To reach the state of true Gnostic illumination, we must balance our sacred biological alchemical Symbol - Rebiscomposition through right thinking, eating, living, action and environment. It is the scientific art of the math of being a healthy human.

An ancient art form of living life in accordance with the natural laws of the universe. A perfect balance we must seek to master, in order to see the light of truth rather than the unbalanced state of darkness that is simply caused by the imbalance of these chemicals energies that make up our very beings.

The path to of “Sacred Gnostic Alchemical Balance.”

As it has been said, all is math, everything is energy, and that which is as above, is so below because we are made of star dust. Approximately 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. As modern Gnostics and alchemists, it is this energy of the heavens in the as above that we seek to balance on the so below elements within our very own bodies, blood and minds.

The meaning of the word balance is “a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.” The art of being a spiritual human who lives by nature’s laws requires that we work at balancing these very alchemical energies that we are made of. The meaning of alchemy is the scientific study based on the supposed transformation of matter. This is what real Hermetic and Gnostic alchemy is all about.

This art of right living gives rise to the Hermetic Gnostic axiom, “As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without.” The science of life and death.

This alchemical balance is shown with the word rebis like in the image to the above right, and below. It is derived from the Latin res bina, meaning dual or double matter. The dragon in alchemy represents the prime matter, as well as the third alchemical element sulfur. The image above show the planet Jupiter corresponding to the male and Venus crescent to the woman. The human is an androgynous being who is balanced by right living that rules over his alchemical energies, elements, and elementals. The end product is the chemical magnum opus or great work.

The image below of the rebis is by an unknown author from the 15th century. (Rylands Collection, Alchemica)

Symbols - Rebi Rebis, Unknown Author - 15th century. From the Rylands Collection, Alchemica

When we start living contrary to nature’s laws, we start to cause these alchemical energies and elements within our bodies to become imbalanced. This causes a state of chaos within our very own bodies that will often make us sick, lethargic and the light of our soul to become enveloped with darkness from the very gasses and acids from our alchemial imbalance that will start poisoning our blood, organs and minds. Our spiritual light becomes suppressed.

This as within condition of a sick human then projects itself to the outside of the body of the ill, to what we call the so without. An alchemically imbalanced person will often have an imbalanced life that is filled with illness, chaos, strife and/or self-created drama. This is why many sick people today are made that way by their own free will choices in regards to food, thoughts, environment, and living. Even when they have no physical symptoms of being clinically ill, their imbalanced and chaotic lives are scientific proof that they are alchemically imbalanced.

Symbols - MasonsYou will find that the modern Freemasons who are the secret Gnostics of our day know of this ancient mathemagical art of being human and why they often use sacred symbols such as a compass and square in their craft. They are operative masons in the sense that they are building a world-wide Solomon’s Temple in which the Bros within their order are but living stones of the temple.

Just like in the true architecture of a physical building, various stones and types of wood that comes in all shapes, sizes and colors are needed to complete the construction of Solomon’s Temple. The same can be said about our souls, bodies and the modern world.

Many Freemasons today are not aware of the purpose of the rituals they perform, or what the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmeaning of many of these symbols truly are. Little do they know that they represent their own souls progression through the halls of initiation into our manmade Masonic world. The ultimate goal is to reach the big ‘G’ which can be found in every Freemason lodge in the world. A ‘G’ that has always signified “Gnosis, Gnosticism and Generation.”

If you want to become a true Gnostic, or what some may call enlightened and/or awakened, you must work at becoming a master of your alchemical energies. A true operative Mason of the soul, spirit and body. To accomplish this immortal balance on the as within, you will need to work hard on your health, mental well-being, thoughts, words, and living in the right environment.

This sacred science is known as the “Great Work,” in which you help perfect the world by perfecting yourself through right living. In a sense, you go from being a simple square who is used to build grand walls, to becoming one of the few who have transformed themselves through hard work, persistence and patience into an illuminated capstone who is truly awake.

The purpose of this Great Work is to find your own Sacred Gnostic Alchemical Balance. To locate your own Philosopher’s Stone hidden within your very own being so that you can then become a true master of thyself and thyworld.

That my friends is the definition of a Modern Gnostic.

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