The Ancient Hebrews had considered Azazel to be the “Lord of the Flesh,” in which if we are evil or bad people while we live, our bodies, blood, and minds become carnal thus, they fall sway under the dominion and rulership for “Meat to the Serpent.” Azazel is often connected with Sammael, the angel of death, the chief of the devils, the fallen archangel, and humankind’s seducer.

According to Cornelius Agrippa, “as they called it, to who is the Lord of the Flesh and Blood, and the Prince of this World; and is called in Leviticus the “Prince of Deserts”, to whom it is said in Genesis, “You shalt eat dust all the days of your life”.

Azazel’s fate is foretold near the end of 1 Enoch 2:8, where God says, “On the day of the great judgment he shall be cast into the fire. The whole earth has been corrupted through the works that Azazel taught: to him ascribe all sin.”

We find the name in Leviticus (16:8–10): “And Aaron shall cast lots upon the two goats; one lot for the Lord, and the other lot for Azazel. And Aaron shall present the goat upon which the lot fell for the Lord, and offer him for a sin-offering. But the goat, on which the lot fell for Azazel, shall be set alive before the Lord, to make atonement over him, to send him away for Azazel into the wilderness.”

It is said that the goat was dispatched into the wilderness in order to carry the sins of Israel into the wilderness, i.e., to cleanse the people of their sins.

In the Scripture, the word ‘wilderness’ does not mean a place in the woods but is translated via the Greek word, erémoó (ἐρημόω) that is pronounced er-ay-mo’-o, which means to desolate, destroy, waste, (b) of a person: I strip, rob.”

Interestingly, this “Lord of the Flesh”, of whom people who are wicked, becomes a type of scapegoat and food for this Devil as the “Meat of Azazael,” and through this unholy connection, not just all sin, but magical arts and creating things as well. This is apparently done through thoughts of seduction, temptation, and eventually, through the flesh, Azazael had a supernatural power to control their minds.

When I analyze the true Greek Scripture with the real etymology of the words and then connect it to modern science, I cannot help but think of my previous research article, The mycelium network of fungal infected Geniuses who built our world, where I discuss that almost ALL of the world’s geniuses over the past 50 years had some type of health condition that I contend was a fungal infection. Were these humans like Emanuel Swedenborg, Helene Blavatsky, and Carl Jung who all had health conditions they suffered from as prophets of Tartarus and also living Testaments to the true God that shineth its wisdom through the dark ‘wilderness’, in which these souls of this philosophical light or Noos have defeated Azazael to make it out of erémoó.

My theory is based on Leviticus (16:8): “One lot for the Lord and the other lot for Azazel,” i.e., just as the first goat is set aside for the Lord so the second is set aside for Azazel. God receives a burnt offering while Azazel gets a sin offering as the Prince of the Wilderness i.e. fungal infected persons who have sinned or transgressed against these philosophical teachings. The sinners would be controlled by the hive mind of Azazael and their habitat, that of demons (see Lev. 13:21; 34:14; esp. Lev. 17:7) may indicate that the original purpose of the ritual was to gather and banish evil in the End Times.

A type of global web or snare in which I believe the internet was created just for this task as we are seeing now.

If we are to extract the teachings set forth of Azazael in contrast with the world that we see now with all the magical arts and creations, it as if these ancient Bible texts cannot only be verified, but they can be justified, updated, and reinstated as the old Cannon law of Age of the Apocalypse.

This hive-mind mentality created an army of rebellious hosts that I contend would include now, much of the earth’s population are under the sway of Azazael rather than the true God. Unfortunately, as with the nature of parasitic mind control and the lack of religion and philosophy, they know no better. Thus they become and they children and anyone under their sway, the “Meat of Azazael.” Hence, the physical and mental health crisis that the world suffers from now I would say is the result of the sin offering and most willing victims are hopelessly under the spell of darkness for it is of their nature.

A global demonic wildness i.e. human-animal farm where people act as “rotting processed food” from birth to death.

A modern world where it appears that some of our most learned academians, scientists, warriors, and smartest businessmen unknowingly have become controlled by selfish ambition and sin to the “Lord of the Flesh” and thus have created a global capitalist system that is based upon serving people as a constant food source as “Meat of Azazael.”

These same said people then will unconsciously kill you because you are a threat to remediate their rotting carcasses and hive mind from the planet. For they are Legion who live in a world of putrefecation taking everyone to the bowels of hell within the earth.

In the Scripture, Abraham says that the wicked will “putrefy in the belly of the crafty worm Azazel, and be burned by the fire of Azazel’s tongue” (Abr. 31:5) and he proclaims to Azazel himself;

“May you be the firebrand of the furnace of the earth! Go, Azazel, into the untrodden parts of the earth.”

It appears that a voice is crying out in the wilderness for some of us with an eye to see God and ear to understand the difference in what drives our spirits, we must All Rise Up, now, but sadly, not all will be changed. For those of us in the latter category, there is hope.

Agrippa further elaborates on these teachings in Isaiah, when he says, “Dust your bread”, i.e. our body created of the dust of the earth, so long as it shall not be sanctified, and turned into better, that it be no longer an effect of the Serpent, but of God; viz. a spiritual made of carnal, according to the word of Paul; saying, “that which is sowed a carnal, shall arise a spiritual”; and elsewhere;

“All indeed shall rise up, but shall not be changed, because many shall remain forever as Meat of the Serpent.”‘

He is also associated with the serpent (Satan) and hell. In Chapter 23, verse 7, he is described as having seven heads, 14 faces, “hands and feet like a man’s [and] on his back six wings on the right and six on the left.”

Abraham says that the wicked will “putrefy in the belly of the crafty worm Azazel, and be burned by the fire of Azazel’s tongue” (Abr. 31:5), and earlier says to Azazel himself, “May you be the firebrand of the furnace of the earth! Go, Azazel, into the untrodden parts of the earth. For your heritage is over those who are with you” (Abr. 14:5-6).

Here there is the idea that God’s heritage (the created world) is largely under the dominion of evil — i.e., it is “shared with Azazel” (Abr. 20:5), again identifying him with Satan, who is also “the prince of this world” (John 12:31, niv).

And it came to pass when I saw the bird speaking I said this to the angel: “What is this, my lord?” And he said, “This is a

disgrace — this is Azazel!” And he said to him, “Shame on you, Azazel! For Abraham’s portion is in heaven, and yours is on earth, for you have selected here, [and] become enamored of the dwelling place of your blemish.

Therefore the Eternal Ruler, the Mighty One, has given you a dwelling on earth. Through you, the all-evil spirit [was] a liar, and through you [come] wrath and trials on the generations of men who live impiously. — Abr. 13:4-9

Now let us look at modern people, AKA scapegoats who have unknowingly come under the control of the hive mind of Azazael, who is the Lord of their Flesh.

For their transgressions, their bodies and mind have become “Meat for Azazael,” and they have joined his rebellious army as their fellow parasites pay good money to see them being eaten alive one Tweet and Instagram post at a time.

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