Fatherly power in God — God is frequently referred to in the Chaldean Oracles of Zoroaster as fire_spirit_phoenix_by_orionca-d2sain3
Father, intellect, and Fire, but there is no explicit mention of the son of God.

Some of the titles given to God in translation in the Oracles are; “Mind of the Father”, “Paternal Father,”  ‘Paternal Intellect,” “Paternal Principle,” Father of Gods and Men,” “Paternal Fountain,” brilliant fire, and the ‘animating of all things.”

The fire of God, otherwise known as the “Father begotten Light” is linked to the fire of soul: “Who first sprang from Mind, clothing one Fire with the other Fire, binding them together, that he might mingle with the fountainless craters while preserving unsullied brilliance of his own Fire.

SOURCE: Three Books of OCCULT PHILOSOPHY OR MAGIC by Henry Cornelius Agrippa

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