W. M. (now styled King Solomon.)–Brother Junior Grand Warden, what means all this confusion among the workmen? Why are they not at work as usual?

S. W. (now styled J. G. W.)–Most Worshipful King Solomon, there is no work laid out for us, and it is said we can have none. No designs are drawn on the trestle-board, and for this reason many of us are idle.

K. S.–No work laid out–no designs drawn on the trestle-board? What is the meaning of this? Where is our Grand Master, Hiram Abiff?

J. G. W.–We do not know, Most Worshipful King Solomon. He has not been seen since high twelve yesterday.

K. S.–Not been seen since high twelve yesterday! I fear he is indisposed. It is my orders that strict search be made for him through the apartments of the Temple, and due inquiry made. Let him be found, if possible.

The brethren commence, in loud voices to inquire of one another:

Have you seen any thing of our Grand Master Hiram Abiff? Not since high twelve yesterday, &c., &c.

J. G. W.–Most Worshipful King Solomon, diligent search has been made. He cannot be found. He has not been seen in or about the Temple.

K. S.–I fear that some accident has befallen him. Brother Grand Secretary (turning to the Secretary of the Lodge), you will go out and see to calling the several rolls of the craft, and report to me as soon as possible.

G. Sec.–Assemble, Craftsmen! It is King Solomon’s orders that the several rolls be called, and report made as soon as possible.

p. 110

At this command the Secretary passes out of the Lodge, accompanied by ten or fifteen of the brethren, into the ante-room, leaving the door open, so that the candidate can hear the rolls called. The brethren form around the Secretary like a class at school. The Secretary commences to call off a lot of Bible names, to which each brother responds “Here!” in a loud voice, until he calls that of the First Ruffian, “Jubela! Jubela!! Jubela!!!” After calling a few more names, which are responded to by the brethren, he says: “Jubelo! Jubelo!! Jubelo!!!” and after a few more names, that of the Third Ruffian, “Jubelum! Jubelum!! Jubelum!!!” finishing with a few other names; when he leaves the brethren in the ante-room, closes the door, and reports as follows to King Solomon:

G. Sec.–Most Worshipful King Solomon, the several rolls have been called, and reports made, by which it appears that three Fellow Crafts are missing, namely, Jubela, .Jubelo, and Jubelum, who, from the similarity of their names, I presume are brothers, and men from Tyre.

J. G. W.–Most Worshipful King Solomon, there are at the gate twelve Fellow Crafts, who wish to be admitted: they say they come with important tidings.

K. S.–Let them be admitted.

Here the Warden opens the ante-room door, and says: “Come in, you twelve Fellow Crafts;” when all those that were left out by the Secretary come into the Lodge, stamping and scuffling along, especially if only a few of them, to impress upon the candidate’s mind the idea that there are more. They advance before the Master in the east, and form across the Lodge, when all make the duegard and sign of a Fellow Craft (Figs. 3 and p. 17) which is responded to by the Master. Then one of the best posted relates the responded following, in a clear and distinct voice:

“Most Worshipful King Solomon, we come to inform you that fifteen of us Fellow Crafts, seeing the Temple about to be completed, and being desirous of obtaining the secrets of a Master Mason, by which we might travel in foreign countries, and receive Master’s wages, entered into a horrid conspiracy to extort them from our Grand Master, Hiram Abiff, or take his life; but, reflecting with horror on the atrocity of the crime, twelve of us recanted; but the other three persisted in their murderous design, and we fear that they have taken the Grand Master’s life. We therefore now appear before your Majesty, clothed with white gloves and aprons, in token of our innocence, and, acknowledging our premeditated guilt, we humbly implore your pardon.” (They all kneel.)

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