K. S. (to the S. W.)–My worthy brother of Tyre, I shall endeavor (with your assistance) to raise the body by the strong grip, or lion’s paw, of the tribe of Judah. (See Fig. 17.)

The Master steps to the feet of the candidate, bending over, takes him by the real grip of a Master Mason, places his right foot against the candidate’s


right foot, and his hand to his back, and, with the assistance of the brethren, raises him up perpendicularly in a standing position, and, when fairly on his feet, gives him the grand Masonic word on the five points of fellowship. (See Fig. 18.) In the mean time, the canvas is slipped out of the Lodge, and as the Master commences to give or whisper the word in the candidate’s ear, some one of the brethren slips off the hoodwink, and this is the first time he has seen light, probably, in an hour. The following is the representation of the Master giving candidate the grand Masonic word, or at least this is a substitute, for, ac-cording to Masonic tradition, the right one was lost at the death of Hiram Abiff.1 This word cannot be given in any other way, and by Masons is considered a test of all book Masons.

The Master having given the word, which is MAH-HAH-BONE, in low breath, requests the candidate to repeat it with him, which is in this wise:

Master whispers in candidate’s ear–Mah.



p. 121

Master telling candidate never to give it in any other way than that in which he has received it. The Master, stepping back one pace, now says:

“Brother Gabe, you have now received that grand Masonic word, which you have solemnly sworn never to give in any other way or form than that in which you have received it, which is on the five points of fellowship, and then in low breath. (See page 247.)

‘The five points of fellowship are–foot to foot, knee to knee, breast to breast, hand to back, and cheek to cheek, or mouth to ear.

FIG 18. MASTER GIVING THE GRAND MASONIC WORD ON THE FIVE POINTS OF FELLOWSHIP. It is done by putting the inside of your right foot to the inside of the right foot of the one to whom you are going to give the word, the inside of your own knee to his, laying your breast close against his, your left hands on each other’s back, and each one putting his mouth to the other’s right ear. “1st. Foot to foot–that you will never hesitate to go on foot, and out of your way, to assist and serve a worthy brother.

“2nd. Knee to knee–that you will ever remember a brother’s welfare, as well as your own, in all your adorations to Deity.

“3d. Breast to breast–that you will ever keep in your breast a brother’s secrets, when communicated to and received by you as such, murder and treason excepted.

“4th. Hand to back–that you will ever be ready to stretch forth your hand to assist and save a fallen brother; and that you will vindicate his character behind his back, as well as before his face.

“5th. Cheek to cheek, or mouth to ear–that you will ever caution and whisper good counsel in the ear of an erring brother, and, in the most friendly manner, remind him of his errors, and aid his reformation, giving him due and timely notice, that he may ward off approaching danger.”

All the brethren take their seats but the Master and candidate, when the Master continues:

p. 122

“Brother Gabe, you will now repair to the east, and receive an historical account of this degree.”

Master now takes his seat in the east, and requests candidate to stand before him.


W. M.–Brother Gabe, the second section of this degree exemplifies an instance of virtue, fortitude, and integrity seldom equalled, if ever excelled, in the history of man.

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