“Incredibly, when it comes to learning, the neuron behaves like a giant antenna, with different branches of dendrites tuned to different frequencies for maximal learning.”Mayank R. Mehta – UCLA Neurophysicist

In the movie the Matrix, the reference to humans as battery sources is one of the main themes in which the movie is based. The most prized human battery in the movie is Neo who in the scene below while still trapped in the Matrix he is referred to as ‘Coppertop’ by a character named ‘Switch.’

Exiting the Matrix, Neo is told by Morpheus that he is not a human living in the modern era but that he and everyone else are harvested for their energy, batteries for the machine civilization ruling the world. Morpheus instructs Neo;

“The human body generates more bioelectricity than a 120-volt battery and over 25,000 BTUs of body heat. Combined with a form of fusion, the machines had found all the energy they would ever need. There are fields, Neo, endless fields where human beings are no longer born. We are grown…

What is the Matrix? Control. The Matrix is a computer-generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into this – and he then holds up a “Coppertop Battery” for Neo to see.

While the Matrix movie is intended to be a modern Gnostic fiction, it is actually based on science and the fact that our bodies have been proven to act like and even power batteries. An ancient occult science about the secrets to true human consciousness is now being revealed.

The 16th-century Occultist, Eliphas Levi had written about the four elementary forms in The Doctrine and Ritual of Transcendental Magic, where he makes specific reference to copper being metal that is related to fire. He writes;

“The metals that correspond to the four elementary forms are gold and silver for air; mercury for water; iron and copper for fire; and lead for the earth. Talismans are prepared from them, having relation to the forces which they represent, and to the effects proposed to be obtained.”

In my own attempts to find out who and what Archonic force is harvesting my energy and for what purposes, I have come to the conclusion that one of the words left out of the battery references in the Matrix is a word that we often hear in modern marketing and even today as one of the main identifiers of health. For example, one of the most famous batteries used to power our electronic devices is the “Duracell Coppertop Alkaline Batteries” and one of the most popular drinking waters for the modern health craze is “alkaline water”

The basic science behind this modern craze is that people are acidic and they believe drinking high PH alkaline water will alchemically transform their blood to be more alkaline. I honestly do not believe that is the case and it is much more complicated to turn human lead into Gold.

You see, it isn’t the metal copper that is the key to the mystery of human batteries because this metal is really just a conduit for a much higher power which is encoded into the word ‘alkaline’ or more appropriately named alkaline phosphatase (ALP) which is a protein found in all body tissues with the highest amounts found in the liver, bile ducts, and bone.

The meaning of alkaline is relating to, containing, or having the properties of an alkali or alkali metal and has it relates to the human bloodstream – having a pH of more than 7.

To become a battery, Neo, or get the top of the pyramid I contend is through the initiation into the Great Work in which the initiate attempts to connect via their consciousness to what Plato had called the World of Forms or Ideas (Platonic Eidos or Idea). A special level of consciousness or radio/internet channel that Plato calls the more real world, the world of eidos (idea in English) which is the Matrix or material reality constructed by man through ‘Forms’ or ‘Ideas which is the most accurate reality.

Now let’s delve into a little science.


Scientists are finding out our brains work like a radio receiver and it has a ‘tuning knob’ to a specific frequency creating mental maps that are actually influencing behavior.

According to Science Daily, researchers at Radboud University the Netherlands recently reported that brain circuits can tune into the frequency of other brain parts relevant at the time. They said;

Animals (and humans alike) have a mental map of the surrounding environment, consisting of place cells. These cells correspond with places in the physical space and fire when the animal reaches the place or remembers it. The mental map is fed by two sorts of information: with memories from earlier experiences, and with sensory information.

Direct measurements in the brain of mice, looking for their way in a maze, show that memory information is sent with another frequency to the mental map than sensory information is. The brain area representing the mental map synchronizes with these frequencies like a radio receiver: it is only tuning into the information that is important at a given time, an international team of researchers led by Francesco Battaglia from the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour at Radboud University Nijmegen show.”

In another study, UCLA Neurophysicists found that our brains have a preferred frequency that needs to be perfectly rhythmic—timed at exact intervals for achieving optimal learning. Even at the optimal frequency, if the rhythm was thrown off, synaptic learning was substantially diminished.

Psychology Today had reported;

“This research also showed that once a synapse learns, its optimal frequency changes. In other words, if the optimal frequency for a naïve synapse—one that has not learned anything yet—was 30 impulses per second, after learning, that very same synapse would learn optimally at a lower frequency, perhaps 24 per second. Thus, learning itself changes the optimal frequency for a synapse.”

“Our work suggests that some problems with learning and memory are caused by synapses not being tuned to the right frequency,” said Mehta. If that’s true, the findings may lead to new therapies for treating learning disabilities. Perhaps drugs can be developed to “retune” the brain rhythms of people with learning or memory disorders. “We already know there are drugs and electrical stimuli that can alter brain rhythms,” Mayank R. Mehta said. “Our findings suggest that we can use these tools to deliver the optimal brain rhythm to targeted connections to enhance learning.”

Mehta concludes, “Incredibly, when it comes to learning, the neuron behaves like a giant antenna, with different branches of dendrites tuned to different frequencies for maximal learning.”

This science I actually came across after I created the article, The mycelium network of fungal infected Geniuses who built our world, where I explain my theory that true philosophers have formed a world-wide-web of knowledge and memories via a secret mycelium channel of interconnectedness that only certain initiated/infected humans can access.

Another article that covers my theory is A Demiurge Democracy With Demagogues Ruling the Demography, where I delve into the science of Plato’s Demiurge, the “primordial receptacle,” and this receptacle is compared to the element we know as gold (phosphorus), which “can be molded into any number of distinct figures,” but which contributes nothing of its own characteristics to the final product.

These theories I still stand by but this science would also now include the research contained in this article which helps substantiate it even more.


This future science even includes human battery-powered devices that are already being made.

According to The Verge;

“Batteries are the bottleneck of any electronic system, says Dina El-Damak, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Southern California. A device is only as good as its power source, and already the quest for more power and faster computing has led to dangerous situations like the Samsung Galaxy 7 explosions.

One solution is creating self-powered devices that generate electricity from sources like motion and body heat with no internal battery needed.”

The scientific facts are that the main power we get to create energy is derived from the chemical known as phosphorus and in Latin as Lucifer. As the Rosicrucian (AMORC) Grand Master, Max Heindel once said that ” phosphorus is peculiar to the brain alone and that idiots have very little phosphorus; shrewd thinkers have much; and in the animal world, the degree of consciousness and intelligence is in proportion to the amount of phosphorus contained in the brain.”

They are even making better, long last batteries out of the stuff.

For example, a recent study led by the Rice University chemist James Tour and his team found that red phosphorus was a way to “spy” or keep lithium dendrites in check on the battery. In the study, they created a lithium cell with a red coat of phosphorous.

By utilizing the red Phosphorus-coated separator, the battery charging voltage changes, signaling to the battery to stop charging, preventing any serious damage to the battery.

“By combining the two recent advances, the growth of lithium dendrites can be mitigated, and there is an internal insurance policy that the battery will shut down in the unlikely event that even a single dendrite will start to grow toward the cathode,” says, Tour.

This, of course, brings me back to my most recent article where I discuss the God Dionysus as a protector of trees and harvest being “Dionysus of the tree”, this ancient myth is actually connected to modern science given the fact that today a dendrite means “a structure of nerve cells that comprise the human brain.” The word was coined by scientists who first studied the structure of the brain, they noted its strong resemblance to trees so they named it after the Greek Dendron, meaning “tree.”

Dionysus Dendrites: The Filamentous God of the World Wide Fungal Web

Trees actually communicate through a complex network of fungi that connect trees forming a symbiotic relationship. The uncanny resemblance between the human dendrites which like filamentous structures within the brain and the fungi in the air and within the soil (mycelium).

Possibly this is how we tune in to one another and access the great philosophical divide between the Giants, the Sons of God or Neo, and the masses of mental midgets whose dendrites go downwards into the ground where the parasitic and ghost frequencies reside.

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