The initiation ritual to this degree re-enacts the return to Jerusalem of three Most Excellent Masons who were held captive in Babylon.

Companion :—I invest you with the purple banner, which is the ensign of your office, and arm you with a sword, to enable you to maintain its honor. The color of your banner is produced by a due mixture of blue and scarlet; the former of which is the characteristic color of the symbolic or first three degrees of masonry, and the latter, that of the royal arch degree. It is an emblem of union, and is the characteristic color of the intermediate degrees. It admonishes us to cultivate and improve that spirit of union and harmony, between the brethren of the symbolic degrees and the companions of the sublime degrees, which should ever distinguish the members of a society founded upon the principles of everlasting truth and universal philanthropy.

“Master of Second Veil: “Three Most Excellent Masters you must have been, or thus far you could not have come; but farther you cannot go without my words, sign, and word of exhortation. My words are Shem, Japhet, and Adoniram; my sign is this: (thrusting his hand in his bosom); it is in imitation of one given by God to Moses, when He commanded him to thrust his hand into his bosom, and, taking it out, it became as leprous as snow. My word of exhortation is explanatory of this sign, and is found in the writings of Moses, viz., fourth chapter of Exodus”:

“And the Lord said unto Moses, Put now thine hand into thy bosom. And he put his hand into his bosom; and when he took it out, behold, his hand was leprous as snow” -Malcolm C. Duncan, Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor

Napoleon Bonaparte had helped revive the Knights Templar International founded in 1804 that is still in existence.

napoleon lions paw

Freemason and first President of the United States, George Washington

George Washington hidden hand

 German Freemason and banker, Solomon Rothschild

Hidden-Hand Solomon-Rothschild

The Freemason from Spain, Simon Bolivar,“El Libertador” (the Liberator), had obtained his Scottish Rite degrees in Paris, France and was also knighted into the Commandery of Knights Templar in 1807. Mason Bolivar is considered to be the “George Washington of South America”.

simon-bolivar-hidden hand

The Masonic Skull and Bones society of Harvard that American Presidents, George Bush Sr. and Jr. and also current United States Secretary of State, John Kerry were members of Skull and Bones.

Hidden-Hand skull and bones

Karl Marx

Karl Marx Lions Paw

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