A Christian man from West Virginia who was recently forced into retirement by his employer for refusing what he called a mandatory ‘Mark of the Beast’ biometric hand-MARK-OF-THE-BEASTscanner to track his movements, is suing them on the grounds of religious discrimination.

He won the lawsuit and was awarded $150,000 this past week. The man was a former general laborer at Consol Energy/Consolidation Coal Company’s mining in West Virginia.

The Christian Post reported:

“Butcher told his superiors in June 2012 that he couldn’t submit to the scan because he believes the technology has a connection to the “Mark of the Beast” and antichrist highlighted in the book of Revelation in the Bible. The company refused to exempt Butcher from the scanning, rejecting a manual alternative to tracking despite making exceptions for two workers who had missing fingers.

A letter written by the scanner’s vendor, Recognition Systems Inc., was given to Butcher. It expressed the vendor’s interpretation of chapter 13, verse 16 of the book of Revelation. The vendor pointed out that the “scripture references the Mark of the Beast only on the right hand and forehead; and suggests that persons with concerns about taking the Mark of the Beast ‘be enrolled’ (meaning, use the hand scanner) with their left hand and palm facing up.”

The situation left Butcher, an employee with the company for 35 years, with no option but to retire.

Consol Energy is expected to appeal the award.”

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