A parasite causes “mind control and alien-driven” responses in mice causing them to become suicidal.

These tiny rodents usually are scared and alert by the presence of feline predators and their urine.

However, when they are infected with Toxoplasma gondii, they no longer run from an approaching cat nor flee from feline urine smells.

Stupidly, they will challenge the feline to a duel to the death in which it will die and be eaten. Gobble, gobble…

Now, the parasite will take up residence in your favorite house cat.

Its next target, you, so it can bury itself within your gi tract as it changes your cells and chemicals to modify your behavior.

Toxoplasma infection in humans has been linked to neurological disorders such as schizophrenia, cerebral tumor formation, and personality changes. (1)

Infected women start losing their morals, break rules and take more risks.

People, in general, become more aggressive, agitated, and more prone to have a traffic accident. (2)

In a sense, they morph people creating a nation of zombified modern-day Karens manipulated by their 2nd brain that has now become their de facto operating system. A new empty land within their skulls where emotions and chemicals drive their beings and a place where reason, logic, and goodness are a foreign language they simply cannot understand.

And it is an epidemic or should I say – PanDemonic Shit Show.

The CDC estimates have approximately 22.5 percent of Americans older than 12 years old infected with the parasite.

A study from 2012 published in the May/June issue of the European Journal of Personality had shown Toxoplasma gondii’s influence on brain chemicals.

“Toxoplasma manipulates the behavior of its animal host by increasing the concentration of dopamine and by changing levels of certain hormones,” says study author Jaroslav Flegr of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. (3)

Is Toxoplasma Gondii the cause of infected mice, cats, and, even worse – the plague of Karens?

I’m still very much a Demonic Fungi or Fun-Guy when it comes to crazy humans, schizophrenia, demonic people, and crazy Karens.

Meaning, I believe like 99.999% of all other illnesses and diseases are actually caused by toxic molds/fungi and just like the plethora of Latin named diseases, Toxoplasma Gondii is just another cover-up of the Truth of what created, controls, infects, and drives the human species.


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