The three sons of Noah are Japheth, Ham, and Shem. Japheth is the eldest of the three sons, who are listed in the order “Shem, Ham, and Noah SonsJapheth” in Genesis 5:32 and 9:18.  The current world at the present time is said to be divided amongst these three sons of Noah. According to that book, Japheth and his two brothers formed the three major races:

In Genesis 10:5, which states, “By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands.” Japheth’s descendants would inhabit the whole northern regions of the globe, having settled in Asia, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Europe, America and Israel, where Japheth is considered the father of the “Indo-Europeans or the Europeans” and “white people” (AKA the Caucasian race). The connection between Japheth and the Europeans, originates from Genesis 10:5, which states, “By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands.”

japheth descendants

The name Japheth /ˈfɛθ/ (Hebrew: יָפֶֿתֿ,‎ יֶפֶֿתֿ Yapheth , Modern Hebrew: Yefet ; Greek: Ἰάφεθ Iapheth ; Latin: Iafeth or Iapetus ; Arabic: يافث‎) is derived from Ja—God, or life, and Phatha, which means in Hebrew enlarged, and in other languages, father; thus, Japheth meant enlarged of God—God and father, or Deus pater. Various spellings of Japheth are Japheta, Japeta, Japhe, or Jophe, or, as the Latins “Iu-Pater” (yēu-pəter or Iuppiter, Iūpiter – Pater/Father or the nominative: *Dyēus-pətēr, meaning “O Father Sky-God”, or “O Father Day-God”); He was the ruler of the lower world whom the Latins had called “Father Jove”, and this is where we get the modern English spelling of Jupiter, who in Christianity is Saint Peter.

In Josephus‘s Antiquities of the Jews, I.VI.122 (Whiston). Josephus wrote:

Japhet, the son of Noah, had seven sons: they inhabited so, that, beginning at the mountains Taurus and Amanus, they proceeded along Asia, as far as the river Tanais (Don), and along Europe to Cadiz; and settling themselves on the lands which they light upon, which none had inhabited before, they called the nations by their own names.

Japheth had seven sons: first, Gomer; second, Magog; third, Madai; fourth, Javan; fifth, Tubal; sixth, Meshech; seventh, Tiras. History of the Nations descended from the Eldest Son of Japheth, named Gomer (Gen. x. 2; I. Chron. i. 5; Ezekiel xxxviii. 6), viz.: Cimmerii, Italians, French, Sigambri, Gambrivi, Cimbri, Ancient Britons, Kumero or Welsh, Scotch, Irish, Comarians, Chomarians, Germans and various later writers (including Jerome and Isidore of Seville, as well as other traditional accounts) have assigned to them, are as follows:


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