Is demon possession real? Are there actual demons who can possess the bodies of humans?Demon serpent

You would be surprised to know that I believe I can prove to you that demon possession is not only possible, but that I also have modern science to back up my demonic claims.

The old beliefs of spirits, demons and devils possessing, impregnating, and even killing their victims can be compared today to modern science with our medical knowledge of microbes, viruses, and worms which kill humans by the billions. Many ancient cultures had believed in both what we call demons or angels possessing humans, and the science of worms being the cause of almost all human disease and sickness. These similarities between the demons of mythology with the scientific facts of the various worms and parasites of today is not a coincidence, but evidence that this science has been known for millenia.

This age-old game of the races of worms competing for the bodies, blood, and minds of one another can be found all over the world in the form of serpents, demons, and various blood drinking and human flesh devouring animals. For example, in Ancient Egypt and the East, they had worshipped serpents who represented a demon who had brought life, wisdom and death into the world through its destructive dominion over men.

Human sacrifices were offered to the serpent demon who was a “murderer from the beginning. “These are demons depicted in part of the interior of an Egyptian tomb, at Biban al Melook; “before an enormous serpent, three men are represented on their knees, with their heads just struck off by the executioner, “while the serpent erects his crest to a level with their throats, ready to drink the stream of life as it gurgles from their veins.” (Richardson’s Travels in Egypt)

Another demon in ancient Egypt was the serpent Apep (Apophis) who was known as the evil god that lived in the underworld, and was the most wicked enemy of Ra. Apep was often depicted as a giant snake/serpent, and was sometimes called the Serpent from the Nile and Evil Lizard. Some accounts even said that his body stretched 16 yards in length and had a head made of flint. The Egyptians believed that Apep lived in the waters (blood) of the Egyptian underworld (earth), Duat, and would rouse from his slumber every night to attack Ra’s boat as it made its way through the underworld. The Duat is the realm of the gods and supernatural beings.

Apep boat ra

It is the region through which the god of light, Ra travels from west to east during the night as he battles the demon worm Apep. Apep was sometimes known as the “Eater of Souls” in which the dead needed protection, so they were often buried with magic spells that could destroy him. In the Book of the Dead, it describes how Ra defeated the chaos demon serpent called Apep in which 7 spells of 39 can be explained as such. Here is an image of Apep from an ancient hieroglyph:


So here we have in Egypt, a demon serpent of the underworld that stretched 16 yards in length who was known as the “Eater of Souls” and who would arise from his slumber every night to attack Ra’s boat. This story sound just like the science of worms and parasites in the human body, like that of the human tapeworm whose adult bodies can measure up to 55 feet (17 m) or longer. The demon serpent Apep in mythology was said to be 16 yards which would equate to 48 feet, and is a very similar description of the tapeworm.

Here is an image below of a real life Tapeworm that looks almost exactly like the demon serpent Apep. Is this just a demonic coincidence, or is this just the hidden science of the Ancient Egyptians?

Worms - Tapeworm

It is said in the story of Apep that he would arise at night to do battle with Ra. It is also well-known that worms such as the human pinworm are always most active at night, as they slither in our blood and out our various orifices such as the colon (just like the demon serpent Apep) while the females lay eggs of their demonic young in our bodies around our dark anus and on our skin. These worms also can enter into other organs such as the skull where they feast on our brains, eventually causing sickness, disease and death which I will explain more below.

These ancient esoteric stories of the worm in demonic form as a serpent and the ancient priesthood of Egypt who invented them, would eventually make their way towards the West to places such as Crete and Greece where they would take their serpent worship and demon serpent Apep of Apophis with them. The name of the serpent in the ancient language of Canaan and the Phoenicians was pronounced as Aub, Ab; Oub, Ob; Oph, Op; Eph, and Eo. The meaning of the word Ophis signifies a serpent, and was sometimes pronounced as Ope, Oupis, Opis, Ops; and by Cicero, Upis.

It was especially in Ancient Crete where you will find the demon serpent Ophis and his Gnostic priests who were known as the Ophites. These Ophite priests were also known by various names such as the Curetes, Corbanytes, Priests of Pan, Priests of Cybele, and the Hivites to name a few. The Syrian pre-Socratic philosopher, Pherecydes the Syrian had said that the fall of the devils, and that Ophis, that is the devilish serpent, was the head of that rebelling army. These Ophites were said to be the first Gnostics and Christian Gnostic sect in the history of both Gnosticism and Christianity.

It was here that they also instituted the worship of the As Above planet Venus to an original So Below Goddess they had named Rhea. On Crete, there has been a lot of evidence and artifacts found, verifying that they had worshipped the serpent, and that it was a religion there to the Ancient Cretans who have also been known as the Judeans, Phoenicians, Arcadians, Cappadocians and the Minoans.


In the etymology of the name Rhea, Plato and Chrysippus connected the Greek word with Rhea (rheo) , ‘flow,’ or ‘discharge.’  You will find it interesting that the larvae of worms migrate into the bile duct where they live in the bilious discharge to grow up to adult worms. Worms, who then start producing more discharge in the form of mucus in which they coat themselves and lay their eggs. We humans then cough up balls of mucus that contain the eggs and offspring of these same said worms that spreads their young all over the earth. Hence, now you know why the Goddess of discharge, Rhea was associated with the serpent or worm worship. The alchemical association with the planet Venus I will discuss in a future article.

These Sons of the Serpent Priests who had hidden this worm science and that were known as the Ophites were also called the Sons of Seth, Gnostics, Hivites, Nephilim, Kohanim, Seraphim, Phoenician Bards, Druids, and later they became attached to the Catholic Church as the biblical Levites from the priestly Tribe of Levi. Hence, the Catholic Church was created with the help of Old Gnostic Serpent Priesthood from Crete and Greece who later became Christians and united with Rome under the biblical name of the Levites. These Levite priests had taken Apep and Ophis with them into the church as the Great Serpent, Old Dragon, and Leviathan which is a name meaning sea monster, sea serpent.” The sea and water being the esoteric representations of our blood.

This is how stories like that of the demon serpent Apep in Ancient Egypt and the Devilish Ophis in Crete would eventually make their way into Christianity. In the scriptures, the demon serpent like Apep and the devil Ophis morph into the Old Great Serpent and Dragon who is the devil that is explained as being this enmity between thee and the woman. The old serpent and adversary who the Egyptians had said erects his crest to a level with our throats, ready to drink the stream of life as it gurgles from their veins, is inherent in every single human living on earth.

This is why is its said the Devil reigns as the god of this world because he controls most people’s mind through their blood.


It is said that hell smells of fire, sulfur and brimstone. The meaning of the word brimstone is burning stone, and this sulfur you will find is a favorite food and habitat for worms just like hell is home to the devil and his demons. I have written many articles on hell, demons and the worms who thrive on sulfur and control the minds of their victims. This isn’t mythological demonic scare tactics, but an actual science that has proven these worms are able to mind-control their hosts by producing large amounts of neurotransmitters, and neurotransmitters that enslave and zombify the animals and insects they possess.

The ancient mythologies of demon possession can now also be connected to this modern science of worms and parasites controlling the minds of their victims. These stories from actual scientific studies are proof which can be found all over the internet and even on TV with shows like “Monsters Inside of Us.” The show has been on cable TV for several seasons, detailing the numerous true stories of people here in the U.S. who have been infected by various types of parasitic worms that had caused their illnesses.

Modern stories in the media mimic what can be labeled ancient demon possession like a recent National Geographic article called Meet 5 “Zombie” Parasites That Mind-Control Their Hosts on Oct 31, 2014 stating, “These masters of mind control manipulate their hosts from within.” Wired magazine recently reported on what they called the “Absurd Creature of the Week: The Parasitic Worm That Turns Crickets Into Suicidal Maniacs.” They do this by mind-controlling their hosts and having them commit suicide by making a kamikaze dive into water so they can multiply their species.

One of the scientist in the story makes the case that I believe is much like demon possession, in which these worms essentially have been able to take over their hosts minds and control them even though the host appears to be normal. In the article a scientist said, “I always tell students this way to think about it,” said Hanelt. “Imagine if I told you to walk over to your car and remove half of its weight, but still have the car be able to get you to the airport. And somehow these worms have figured out how to do that within the cricket host, that they’re able to take half of everything that’s within that cricket but still make it tick. It’s kind of amazing.”

In the past year, a slew of media reports have come out about worms living inside people’s brains causing headaches and illness. A recent report was on a man who had suffered severe headaches for years, and it was found that he had a tapeworm in his brain. After surgeons removed it, he was perfectly healthy again. The demon worm now gone. Here is a video of this story.

ABC News had a story in 2008 titled, “It’s Not a Tumor, It’s a Brain Worm” – But on the operating table her doctor discovered something even more unsightly — a parasitic worm eating her brain.

One woman from the Czech Republic wasn’t so lucky. The story, Parasitic Worm Eats Czech Woman’s Kidney, Kills Her reads, “Hana Foldynova, 76, was admitted to the Krnov Hospital in Northeastern Czech Republic, after her physician discovered blood in her urine. She had complained of excruciating abdominal pain. Doctors thought it was a blood clot, but when they went in for surgery, they were shocked to discover a blood-red, 3.9 inch-long parasite living in one of her kidneys.

To complicate matters, a second, smaller worm, two inches long, was found in her bladder. Doctors removed both worms, but it proved to be too late to save the woman. Her physician was stunned at the discovery.”

These same said worms whom the ancients had called demons, devils and spirits are not only able to possess the minds of their victims and breed inside humans in which they multiply their species a million fold, but I believe they can also asexually impregnate “certain women.” I had written about this is my previous articles, Virgin Born Gods and Godlike Men Born of a Serpent. They do this in a similar fashion to a normal sperm who fertilizes the female egg, but these worms do so in a more commando type fashion where they essentially steal the egg for their own. This science of asexual reproduction by the worm I will go into more detail in a future article.

Serpent around egg

Looking back at the various authors of the past, you will find many had made it clear who these demons and devils were. In Dante’s Inferno, he calls the Devil “the great worm,” and King Solomon had summoned the King of Demons, Asmodeus to bring him the mighty little worm named Shamir to help him build Solomon’s Temple. Shamir did so and it was said not a pick or axe could be heard. In the old Spiritual Writings of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, he made it clear of this relationship between man and worms when he said, ‘Man is nothing but fetid sperm, a bag of dung and food for worms. After man comes the worm, and after the worm, stench and horror. And thus is every man’s fate.’

As you can clearly see, this ancient science of worms was at one time taught, and discussed openly amongst philosophers and honest religious men. Eventually through various councils, decrees and secret religious meetings, it was deemed necessary by the church who wished to control this knowledge, that these teachings were to be hidden from the profane and their enemies. Knowledge of life, health, disease, and death with the keys to heaven and hell is held by Saint Peter in whose hands the Vicar of Christ, the Pope is the leader of the rebelling army who made the sacrilegious vow.

Worms would take on the identity of supernatural serpents, flying dragons who breathe fire and demons who possess people at their will, and specially the sinners, witches and delinquents.

Some people scoff at the remarks that people who sin or live immorally will suffer from what they had purposely allegorized as demon possession. But if you look at the science of worm possession and the fact that there are eight different kinds of worms that infest humans, you start to connect the demonic dots on a devilish road of facts that are littered with rotting human carcasses.


I know that my Apocalyptic writings may sound like some type of modern sci-fi Gnostic thriller with the King Serpent Archon, Queen Medusa, and half-serpent and half-man reptilian army, but this is actually an ancient science that has been lost until now. The evidence of these facts can be found in almost all of the old mythologies and religious texts of many cultures around the globe.

The reason these stories were allegorized and the truth hidden from the profane, was for the simple fact that knowledge is power. The priesthoods and kings who had this knowledge wished to keep their power in tact, so they did what all smart societies have done in the past, they hid the truth in front of everyone by creating allegorized myths, and esoteric stories that are the basis of the civilization in which we live today. These same methods of obfuscation are employed today mainly through language and disorder through the complication of a simplified world by the current powers that be through their chaos makers.

We have went from a mythological and religious dogmatic world where gods ruled, into a scientific maze of materialism and selfishness where man enslaves man as the good shepherd watches in disgust. Worms enslaving worms in order so that one can possess, impregnate and eat the others rotting carcass.

Man is truly the son of a devilish demonic father in the form of a serpent, in which we are the king parasites of the earth. It is through our own free will that we can rise above our animal wormlike natures to become Gods of light and truth amongst the slithering evil parasitic worms feeding upon other worms blood like vampires.

Demon and JesusOh how lowly we have become again the creator says….

The way I look at it, is that we have two simple choices in life. Recognize that in order to succeed in the initiation of the evolution of your soul requires that you slay the beast (worm), and kill the serpent or dragon. To fail at the evolution of our soul is to let the beast take over your body and soul so that you live a life of hell and die a fiendish death.

Manly P. Hall is The Secret Teachings of all Ages had written, “The sea of fire into which those are cast who fail in the ordeal of initiation signifies the fiery sphere of the animal world.”

This is what is known as the fall of mankind and the devil their king….

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