in alpha power. LSD places our consciousness in “resting or autopilot mode,” making our alpha brain waves stop spinning and spin counterclockwise following the rotations of an Earth-strength magnetic field.

As if we become one with the earth’s magnetic biosphere and allow the consciousness of the fungi to take over. 

Our sense of self dies. 

Our ego dissolves.

We are reborn anew.

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