By Maurice Bedard

It has been about two years since the time I was driving down the street and I heard a voice in my head saying, “Our family started the Brotherhood.” This came shortly after I had applied to become a new initiate for the Freemasons in Temecula, Ca where I was living at the time. But I was denied due to my previous issues with the law that included a few felonies on my record. This precluded me from joining per their bylaws.

The news of my rejection had made me a bit depressed because I was honestly trying to become a better man and also help my community at the same time. Before I had applied for membership, I had extensively studied Freemasonry and the secret mysteries surrounding the craft. I felt connected to them, even though I was an outsider. Their symbols, signs and stories seemed to resonate in my blood. This latter statement of resonating in my blood, I would not realize at the time of these revelations, was actually something physical that I was feeling because the intuition of knowing that I had descended from the founders of freemasonry was embedded into my DNA.

When I talk about DNA and intuition via DNA gnosis, I know this subject may seem foreign to some of you. But please let me inform you that in the future of freemasonry, esoteric research and spiritual science, it will be one of the hottest subjects of research from hereon out. Not many people are aware that our false realities that we live today are mostly  constructs and in order to see past the illusion, one must look within to know thyself  and when we do this, we are simply tapping our own DNA for these answers or truths that we seek. In the end, many of these answers and truths that we find will be as different as our DNA or the religious dogmas that we  ignorantly hold on to.

This is the great human divide that has always been the main problem in building the Temple of Solomon. This I will explain more later when I get to that chapter of my book.

These two years here since I had these first had this revelation that my ancestors had started the brotherhood have surrounded by nothing but intensive research and hardcore introspection. I have been simply on a mission led by my spirit to find truth and share my findings with my fellow brothers and sisters whomever they may be out there reading my words. I sincerely hope you my finding with an open mind and heart where the light of the truth in my words will outshine any old blood battles or religious dogmas that we all may have buried deep inside our temples.

May peace, love and light be with you as you walk your path.

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