Within our cells, a secret process that we are unconscious of takes place that helps us decipher, react, and live within the world.

This autonomous biological mechanism allows humans the ability to respond or attune to any energy frequencies in their environment.

When we examine these frequencies that have built our world and bodies made of millions of cells and neurons, we find that they are created by what are called “oscillators.”

The verb oscillate means to move back and forth with its common synonyms being to fluctuate, sway, swing, undulate, vibrate, and waver.

When a wave propagates through a medium, the particles of the medium start vibrating, and this vibration is known as an oscillation.

If this vibration follows a certain direction then this oscillation is known as a wave.

All biological, mechanical, and/or electronic device works on the principles of oscillation, which is a fluctuation between two things based on changes in energy.

For humans, it occurs at the cell level in the form of electrical activity generated in response to stimuli (frequencies/sounds) by neural tissue in the central nervous system.

All the while, most people are completely unaware that these billions of cells are autonomously helping create their own thought processes and affecting thier minds and health.

For something to oscillate, energy needs to move back and forth between two points, forms, or physical entities. For example, with a pendulum, energy moves between potential energy and kinetic energy.

When the pendulum is at one end of its travel, its energy is all potential energy and it is ready to fall.

Everything around and within you operates via oscillators.

You respond and synchronize with them via your own cells, neurons, and brain which also contain oscillators. An example of the function of neural oscillations is the rhythmic activity found in speech and the heartbeat.

The human language, all communication, and music are all based upon the principles of oscillation.

The word frequency just means the number of oscillations per second, and are measured by what are called “hertz.” For example, if an oscillation takes 1.33 seconds to complete one cycle in 1 second is 1/1.33 = 0.752 hertz (Hz).

This autonomous response mechanism occurs at the cell level in the form of frequencies (waves) called “brain (or neural) oscillations”, which refer to the rhythmic and/or repetitive electrical activity generated by any type of stimuli.

The activation, spin, speed, or the inactivation of these neural and brain oscillations are at the core of how the human body and mind operate.

Oscillations that create energy within the cells and mind that I contend helps create consciousness or lack thereof and also the world thinking layer called the Noosphere.

Neural oscillations are a fundamental mechanism that enables the synchronization of neural activity within and across brain regions and promotes the precise temporal coordination of neural processes underlying cognition, memory, perception, and behavior.

This electrical activity creates brainwaves that can be measured by special machines called electroencephalograms (EEG) to identify how or if a person is truly using their brain.

These neural oscillations are typically measured by what are called frequency bands starting at the low delta (<4 Hz), theta (4–8 Hz), alpha (8–12 Hz), and higher frequencies such as beta (12-30 Hz), gamma (30–80 Hz), and high gamma (>80 Hz).

In order for all living organisms to comprehend their environments and to respond to these oscillations and sounds that are often unintelligible to the human ear, our bodies have developed a natural coping mechanism that causes our cells and neurons to “synchronize with our environments” and engage in feedback loops with the stimuli.

As I explain in my essay, Biological Rhythm: The Energetic Dance Between Chaos and Order, biological oscillators in humans interact with the cell cycle and the effects can result in a systematic process of synchronization called entrainment.

Entrainment has been studied in a variety of contexts including music perception, dance, verbal communication and motor coordination more generally. It is defined by a temporal locking process in which one system’s motion or signal frequency entrains the frequency of another system.

Hence, it makes it like itself.

It does this by way of energy/wave frequency (oscillations) down to the cell level to play the same tune.

This helps our neurons to generate autonomous rhythmic patterns of action potentials or spikes that “capture our attention” to help create our thought processes, ideas, and actions that become our being.

This is why it is imperative to be mindful of what you focus your attention upon because the stimuli that you are most exposed to will cause your neurons and brain to synchronize with it.

It is important that you understand that stimuli can be just about anything such as other organisms such as fungi (molds) and bacteria or people, things, music, conversations, etc.

Yes, even fungi have energy frequencies and certain chemical processes that they can use to manipulate their victims.

In fact, I contend we humans mimic these ancient organisms in all we do because they are our ancient ancestors and we are their descendants. A symbiotic relationship and mutual cooperation for eons that I theorize can also become pathological and parasitic if we ” think, operate, and live within the wrong frequency”

If you are not aware of this process or in control of your brain, i.e., you are not really thinking or actively using your brain to process and decode information in your environment, then you can easily become a victim of mind control by other people and I also contend by microscopic organisms such as fungi/molds.

This frequency within humans that is most susceptible to being overtaken or highjacked by another source is when a person’s brain frequency is in delta, theta or alpha mode.

The more powerful frequencies that can manipulate or highjack these humans who live and operate in the beta and alpha by more powerful gamma frequency waves.

Let me please explain…

Our neurons are constantly and autonomously generating millions of action potentials resulting from changes in the electric membrane potentials in our environments.

What this means is that these oscillators respond to stimuli at some times in their cycle and may not respond at others.

Our world is made up of this unseen oscillatory activity that is all around us and within our bodies observed throughout the central nervous system at all levels of organization with three different levels of activity that have been observed:

* the micro-scale (activity of a single neuron)

* the meso-scale (activity of a local group of neurons)

* the macro-scale (activity of different brain regions)

Oscillatory activity in groups of neurons is mainly derived from feedback connections between the neurons that result in the synchronization of their firing patterns.

Out of these millions of interactions, these neurons at various scales will seek common frequencies and patterns in the form of multiple action potentials in sequence forming so-called spike trains.

These spike trains in our environment are the basis of the synchronization of our neurons, which is the basis of neural coding and information transfer in the brain.

They are the oscillatory activity in our neurons that creates an automatic coding within our DNA and brains that become part of our working and longterm memories.

Meaning, at the cell level, spike trains in oscillatory activity are what get “our cell’s attention” to autonomously recognize patterns, such as rhythmic spiking and bursting.

I believe that in a natural world with real-life dangers from loud sounds, animals, pathological microorganisms, and environmental events, these spike trains represented important information that needs to be retained as memory in the brain in order to keep the human species alive.

This research aligns with previous essays on the art of magnetism, which is explained in intrinsic angular momentum or “spin” of electrons, which can have only one of two values; “up or down”.

It is this spin of electrons in the form of neural oscillations that produces an electric field and in doing so, a magnetic field is also produced.

These energy frequencies depending on their power, i.e. delta, theta, alpha, beta or gamma would act like a radio with an antenna, i.e. the brain in our skulls and the second brain in our bowels (gi tracts) that act can receive outside communication signals in the form of energy waves to respond, react, and control various thought processes.

As human cultures and societies have expanded with our new languages, music, machinery, and ways of life, the human species has learned to both adapt and exploit these frequencies often to the detriment of all living organisms and the global environment.

The global environment or world mind, aka the noosphere is defacto unipolar by the nature of people’s thinking or lack therof (automatons) within their minds that creates these different poles of consciousness.

Like radio channels or internet websites, people are magnetized to these poles that best fit their ability to think, reason and cooperate with like people (magnets) who have similar “programed beliefs and quality of their thinking.”

Hence, we can say that neural oscillations are biological magnets that help create the natural order or hierarchy of human society and also how the World Soul or what is called the Noosphere is naturally formed.

This formation is made from the voices and words of the true leaders who have helped shape our world.

Let me remind you that our voice and hearing are measured by hertz so that is why a deep or loud voice is the stimulus that gets our attention.

Hence, the reason most media and radio personalities are praised for their voices or are just loud and brash.

These loud people often get, and command the attention of people who do not operate at the same “hertz range” i.e. they do not truly think much so they are easily magnetized and often mind controlled by whomever they “listen to and watch the most.”

Its the CNN, Fox News, and Trump effect. Group think at the lowest human levels for the most dangerous of our populace thankfully controlled by Deep State.

It’s a dirty job for the black magi but someone has to lead and control this mass of trillions of non-spinning neural cells of mindless automatons before they take us to hell.



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