“There is no past. There is only now in this infinite time.… We are all one member—one force, ” Charles Manson said to his Family

One of the Manson Family members and call girl, Ronnie Howard, had told police investigators that they called Manson the Devil and how a woman’s mind was easier to control than a man’s.

That is why there were many more girls there than there were men. She said to Sergeants McCann and Patchett that Charlie was supposed to be like their father. They called him the devil, or as she said, he is the devil sometimes, and other times he is Jesus Christ.

Susan Atkins, a convicted murderer, and pathological liar was also a member of the Manson family and one of the main disciples of her Master, Anton Lavey, the founder of the Church of Satan. She was no stranger to the Satanic doctrines that shaped her character before she ever met Charles Manson and became a cold-blooded killer. In fact, Atkins was the definitive link between Charles Manson and Satanism. 

Lavey had discovered Atkins while she worked at a San Francisco club when she was introduced to the Black Pope who was impressed by her dancing. Later, she would often dance topless for the Church of Satan in various rituals such as the Satanic Mass and emerging naked from a coffin for LaVey’s Witches Review. In 1977, after she was convicted of several murders, Atkins would write about their first meeting with Lavey in her book, Child Of Satan, Child Of God. She had written;

“It was a slow afternoon, and I considered my first thirty-minute routine as merely a warm-up for the wilder things to come with nightfall. I was just finishing when Mr. Garnet, the owner, walked in with a man I had not seen before. The room was quite dark but the afternoon sunlight splashed through the swinging door behind them. The man seemed to be dressed entirely in black. His face and the top of his bald head were extraordinarily pale – white.

Garnet and the stranger walked toward me. “Sharon,” my boss said as I reached for a wrap and moved toward the side of the stage. “Sharon, I’d like you to dance one more number.”

“But I’ve just finished, Mr. Garnet.”

“I know, sweetheart,” he smiled, “but I’d like for you to do one more number for Mr. LaVey here. This is Mr. Anton LaVey.”

I smiled at the man. His gaze was intense as any I’d ever seen, even though his mouth was smiling. His eyes seemed to be black – and glistening.

She continues, “The intensity of the stranger’s black eyes deepened as he watched my movements. A smile curled about his lips. I slipped into one of my fantasies about Sharon King the dancer, the sensuous, long-legged, full-breasted movie starlet, the Broadway queen. The music penetrated the lower depths of my abdomen and up into my chest cavity. It possessed me.

Garnet turned to me. “You see, Sharon. Mr. LaVey has agreed to stage one of his productions here at the club – a witches’ sabbath – topless and all – and I think it could be fun for you if you’re interested.”

“What’s a witches’ sabbath?” I asked, looking first at Mr. Garnet and then back at the bald-headed man.

LaVey threw his head back and gave a barking sort of laugh. “It’s a time, my dear, when the witches worship their leader – Satan. It’s a marvelous ceremony and will be very colorful for your club. It’s a bit out of the ordinary.”

Anton LaVey had also befriended Charles Manson, who looked to the Satanic High Priest as a source of inspiration.  LaVey’s grandson, Stanton Z. Lavey, claimed that his grandfather had used the Manson girls like Atkins as recruiting tools (magnets) for the Church of Satan. He had said in a recent article, “When Killers Come to Your Church: Growing Up in the Church of Satan;

“Scandinavian photographer Leif Heilberg… recruited 19-year-old Susan Atkins to pose nude with my grandfather at the Black House. Many of these photos were printed in the men’s magazines of the late 1960s that ran exposés on ‘LaVey’s Lustful Church’ — the sex angle was exaggerated to sell Satanism to the public. Heilberg would sweep the streets of Haight-Ashbury for hippie runaways.

As long as they would pose nude, the girls had a paying job. Atkins made the cut because she didn’t just pose with my grandfather and my grandmother Diane once or twice, but many times, and always with badly done makeup. As my grandmother said, she looked like a clown because of her thick white lipstick and bright-blue eye shadow.”

Susan Atkins would later participate in the murder of actress, Sharon Tate who was eight months pregnant at the time. During the killing, Tate had pleaded for the life of her unborn child but instead, she was mercilessly stabbed in the stomach by Atkins.

Ronnie Howard described Atkins’s chilling words to Tate before she stabbed her, “I got no feelings for you bitch, we’re doing you a favor, we’re releasing you from this earth. People, you know, really you don’t really live until you die.” She then took her finger, dipping it in Tate’s blood to write “pig” on the front door.

Susan Atkins had soon found out that Howard was the one who ratted her out. She had written in a letter;

“I blame nobody but myself… My attorney is going to go on insanity. Yes, I wanted the world to know ‘M’. It sure looks like they do now. There was a so-called motive behind all this. It was to install fear into the pigs and to bring on Judgment Day which is here… I am not going to fight this. I will let my attorney do that.

I am going to save my soul, the body my soul is housed in can be destroyed for all I care… I went before the grand jury because my attorney said your testimony was enough to convict me and all the others. He also said it was my only chance to save myself.

Atkins ended the letter with, “When I first heard you were the informer I wanted to slit your throat. I snapped that I was the real informer and it was my throat I wanted to cut.” (Official Court Transcript: December 1969 Letter from Susan Atkins to Veronica Howard, presented during October 1970 trial testimony of Veronica Howard)

During the murder trial, Atkin was infamous for often appearing arrogant and smug, which outraged her victims’ family members and the public. While in jail, she even was said to have bragged about the Tate murders to her cellmates, who later told police.

Atkins would appear before a Los Angeles Grand Jury and confess to her crimes. She was positioning herself to become the prosecution’s star witness, but before the trial started, she recanted everything she told the jury and renewed her loyalty to Manson. However, after a nine-month trial, Atkins was convicted of seven counts of First Degree Murder and one count of Conspiracy To Commit Murder. In March of 1971, she and her fellow Manson Family co-defendants were sentenced to death.

In her book, Atkins claims that she had been brainwashed by Manson and had little control over her actions. She tried to justify her behavior and blame Manson for her troubles. In the book, she tells her story of coming from a dysfunctional family and becoming involved in the various cult-like organization that catered to insecure individuals looking for acceptance and a feeling of belonging.

Atkins said that she had not participated in any actual killings, but thankfully she allegedly found happiness in God by accepting Jesus as her savior. She claimed that Jesus came into her cell, and she became born-again.

Remember, these statements are coming from a convicted murderer, Satanist, and pathological liar.

The facts are that Sharon Atkins witnessed and was involved in several murders like Gary Hinman who was stabbed right in front of her. As he suffocated on his blood, she and fellow Manson girl, Mary Brunner took turns trying to get him to die quicker by smothering him with a pillow. A few weeks later, she saw Jay Sebring get shot and stabbed. Next, she stabbed Woytek Frykowski in the legs, then watched him as he was butchered to death by Tex Watson. Finally, Atkins witnessed Tex stab Abigail Folger in the gut so hard that her intestines started falling out.

She was certainly not a peaceful Christian but a Child of Satan, yes, absolutely…

Investigative author Tom O’neil details a connection to Charles Manson, the Manson Family, and a mind-control experiment spearheaded by the CIA and FBI in his book, “Chaos: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties.” After decades of research and death threats, he says, “And so, feeling the line between “researcher” and “conspiracy theorist” blurring before me, I hunkered down in the library to read about the many ways our government has deceived us.”

O’neil had investigated the crimes for over 20 years, and through the Federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), he details numerous links to covert CIA operations in San Francisco during the time the Manson Family had lived in Haight-Ashbury. His book, CHAOS, is actually taken from the code-name of a domestic surveillance program started by President Lyndon Johnson in 1967 in opposition to demonstrations against the Vietnam War and to investigate the counter-culture.

As Entertainment Weekly had written, “What if everything we thought we knew about the Manson murders was wrong? O’Neill spent 20 years wrestling with that question, and Chaos is his final answer. Timed to the 50th anniversary of the Manson murders, it’s a sweeping indictment of the Los Angeles justice system, with cover-ups reaching all the way up to the FBI and CIA.”

President Johnson, a Freemason, was convinced that the nation was on the edge of a revolution instigated by opponents of the war and supporters of the civil rights movement. Jesse Helms, CIA director, authorized the implementation of CHAOS at the same time as the FBI Chief and fellow 33rd Degree Freemason, J. Edgar Hoover revived COINTELPRO, a counterinsurgency program of the FBI.

In the book, O’neil discusses the similarities between Manson’s ‘psychedelic brainwashing’ techniques to program his followers into committing murders to the CIA covert mind control operation called Project MK Ultra. He claims that Manson was a “protected” player by judges and his parole officer, to name a few, while the so-called Hollywood elite in his circle remained silent.

Joe Ide, the author of IQ and Wrecked, puts this in perspective when he wrote;

“Whatever you think you know about the Manson murders is wrong. Just flat out wrong. Tom O’Neill’s twenty years of meticulous research has unearthed revelations about the murders, the murderers, the prosecutors who tried them and a rogues gallery of cops, drug dealers, bent doctors, famous celebrities, grotesque government research, secret agents, and shadowy figures in a conspiracy/cover-up so sweeping and bizarre, you’ll be as astounded as you are terrified. If your friends call you paranoid, maybe they’re just ignorant.”

Maybe this is why we find In the book, Helter Skelter by the Prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi, and Curt Gentry, that fellow Manson Family Murderer Tex Watson was being treated very well while incarcerated. He had written;

“Tex apparently wasn’t suffering unduly. We heard, from various sources, that his one-man cell was comfortably furnished, that he had his own record player and records. His vegetarian meals were cooked by his mother. He also wore his own clothing, which she laundered. And he was not completely lacking company, his cell adjoining that occupied by the female prisoners.”

Tom Oneil had said that a 1976 FOIA request had forced the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the top federal agency for research on mental disorders, to acknowledge that it had allowed itself to be used by the CIA as a funding front in the sixties. He had written;

“NIMH psychologist, John B. Calhoun, who’d studied rat populations since 1946. Calhoun reported that rats in confined groups—even without drugs—became uncharacteristically aggressive. They’d erupt in rape, murder, cannibalism, and infanticide. A dominant male rat emerged in the “behavioral sink”—Calhoun’s term for his aggregated rat cultures—subjugating other males into a tribe of cowering, enfeebled followers and organizing female rats into a “harem” of sex slaves.

The strangest group to emerge was “the probers”: “hypersexualized” male rats that stalked and raped both males and females, and often cannibalized their young. The probers would commit “frenzied” and “berserk” attacks against rat families sleeping in their burrows, leaving the remains of half-eaten victims. Again, no drugs were involved here; the probers emerged simply as a result of their confinement. They deferred only to the dominant male rat, fleeing if he caught sight of them.”

In the book, Oneil rightfully poses the question of how a federal parolee, Charles Manson, could wander up and down the California coast between the Bay Area and Los Angeles from mid-1967 through mid-1968, as he also lived in Haight-Ashbury (violating the original do-not-leave LA terms of his parole to do so) and spent a great deal of time at the Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic. He did so without raising red flags and the dark links between the seamier side of the Southern California lifestyle and FBI/CIA operations to infiltrate the “counterculture” of the anti-war movement specifically, and the general unrest related to civil rights and student demonstrations.

O’neil claims that the Manson Family Prosecutor, Vincent Bugliosi’s account of the Tate/LaBianca murders, wanted to run cover for the State and its institutions while promoting himself.

He exposes Bugliosi’s sordid past and law-breaking history that he may have been used for quite some time to fill in the “official narrative” for the Deep State. Oneil proves this by taking readers down the path through interviews with many investigators and retired law enforcement personnel who all had many problems with Bugliosi’s hypothesis during the Manson Trial but kept their mouths shut.

In February 2006, O’neil had interviewed Bugliosi for the book in his Pasadena home shortly before he had died, detailing their encounters with one another. He tells how that Bugliosi was adversarial and went on many tirades during their hours long discussions. O’neil had written;

“Nothing could be worse than accusing a prosecutor of doing what you’re implying that I did in this case,” he barked at me. “It’s extremely, extremely defamatory.”

It was a sunny day in February 2006, and we were in the kitchen of his Pasadena home. The place was cozy, with floral patterns, overstuffed furniture, and—literally—a white picket fence out front, all belying the hostility erupting within its walls. Bugliosi wanted to sue me. It would be, he soon warned, “a hundred-million-dollar libel lawsuit,” and “one of the biggest lawsuits ever in the true-crime genre.” If I refused to soft-pedal my reporting on him, I’d be powerless to stop it.”

“I think we should view ourselves as adversaries,” he’d tell me later, O’neil had said.

O’neil details how he had talked with investigative reporter, Mary Neiswender of the Long Beach Press Telegram and Independent, who told him that Vince had threatened her back in the eighties, when she was preparing an exposé on him. He knew where her kids went to school, “and it would be very easy to plant narcotics in their lockers.”

O’neil had further written, “Actually, I didn’t even need other sources—Vince himself had told me mere minutes before that he had no compunction about hurting people to “exact justice or get revenge.”

He said Neiswender became one of several reporters who believed that Bugliosi was corrupt, arrogant, vain, even crazy.

It bothered her that he was always portrayed as upstanding and aboveboard—he was a snake.

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