This post goes along with my thoroughly researched articles on the science of the hippocampus or ammon’s horn such as the Ammon’s Horn,  The Third Eye, Two Golden Cherubim in Our Brains, Secrets of the Pyramid Amon Raand The word for our brain’s third eye is the hippocampus.

The ancient Egyptians has passed down this science in the names of their Gods and their hymns. For example, we get the words “ammon’s horn” which is another word for the part of our brains called the hippocampus from the Egyptian God named “Amon Ra.”

Hail to Thee, Amon Ra, Lord of the thrones of the earth, . . . the ancient of heaven, the oldest of the earth, Lord of all existences, the support of things, the support of all things.

The One in his works, single among the gods: . . . chief of all the gods; Lord of truth, father of the gods; maker of men, creator of beasts, maker of herbs, feeder of cattle, good power begotten of Ptah, … to whom the gods give honor.

Maker of things below and above, enlightener of the earth, sailing in heaven in tranquillity; King Ra, triumphant one, chief of the earth. Most glorious one, chief maker of the earth after His image, how great are His thoughts above every god! Hail to Thee, Ra, Lord of law, whose shrine is hidden, Lord of the gods; . . . Atmu, maker of men, . . . giving them life, . . . listening to the poor who is in distress, gentle of heart when one cries to Him.

Deliverer of the timid man from the violent, judging the poor, the poor and the oppressed. Lord of wisdom, whose precepts are wise; at whose pleasure the Nile overflows: Lord of mercy, most loving, at whose coming men live: opener of every eye, proceeding from the firmament, causer of pleasure and light;

SOURCE: A book of common worship

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