The number 33 is said to be the Master Number (Master Teacher). The Amon (AMEN) is the numerical equivalent of 33rd_parallel1+13+5+14=33. Amen is the God of Truth, and 33 represents Christ consciousness. In the Book of Enoch, Mount Hermon is the place where the Grigori; “Watchers, Sons of God or the Nephilim,” a class of fallen angels descended to Earth, and is at 33 degrees latitude and longitude.

There are many conspiracies surrounding the 33rd parallel of latitude that is 33 degrees north of the Earth’s equatorial plane, and the 33 degrees in Freemasonry. Whether or not there are any concrete facts tying them together in Truth, in my opinion has yet to be determined without a shadow of a reasonable doubt. But there are definitely some strange coincidences and a pattern of both Phoenician (Sidonian/Hebrew/Canaanite) and Masonic endeavors that seem to tie the two together in a world wide web that needs to be explored using reason rather than conspiratorial nonsense. 

Some people seem to think it has to deal with some evil Masonic plot and or that it some type of grid energy portal to the Gods, but I have found that this is just a theory propagated by profane people who are not in the know, but think they are by spreading disinformation.

33 degree parallelIn studying the 33rd parallel of latitude that is 33 degrees north of the Earth’s equatorial plane, I have found a common thread or method of building that seems to prove that the Phoenicians who we know as some of the world’s first sea faring conquerors and merchant marines had purposely built many of their settlements around the world along the 33rd parallel. These first Phoenician settlements can be found all across the globe in places like where I was live in San Diego, California in North America and along the 33rd degree you will also find major Phoenician founded countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel etc. you will find them all situated along the 33rd parallel. 

The Masons also have 33 degrees and trace their craft back to the Phoenician King Hiram AbiffThis doesn’t mean by default that since we see the number 33 that there is some secret conspiracy in regards to the 33rd parallel and 33 degrees in Freemasonry, but it does bring up some interesting connections when you start studying both the Phoenicians and the Masons. As it has been said, nothing is a coincidence, and when dealing with the Phoenicians and Masons, this rings true more than ever.

The Science of the 33rd Degree

The main Truth I have found in the number 33 deals with time, travel, the sun and the methods the Phoenicians employed to circumvent and settle around the globe. In order to accomplish such a feat in a time where there were no satellites, computers or modern compasses, they would need a congruent system put in place that the Phoenician kings, mariners, warriors, masons and slaves had to follow so they were all on the same global page even when they were separated by different oceans, countries and time.

I would like to propose that the Phoenicians accomplished this by following the laws of the 33rd Degree circle of latitude on the Earth which they had invented, and this evidence can be found in many ancient and modern Phoenician settlements. Not all the Phoenician settlements can be found on the 33rd degree, but enough to prove that my theory may in fact be correct.

The laws of the 33rd Degree circle of latitude are based on an imaginary east-west circle connecting all locations (ignoring elevation) with a given latitude. A location’s position along a circle of latitude is given by its longitude. The time for rising and setting of the sun is given only for two parallels of north latitude—the 33rd and 39th. Not even the intervening degrees, 34 to 38, are given. Thus if you live on the 34th parallel of latitude, the sun will rise one minute later and set one minute earlier than on the 33rd parallel and so on. 

At the 33rd latitude the sun is visible for 14 hours, 20 minutes during the summer solstice and 9 hours, 58 minutes during the winter solstice. This time is set by natural laws that the Phoenicians had followed from time, travel and settling the globe. These laws also allowed them to locate, manage and travel easily between their kingdoms which were and are spread all across the globe to this very day.

The Global Cornerstone of the Laws of the 33rd Degree 

As I have said before, the name of the Phoenicians was applied to them by their cousins, the ancient Greeks, and they had 33 Degree SIDONreferred to themselves as the Sidonians and in the Scripture are the Hebrew people and Israelites. Their history book and racial religion we know as the Old Testament (Old Law). The Phoenicians two main ancient political centers were on the Holy Island of Crete in the Mediteranean at the city of Sidon (Now Suida Bay), and the sister city located at Sidon in the country of Lebanon.

Sidon also known as Zidon or “Great Zidon” the mother city. It is located at 33.55993 latitude, and 35.37564 longitude. Sidon was situated in the narrow fertile plain between the mountains of Lebanon and Mediterranean 25 miles north of Tyre. It is the main Phoenician city to send their ships around using the stars to navigate around the world in the open seas. The northern border of ancient Canaan extended to Sidon (Gn 10:19). Later, Jacob spoke of it as the boundary of Zebulun (Gn 49:13) and Joshua included it as part of the land promised to Israel (Jos 13:6). Sidon was included in the inheritance of Asher, on its northern boundary (Jos 19:28)

This is the exact country and location that for at least 3,000 years had provided much of the Cedar timber needed to build their Phoenicians ships and maintain their Navy and Merchant Marines ships to trade their silk linen embroidery, dies, metals, and glass. This would make Sidon one of their main Naval ports and a specific coordinate they would use to travel and settle the globe.

In the Scripture, Sidon was founded by Sidon, the firstborn of Canaan, the son of Ham, from whom the Sidonians are descended. In Tyre and Sidon reigned Phoenix, who was the brother of the Phoenician Prince and inventor of letters, Cadmus of Thebes in Egypt. From the name of Phoenix, the Greeks applied the name of the Phoenicians to the Sidonians.

In Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, Sidon and the Sidonians are mentioned (17 times:Iliad 6.290–91; 23.743-44; Odyssey 4.83, 84, 618; 13.272, 285; 14.288, 291; 15.118, 415, 417, 419, 425, 473). Homer’s usage appears to relate the term Sidonian with Phoenicians in general (see also 1 Kgs 5:6; Jidejian 1996:60).

1025 – 945 B.C. 33rd Degree of Tyre – The Egyptians called the Phoenicians by the name of the Sea Peoples. Their first two first main political centers located at Sidon on the Holy island of Crete and Sidon in Lebanon and the next city of importance was Tyre, Lebanon which is home to the legend of the Masonic King Hiram.

Tyre is less than 20 miles north of the 33rd Parallel as part of the Laws of the 33rd Degree. Hiram was the Phoenician King of Tyre in the reigns of Egyptian Kings, David and Solomon (Ramesses II and III). He was on friendly terms with both of them. King Hiram supplied King David with cedar trees, carpenters and masons who help built David a house.

During the tenth century B.C. King Hiram of Tyre supplied King Solomon with craftsmen, metallurgists, cedar wood, architectural design, and presumably the esoteric symbolism of these two columns for the construction of his temple at Jerusalem. (1 Kings 7: 13-22)

The Cretan, Joannes Phocas (1185) had written ,”The Pilgrimage of Joannes Phocas in the Holy Land (in the Year 1185 A.D.)” in which an account is written by John the priest, the most holy Phocas, who practices religion in the Island of Patmos, how he saw the holy places in the year 1185. At the beginning of the book was written “I the son of Phocas of Crete write this, by name.”

Phocas the Cretan left us this description of Sidon, “Next comes Sidon with the famous twin harbor, whose situation has been admirably described by the historian of Leucippe;5 for if you visit the place, with its harbor and outer harbor, you will find the reality agreeing with the description given in his writings. Outside the city, at a distance of about three bow shots, stands a church, surrounded by a colonnade of great length, upon the upper part of the apse of which is placed a four-sided stone, whereon, according to the report of the vulgar, Christ, the Saviour of the world, used to stand and teach the multitude.”

Sidon was said to be destroyed about 350 years before-Christ by Alexander the Great in 333 BC when the Hellenistic era of Sidon began. Alexander in the 33rd year of his age and thirteenth of his government. From the confines of Tyre and Sidon came the Phoenician Canaanite woman who said to Jesus, ‘Son of David, have mercy upon me,’ and Jesus cured her because she showed faith in him (Matt 15: 21 -28; Mk 7:24 -30). While Paul was on his way to Rome as a prisoner he was allowed to visit his friends in this city (Acts 27:1,3).

After Sidon of the 33rd Degree, there was Dido, who founded the Phoenician (Sidonian) colony of Carthage in Africa.

875-848 B.C. 33rd Degree of Mount Carmel – The Biblical Mount Carmel is south of the modern city of Haifa and west of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Mount Carmel is less than 20 miles south of the 33rd Parallel. At Carmel, Elijah the Phoenician Hebrew prophet stood against 850 heathen prophets and defeated them (1 Kings 18).

593-571 B.C. In Ezekiel Chapter 28, the prophet wrote while in exile in Babylon, not far south of the 33rd Parallel. Ezekiel wrote about the ruler of Tyre. Tyre is less than 20 miles north of the 33rd Parallel. The prophecy of Ezekiel called the king of Tyre wealthy and skilled in trading but proud and destined to destruction:

‘Therefore this is what the Sovereign LORD says: “‘Because you think you are wise, as wise as a god, I am going to bring foreigners against you, the most ruthless of nations; they will draw their swords against your beauty and wisdom and pierce your shining splendor. They will bring you down to the pit, and you will die a violent death in the heart of the seas. Will you then say, “I am a god,” in the presence of those who kill you? You will be but a man, not a god, in the hands of those who slay you. You will die the death of the uncircumcised at the hands of foreigners. I have spoken, declares the Sovereign LORD.'”

The North American Phoenicians of the 33rd Degree

The Hohokam, a name meaning Sea Peoples of Southwest America and whom I identified as Phoenicians, have an important religious site in Arizona known as Snaketown 30 miles (48 km) southeast of Phoenix, Arizona. They had occupied the land that would become what we know today as Arizona, in places such as Sedona (Sidonia) and Phoenix for approximately 2,000 years or more from from as early as A.D 500 until about A.D. 1450.  Snaketown was located about five miles north of the exact 33 degrees line, while the ruins of the astronomical observatory called Casa Grande still rest about five miles south of the line. I have also found they were some of Americas first Masons to lay the stones that became the United States of America.

Circlestone ruinsNear Phoenix is a place called the Circlestone Observatory (33 degrees 28 minutes) where you will find what is called a “medicine wheel” constructed of a stone wall three feet thick with a circumference of 427 feet. New Zealand researcher and Druid Martin Doutré states that this structure incorporates various navigational codes, including phi, or the Golden Ratio (1.618…).

Doutré states that, “Ancient astronomer mathematicians built sites like Circlestone as repositories of codes and places where initiates to the astronomical arts could be taught the age-old principles. These initiates were the brightest, most adept children who were set apart as the “few to bless the many”. Their task was to learn, preserve and use the great knowledge for the benefit of regional society and their responsibility extended to teaching many others during the course of a lifetime of service.”

Like me, Doutré connects these structures to the Phoenicians who he says mined millions of pounds of copper that was transported back to the Eastern Mediterranean. He writes, “It is very apparent that ancient ships were ranging all over the world in search of resources for thousands of years before the Christian era. The mathematical concepts found within ruined ancient structures like the pyramids or Stonehenge attest to the fact that ancient civilizations had a perfect knowledge of the size of the Earth and how to grid reference it for successful navigation to any point of the globe.”

This perfect knowledge I like to call “The 33rd Degree Law of the Masonic Phoenicians.”

Travelling 1,500 miles to the east of Phoenix along latitude 33 North, we find the Moundvillesite  (33°0′16.81″N87°37′51.85″Wof what is called the Mississippian culture site on the Black Warrior River in Hale County, near the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. moundville

We again find the Phoenicians under the name of the American Indians following the law of the 33rd Degree at a river that is said to be once called the River Sidon and is now known as the Mississippi river.

The Louisiana Territory was that part of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase which lay north of the 33rd parallel, and was divided at the 33rd parallel. The northern division under Indiana Territory was called “District of Louisiana”, and the southern division, the “Territory of Orleans.” Slavery was restricted and inhabitants including Indian Tribes were to be incorporated into union of the United States according to the Constitution.

The Law of the 33RD Degree Freemasons –  In the year 1756 in Charleston, South Carolina, the original site was founded for AN33162434-ozThe Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction, in the United States of America and the law of the 33rd Degree. It is known officially as “the Mother Lodge or Mother Supreme Council of the World.” It was originally founded by Moses Lindo as the King Solomon Lodge.

On May 31, 1801, the first Supreme Council of the Thirty-third Degree, the Mother Council of the World, declared its existence with a motto of “Ordo ab Chao” (Order from Chaos). It announced a new 33-degree system of high degrees that incorporated all 25 of the Order of the Royal Secret, and added eight more, including that of 33°, Sovereign Grand Inspector General.

This new organization declared control of high-degree Masonry in America. All regular Supreme Councils of the world today descend from the Mother Supreme Council of Charleston. (The Origins of the Scottish Rite: Copy of the Grand Constitutions of 1786 from the Archives of the Supreme Council, 33°, S.J., U.S.A., in the handwriting of Rev. Frederick Dalcho, ca. 1801–02)

It may be no surprise to you after read this article that the Mother Lodge of the World that governs the laws of Ordo ab Chao of the 33rd Degree which by no coincidence sits on the 33rd Parallel.

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” – Jeremiah 33:3


In “The history of freemasonry in the district of Malta,” by Alexander Meyrick Broadle, it is written:

“Pre-eminent amongst these old-world Masons were the Phoenicians. Bro. Fort, in his “Antiquities of Freemasonry,” tells us of Masons’ marks still visible on the foundations of the temple of Solomon, now uncovered to the human gaze after the lapse of ages. Similar marks have been discovered at Sidon and other distant and varied localities of Palestine.

These peculiar geometrical figures were used undoubtedly by the Tyrian carvers and ” hewers of stone,” who were sent by their Tyrian king to aid in the erection of the most complete and gorgeous Masonic work of remote antiquity. The descendants of these very builders barely two centuries later founded Carthage, and carried westwards the skill and peculiar customs of their confraternities.

The marks we can see to-day on many a fragment of the ruins around us exactly correspond with those of Jerusalem and other cities in the far East. They are part and parcel of a system, an integral portion of the working of those ancient operative guilds which have laid the foundations upon which in the present day the great fabric of speculative Masonry may be said to rest.”

In A Cyclopedia of Freemasonry by George Oliver and Robert MaCoy, it is said of the Sidonians in the KNIGHT OF THE ROYAL AXE, or PRINCE of LIBANUs 22nd Degree:

“The 22d degree of the Ancient and Accepted rite. The legend of this degree informs us that it was instituted to record the memorable services rendered to Masonry by the mighty cedars of Lebanon, as the Sidonian architects cut down the cedars for the construction of Noah’s ark. Our ancient brethren, indeed, do not tell us how the Israelites had the wood conveyed to them from the land of promise to the mountains in the wilderness.

They further say, that the descendants of the Sidonians were employed in the same place, in obtaining materials for the construction of the ark of the covenant; and also, in later years, for building Solomon’s Temple; and, lastly, that Zerubbabel employed laborers of the same people in cutting cedars of Lebanon for the use of the second temple. The tradition adds that the Sidonians formed colleges on Mount Libanus, and always adored the G. A. O. T. U. Sidon was one of the most ancient cities of the world, and even in the time of Homer, the Sidonians were celebrated for their trade and commerce, their wealth and prosperity.

The allusion to the “colleges” on Mount Libanus may have some reference to the secret sect of the Druses, who still exist in that country, and whose mysterious ceremonies travelers affirm, have considerable affinity to Freemasonry. Bodies of this degree are styled Colleges. There are two apartments; the first representing the workshop at Lebanon, with axes, saws, mallets, planes, wedges, and such like implements.

The room should be lighted with lamps or candles. In this apartment the Senior Warden presides, and is styled Master Carpenter. He and all the brethren wear blouses and aprons. The second apartment represents the council-room of the round table. It is hung with red, and lighted with 36 lights, arranged by sixes and each 6 by twos.

In the center of the room is a round table around which the brethren sit; on the table are plans and mathematical instruments.

The presiding officer is Chief Prince, who is styled Thrice Puissant. The sash, to be worn from right to left, is a broad rainbow-colored ribbon, lined with purple. The apron is white, lined and bordered with purple; in the middle a round table is painted, on which are mathematical instruments, and plans unrolled. On the flap is a serpent with three heads. The jewel is a golden axe, crowned, having on the blade and handle the initials of several personages illustrious in the history of Masonry.”

In The American Tyler-keystone: Devoted to Freemasonry Volume 18, it is written:

“The Egyptian order of Sacred Builders, which had existed long before the time of Rameses and Ptolemy, erected the great pyramids which keep watch over the placid Nile, and whose sides are builded square with the four points of the compass. The Israelites were forced to assist in the building of these monuments to the Pharaohs, and at the time probably acquired a knowledge of the secrets of this order of builders.

At the time of the erection of King Solomon’s Temple, 1,000 years before Christ, the Sidonians had a society of builders which, no doubt, had derived their art and their secrets from the Egyptians and Phoenicians. One of the Tyrian artisans had married a Jewess of the tribe of Naphthali, and they had a son called Hiram Abiff who spoke the language of Tyre and Sidon, and also of the Hebrews.

He was a curious and cunning workman, an architect and artisan of great renown; and he had obtained all the secrets of the Sidonian order, which, in turn, had received the mysteries from the order of Sacred Builders of Egypt.

Whether those ancient mysteries were identical with these of the order of Freemasonry which King Solomon, King Hiram of Tyre and Hiram Abif instituted at the building of the Temple 3,000 years ago, we know not; but at that point we find an unquestioned, established and authentic organization of Masonry. From the present back to that tin;e, the chain of Masonic history is unbroken.

The permanent foundation of the order in connection with the building of the House of the Lord, which proceeded under divine direction, links Masonry with religion and scriptural history.”

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