The World-Soul, then, for us, is the One Soul of Humanity, which will differ for each soul in proportion to the state of No two souls alike'consciousness it has arrived at.

No two souls are alike, just as no two blades of grass or grains of sand are alike, for then, as has been well said, there would be no reason why one should be in a particular place or state and not the other, and so the Reason of the universe be stultified.

The term “world,” in our present enquiry, therefore, will be limited to the cycle of manifestation of our particular humanity, for this is our present world; the collective embodiment of that Divine Soul, which may consequently be referred to as the World-Soul.

This source of his being, this essence of his nature, this something that transcends himself in his highest self-consciousness, man calls by many names, of which the one which obtains most generally in the Western world, and in the English tongue, is “God.”

By George Robert Stow Mead

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