Satan (Set, Seth, Shaitan, Molech or Saturn) is the Lord of Hell and the very god who rules over money and wealth. The name who is satanSatan comes to us from Ancient Egypt from a deity named Set, (/sɛt/ or Seth, Sēth, Σήθ /sɛθ/; also spelled Setesh, Sutekh, Setekh, Suty or Sut).

Set represents the power of evil and is the Lord of Hell, who we simply call today Shaitan or Satan. He is the adversary, the accuser who is a god of the desert, storms, and foreigners, and in later myths, the god of darkness and chaos.

Set is the SO BELOW of the planet on the AS ABOVE called Saturn. The name Set or Sut means “black,” and Set’s main colors are black, or red (interchangeable colors in the Secret Mysteries), which represents the underworld or infernal region of the Egyptian Amenta, Greek Hades and the English Hell.

In art, Set is mostly depicted as a type of creature, referred to by Egyptologists as the Set animal or Typhonic beast and he is portrayed as the usurper of the creator god, Osiris. In Egyptian mythology, we find Osiris as the Creator, Horus the Preserver, and Typhon the Destroyer. Osiris is the SO BELOW son of the gods from the planet on the AS ABOVE named Jupiter. The King of all planets who went by names such as Zeus in Greece, or Yahweh and Adonai in Israel.

Since ancient times Jupiter and Saturn had always warred with one another over supremacy just like in Egyptian mythology there is Osiris and Set or in the Abrahamic religions with Cain and Able. It is Set, who we know today as Satan (Saturn) who killed and mutilated his own brother Osiris (Jupiter). Set was also identified by the Egyptians with the Hittite deity Teshub, who was a storm god like Set. The Greeks later connected Set with Typhon because both were evil forces, storm deities, and sons of the Earth that attacked the main gods.

In the bible we find in Job, Genesis and elsewhere, released for the seven periods of a cycle, during which Horus battles with him. Satan, or Saturn, is referred to by Job as an Arch Angel, one of the Sons of God who becomes the tester, the adversary or the accuser. Satan (Set) is the Deity, who is the adversary of truth, wisdom, love and light, who seeks to destroy all that is good.

Satan’s day is Saturday or Saturn-day. This is the Jewish Sabbatai, which is Hebrew for the English Sabbath, meaning Saturn. Sabatai (Saturn) rules over poverty, misery, illness and sickness, destruction, internal ailments, and sin.

The title of this treatise is ‘The Wisdom of the Chaldeans.’ Reference to Chaldean astronomy is very rare in Hebrew writings;

Referred to in the oldest astronomical book-—the ‘Beraytha de Rabbi Samuel.’ Chapter IX. is devoted exclusively to the interpretation of the astrological importance of each of the seven planets. Each is minutely described as ruling over some occurrence or other. Sabatai (Saturn) rules over poverty, misery, illness and sickness, destruction, internal ailments, and sin. Sabatai is first in order, and is said in the Book of Creation to have been created on the first day of the week. The author of that work must therefore have commenced his week on Saturday. The other six planets are the Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury, the Moon, and Jupiter.

Over the seven planets are appointed seven rulers, or angels, viz., Raphael; the angel of the Sun, Anael; the angel of Venus, Michael; the angel of Mercury, Gabriel; the angel of the Moon, Qaphsel; the angel of Saturn, Sadkiel; that of jupiter, and Samael; that of Mars. While these names are to be found in other mystical works, nowhere do we find a parallel to the entire text, or to the images under which these angels are to be represented.”

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