Human Magnetoreception: The Hierarchy of Bad Ideas and Humans Creating Hell on Earth

Human Magnetoreception: The Hierarchy of Bad Ideas and Humans Creating Hell on Earth

I believe we each live in a multipolar world that is ruled by magnetism. These worlds act just like magnets attracting and repulsing people based on the quality of their DNA, thoughts, ideas, and actions or inactions.

These thoughts, lack thereof, and action processes are also magnetic.

We know that magnetism is the result of an object or energy that is either spinning up, down, or not at all.

Science has proven that humans are also part of this magnetic process. We can now measure and quantify a person’s thoughts via their magnetic field with special magnetic resonance machines.

Like magnets, humans are either spinning up, down, or not at all.

There is a group of magnetized humans that I contend participate outside the Forms of Good of the World Soul/Noosphere and our accepted Ancient Traditions.

People who are of like energies or none at all, spin the same way so naturally, they will be magnetized to organizations and people who “speak their language.”

In this sense, we can say they scientifically align their minds with the other weak minds who follow the modern-day cargo cults of atheism and the Left-Hand Path ie Counterclockwise Path – the path of the Individual and Satanism.

There is also research that I believe explains why some humans are naturally magnetized and attracted to the material world, atheism, and Satanism, and why I theorize that they spin down.

Instead of being in rhythm with the world, they become arrhythmic and spin down.

To be an individualistic or Satanic human is a result of spinning down, which is symbolized in the occult by the inverted pentagram and upside-down cross.

To become an energy and people magnet ie a Satanic Individual that absorbs and attracts like energies in a vampish fashion of everyone and everything around you.

To consciously do this is to participate in the noosphere but often ends in destruction and death for most people who chose this path.

The path of the selfish human.

The spinning path that leads to the underworld or what the Greeks had called Acheron makes people beasts who often morph into demons taking everyone around them down to what Christians call hell.

This is why they proudly profess to follow the adversary, Satan or they have no God thus becoming zealous atheists hell-bent on attacking the world’s Traditions on their Twitter accounts.

A New World Order made up of mostly Satanists ie: Liberal atheists and agnostics who seek to usurp God’s natural hierarchy/community to follow their own ideas in disorder to create self-made religions, cults, philosophies, and God forbid, online coaching courses on how you can learn to be just like them.

In a sense, they flip their middle fingers proudly at our Ancient Traditions. Like fallen angels and their Beastly hero, Satan, they labor in the world of Do Thou Wilt is the Whole of the Law as they  pervert and magnetize our nation’s youth into their cults.

These people are often magnetically repelled, opposed, and more often than not, engaged in active attacks against the ideas of our religious and philosophical Traditions i.e Plato’s Forms of Good and God’s communities.

With the advent of the internet, which is just a big magnet in the sky, I believe that these people are creating a Satanic world of individuals who all mimic and copy one another as they magnetize each other into Hell (bowels of the earth).

In researching what biological phenomena may be causing people to become a type of automaton, I found that within our gi tracts is what is called the “myenteric plexus” which plays a major role in controlling our “motor skills.” It is the inner plexus that is located in the submucosal region between the circular muscle and the mucos controlling GI secretions and local blood flow.

You wil find that the myenteric plexus can be electrically depolarized or hyperpolarized depending on the person’s gut health.

This science connects with my spin down theory because Spin polarization is the degree to which the spin, i.e., the intrinsic angular momentum of elementary particles, is aligned with a given direction. … Spin polarization of electrons or of nuclei, often called simply magnetization, is also produced by the application of a magnetic field.

In biology, depolarization is a change within a cell, during which the cell undergoes a shift in electric charge distribution, resulting in less negative charge inside the cell.

Depolarization is essential to the function of many cells, communication between cells, and the overall physiology of an organism.

As I have explained, humans are like magnets, and in being so, we are also like a radio with an antenna, i.e. the brain in our skulls and also the second brain in our bowels that can receive outside communication signals and also control various thought processes.

In researching what biological phenomena may be causing people to become a type of automaton, I found that within our gi tracts is what is called the “myenteric plexus” which plays a major role in controlling our “motor skills.” It is the inner plexus that is located in the submucosal region between the circular muscle and the mucus controlling GI secretions and local blood flow.

You will find that the myenteric plexus can be electrically depolarized or hyperpolarized depending on the person’s gut health.

This science connects with my spin down theory because Spin polarization is the degree to which the spin, i.e., the intrinsic angular momentum of elementary particles, is aligned with a given direction. … Spin polarization of electrons or of nuclei, often called simply magnetization, is also produced by the application of a magnetic field.

In biology, depolarization is a change within a cell, during which the cell undergoes a shift in electric charge distribution, resulting in less negative charge inside the cell.

Depolarization is essential to the function of many cells, communication between cells, and the overall physiology of an organism.

As I have explained, humans are like magnets, and in being so, we are also like a radio with an antenna, i.e. the brain in our skulls and also the second brain in our bowels that can receive outside communication signals and also control various thought processes.

Hence, I contend that depending upon the human, their health, and the quality of their thinking and reasoning or lack thereof will determine de facto how they spin or more appropriately, where they are magnetizing via their thoughts and lives – up to heaven ie Vitruvian Man, Christ Consciousness and Plato’s realm of Ideas or via the bowels – down to the earthly, material and animal realm – where Hades rules the 666 Beast Men.

The sons and daughters of the Devil who controls the little noos or false noos.

The magnetic path that leads to disorder, destruction, and death i.e. hell!


A 2012 study stated;

“The myenteric plexus of the enteric nervous system lies between the circular and longitudinal layers of the muscularis externa and is the main neuronal regulator of intestinal motor function. The rhythmicity of intestinal motor function is tied to the intrinsic oscillating transmembrane potential of the ICCs and is propagated among smooth muscle cells via membrane gap junctions.

Enteric nerves serve to alter smooth muscle membrane potentials to depolarize or hyperpolarize, such that oscillating changes in potential become closer to or further from the threshold at which spike potentials, as well as resultant muscle cell contraction, occur.”

See more @ Science Direct

Matt Walsh Defines Leftism and Woke Culture as Satanism

Matt Walsh Defines Leftism and Woke Culture as Satanism

An author and podcaster who has similar views about how Satanism is an ideology that best explains extreme leftism, neoliberalism, progressivism, and the woke movement is Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire.

He also believes it is a type of religious cult in which members are united by the Satanic ideologies they share regardless of their self-chosen titles or preferred pronouns.

In his 2017 book, The Unholy Trinity: Blocking the Left’s Assault on Life, Marriage, and Gender, Walsh wrote:

“According to the liberal – the secular Satanist, you might call him – each person is a Me, a Mighty Me, and all values and morals are hallowed out and reduced to serve Me. I am currently autonomous and sovereign, and everything is relative to Me. I make my own truth, my own science, my own universe.

This is what Satan set out to do, and the universe he created was a nothingness of Hell, a Hell that the modern liberal wants desperately to join.”

Walsh further said, “The Satanism of the modern liberal is almost always latent and secular, not theological. What I’m trying to establish is the prevailing philosophy of our culture is rooted in an evil that can be traced back to the beginning of everything. This is not new, we should realize.

I use the terms liberal and progressive and liberalism and progressivism simply because these are the names and labels we place on the contemporary manifestations of this ancient evil. But it doesn’t actually matter what name you use.

You could call it “liberal” or “progressive,” a “banana” or an “oogliebooglie” – it is the belief system, not the labels, we’ll be dealing with in this book, ” he wrote. (1)

This is where I somewhat disagree with Matt Walsh. I do believe that people like myself and Walsh who are opposed to these various ideologies that all come from the same source should stick to one label that best defines them all and that would be Satanism, which I agree, predates them all.

In an interview with podcaster Matt Fradd of Pints With Aquinas Host, Walsh said that the simplest answer is that Leftism is the worship of the self. It is the elevation of the self, which is also the definition of Satanism. (2)

He said, “That is the coherent thread that can connect what we call Leftism and wokeism. It is a religious worship because they believe that the self or ego transcends all boundaries and should submit to no control at all including their own biological identities that they should be able to overwrite by the force of their own will.

The worship of the self is also the definition of Satanism, which I would respond I would respond, yes exactly.

Maybe that is an easier way of putting it.”


It is true. They have their own creed that kind of gets placarded outside of their houses. They have their little tokens that symbolize they’re part of the group. Just like I as a Catholic do.

I wear a miraculous medal around my neck. I got to holy mass. Things like this. I suppose having your pronouns displayed on your Instagram is something like that.

You also have these excommunications. I mean the Catholic Chruch is far more merciful to those who have been excommunicated. It seems to me more than the woke mob when they cancel you.


“My only hesitation, although I say it is a religious cult because it is. Sometimes I worry about putting it that way because when you’re using religion as a pejorative. That is my only hesitation. It is not like there is anything wrong in itself with being religious but there are plenty of religions that are wrong.

The religion of Leftism is the wrongest of them all. I think calling it a religious cult is important. It helps us exactly understand what we are dealing with here,” Walsh said.


The Unoly Trinity: Blocking the Left’s Assault on Life, Marriage, and Gender By Matt Walsh

Pints with Aquinas

German Police Arrest 25 Members of Reichsbürger for Attempted Government Coup

German Police Arrest 25 Members of Reichsbürger for Attempted Government Coup

Twenty-five members of a right-wing political group called “Reichsbürger” were arrested by the German police yesterday for allegedly attempting a government coup and planning a civil war.

Reichsbürger is a German term meaning “citizens of the Reich” or “Reich Citizens,” while ‘reich’ itself refers to a ‘realm’ or ’empire’ in English.

Investigators claim members were plotting to storm the German parliament building called the Reichstag, and other targets in a wave of attacks that included the national power grid in order to depose the current federal government and take power by force.

The prosecutors stated that the group believed that Germany is ruled by a so-called “deep state,” similar to claims in the U.S. by QANON and former President Donald Trump.

According to German officials, the suspects “belong to a terrorist organization founded by the end of November 2021 at the latest, which has set itself the goal of overcoming the existing state order in Germany and replacing it with its own form of state, which has already been worked out in outline.”

Many members are alleged to be former soldiers of Germany’s armed forces, including special forces, who were said to be in possession of various weapons. The Reichsbürger had planned the coup to completion from the moment of the “takeover” by assigning government positions to some of its members.

A soldier from the Bundeswehr’s Special Forces Command (KSK) as well as several Bundeswehr reservists are also among the suspects arrested, a spokesperson for Germany’s Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD) told the DPA news agency.

Justice Minister Marco Buschmann said in a statement:

“Since this morning a large anti-terror operation is taking place. The Federal Public Prosecutor General is investigating a suspected terror network from the Reichsbürger scene,” Buschmann wrote. “The suspicion exists that an armed attack on constitutional organs was planned.”

Approximately 2,100 Reichsbürger are prepared to use violence to reach their goals, according to the 2021 annual report of the agency.

The group’s leader is 71 year old Heinrich Reuss, who calls himself Prince Heinrich XIII. Reuss hails from a long-established but minor German royal household in eastern Germany and has publicly advocated his “Reichsbürger” in order to restore the old royal lineage from the 19th century.

Reichsbürger is a term was first used in 1980 by Otto Ernst Remer to describe those who rejected the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany as not legitimate.

It refers to Germany before World War II, when it was known as the Second Reich. The first Reich was the Holy Roman Empire that existed from 962 to 1806.

Some Reichsbuerger demand the enthronement of the great-great grandson of Emperor Wilhelm II, forced to abdicate in 1918 as a consequence of World War One, as a new German emperor.

They are described as a right-wing extremist group that believes that the Federal Republic of Germany is not a real state, but only a corporation under international law. They assert that the 1937 borders of Germany are still in effect and claim that their country is the Deutsches Reich (German Empire), which existed under a different legal system.

Approximately 3,000 security forces from the Federal Police’s antiterrorism unit GSG 9, and officers from several special forces (SEK) of the German states were also deployed to carry out the raids.

Peter Nygard: Fashion mogul rapes underage women to harvest the blood of dead babies

Peter Nygard: Fashion mogul rapes underage women to harvest the blood of dead babies

“I may be the only person in the world who has my own embryos growing in a petri dish.” – Peter Nygard

In an era where the mafia gets taken down for unpaid taxes, and pedophiles are exposed after years of child rape for simple property disputes with their neighbors, we know that we live in a Satanic World made for demons. Here is another case to prove my point.

A recent investigation by the United States Justice Department (USDOJ) into the 79-year-old fashion mogul, Peter Nygard resulted in a nine-count indictment by law enforcement who accuse him of impregnating numerous women intentionally, many of whom were as young as 14, and then paying for their abortions in order to use the umbilical cords and stem cells to “extend his life.”

In a nine-count indictment unsealed in 2020,  crimes stemming from The Bahamas, Canada, New York and elsewhere, Nygard has been charged with using fraud, force and coercion to cause “at least dozens” of adult and minor-aged girl to engage in commercial sex acts for his gratification and on occasion those of his personal friends and business associates.

In an interview with the BBC, according to Nygard, his doctors made a scientific breakthrough by turning his skin cells into embryonic stem cells.

“From the woman’s egg, we took out her DNA, put my old 70-year-old DNA in its place [and] grew it in vitro,” he says in the video. “I may be the only person in the world who has my own embryonic stem cells growing in a petri dish.”

“This is huge. This is a game-changer. This could eliminate all disease. This perhaps is immortality,” he says.

There are said to be at least fifty-seven known victims that have joined ongoing legal action, claiming that Nygard used violence, intimidation, bribery and company employees to lure victims.

Nygard would host what he called “Pamper Parties” at his private island resort Nygard Cay in the Caribbean. He would allegedly pick young girls for sex, many underages, and then drug and rape them or offer them cash.

The Justice Department said Nygard targeted women and underage girls with false promises of modeling opportunities before sexually assaulting them and is facing charges related to “at least a dozen” victims in a pattern of criminality across the US, the Bahamas, Canada, and other locations around the world.

Investigative news reporter, Chris Hanson had been investigating Nygard and claims he has information that proves that Nygard was intentionally sleeping with underage women at his Bahamas compound so that he could impregnate some of these women in order to force them to have abortions.

It was during the abortion process when Nygard’s doctors would harvest the placenta of the woman and blood of the dead babies for his Satanic cocktail of stem cell therapy that Nygard believed would prolong his life and give him more vitality.

See the interview here:

Nygard, who has a net worth of around $700 million has vehemently denied all the allegations against him.

Nygard once said that he fears a day when the stem cell science becomes the sole domain of the wealthy to enhance their physical and mental abilities.

“The use of stem cell technology to create supermen and wonder women has many people feeling uneasy,” he said.

Hell, the last thing our world needs are a bunch of freaky Satanists who ignorantly think they will be Supermen by raping women and getting drunk on dead baby’s blood.

For Christ’s sake, don’t we have legions of them already?

Here is the copy of the original indictment unsealed from Manhattan federal court:

From at least in or about 1995, up to and including in or about 2020, PETER J. NYGARD was the leader and founder of an international clothing design, manufacturing, and supply business headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada, with major offices and warehouses in the United States, including New York City and California. NYGARD operated a constellation of corporate entities organized in various countries (the “Nygard Group”).

Over this 25-year period, NYGARD used the Nygard Group’s influence, as well as its employees, funds, and other resources, to recruit and maintain adult and minor-aged female victims for NYGARD’s sexual gratification and the sexual gratification of his friends and business associates. NYGARD and his co-conspirators, including Nygard Group employees, used force, fraud, and coercion to cause women and minors to have sex with NYGARD and others.

NYGARD frequently targeted women and minor-aged girls who came from disadvantaged economic backgrounds and/or who had a history of abuse. He controlled his victims through threats, false promises of modeling opportunities and other career advancement, financial support, and by other coercive means, including constant surveillance, restrictions of movement, and physical isolation. NYGARD forcibly sexually assaulted some of his victims. Other victims were forcibly assaulted by NYGARD’s associates or drugged to ensure their compliance with his sexual demands.

NYGARD maintained personal and quasi-professional relationships with certain of his victims, whom he referred to as “girlfriends” or “assistants.” NYGARD required these “girlfriends” to travel and to stay with him regularly; to engage in sexual activity at his direction (including with NYGARD, with each other, and with others); and to recruit new women and minor-aged girls for NYGARD to have sex with. NYGARD controlled these “girlfriends” through a variety of means, including force, fraud, and coercion.

At times, NYGARD and his associates provided illegal drugs and alcohol to “girlfriends” before sexual activity and threatened or berated “girlfriends” if they did not agree to participate. NYGARD sometimes forcibly assaulted “girlfriends” who did not comply with NYGARD’s sexual demands – or caused others to do so. NYGARD dictated the daily activities of “girlfriends” and the details of their appearance. “Girlfriends” were also under constant surveillance by NYGARD and his associates and were not permitted to leave premises without NYGARD’s express permission.

NYGARD used various tools to recruit women and minors for sex, including:

Events hosted at NYGARD’s properties in Marina del Rey, California and in the Bahamas, including so-called “Pamper Parties,” named for the free food, drink, and spa services that NYGARD made available. NYGARD frequently used a “girlfriend” or another employee to approach a chosen woman or girl to indicate his interest in sex.

NYGARD engaged in sexual activity with the victim on the premises and paid her cash. Some unwilling participants, including minors, were drugged to force their compliance with his sexual demands. Other victims had no advance warning of NYGARD’s interest in sexual activity before being lured to a secluded area of the property where NYGARD used physical force and/or psychological pressure to coerce sex.

Sex and “swingers” clubs, where NYGARD directed and pressured “girlfriends” through manipulation, intimidation, degradation, threats and, on occasion, force, to engage in sex with other men in order to facilitate NYGARD having sex with other women and for his own sexual gratification.

Sexual “swaps” with male friends and business associates, who would bring NYGARD a “date” for sex in exchange for sexual access to one of NYGARD’s “girlfriends.” NYGARD did not inform “girlfriends” in advance that he would trade them for sex and often used manipulation, intimidation, degradation, and threats to ensure compliance.”




The Finders: A Satanic Breeding Cult for Children

The Finders: A Satanic Breeding Cult for Children

In October 2019, not long after Jefferey Epstein’s death, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) began releasing hundreds of files that document a massive police investigation into an alleged Satanic pedophile cult known as the Finders. According to the documents, the Finders was founded by Marion Pettie and his wife Isabella in the early 1960s in Virginia and Washington D.C.

It is important to note that Marion also was a retired master sergeant from the U.S. Air Force and records later revealed that his wife was a confirmed employee of the CIA between 1952 and 1961, as well as their son who worked for the CIA contractor, Air America.

The two purchased a large woodland property in rural Madison County, Va., as a real-life experiment using children, adults, and a weird combination of New Age philosophies, psychology, and human development.

The files revealed that the Finders were a secretive group of handlers, parents, and so-called caretakers who believed that allowing children a healthy environment of uninhibited freedom to grow in which they do not need a lot of guidance, discipline or supervision was the best thing for them. They allowed children to be raised by their peers with little supervision and were operated by a secret group of mostly middle-aged men who always wore dark suits in public but often walked around naked behind closed doors.

Former members of the cult described Marion as “The Student,” “The Stroller,” “The Pathfinder” and the “Game Caller” and claim to have been a student of life who taught and learned ‘the game’. It was later revealed that many of his students were runaways, single mothers, drop outs, and drug addicts. He constantly lectured to members about “the New Age way of living” and Eastern mysticism, and it was said that he could peer into their souls almost as if he had X-ray vision.

The curious locals described them as the “watchers” because they seemed to constantly roam the streets, following people home and taking extensive notes and pictures. They often appear at local council meetings, never saying a word but simply observing the scene.

At other times, they plunder the visitor’s center of brochures, maps, and local travel guides. And they haunt the courthouse, scouring land deeds to find out who owns the local real estate.

One of the reports in the FBI files was signed by Special Agent Ramon J. Martinez, who claimed that during his participation in the searches of two of the Finder’s properties in Washington, evidence of the Finders’ intent to traffic children and other potentially criminal acts were found.

Martinez wrote that he was unable to review the evidence after multiple attempts, and said that he was eventually told by a confidential unnamed informant within the D.C. police told him “the investigation into the FINDERS has become an internal CIA matter….No further will be available and no further action will be taken.

U.S. Customs officer Martinez wrote:

“On April 2, 1987, I arrived at MPD at approximately 9:00 a.m. Detective Bradley was not available. I spoke to a third party who was willing to discuss the case with me on a strictly ‘off the record’ basis.

“I was advised that all the passport data had been turned over to the State Department for their investigation. The State Department in turn, advised the MPD that all travel and use of the passports by the holders of the passports was within the law and no action would be taken. This included travel to Moscow, North Korea, and North Vietnam from the late 1950s to mid 1970s.

“The individual further advised me of circumstances which indicated that the investigation into the activity of the Finders had become a CIA internal matter. The MPD report has been classified SECRET and was not available for review.

I was advised that the FBI had withdrawn from the investigation several weeks prior and that the FBI Foreign Counter Intelligence Division had directed MPD not to advise the FBI Washington Field Office of anything that had transpired.

“No further information will be available. No further action will be taken.”

The Finders were ultimately discovered when some people called the Tallahassee, Florida police on February 4, 1987, after seeing two men dressed in suits and ties in the company of six bug-bitten, dirty, hungry children in a van at a park.

The strange men did not cooperate with the police at all. When they would be escorted anywhere they would go limp and when questioned acting as if they went into a “trance-like state”. The children in custody were reported to be “like shells, and zombie-like.”

After being questioned by police, the two men and children made statements that set off red flags for the officers who then immediately placed the men under arrest and took the children into protective custody for further investigation.

Douglas Edward Ammerman, 27, and Michael Houlihan, 28, were taken into custody at a Florida jail in lieu of $100,000 bond each on misdemeanor child abuse charges.

Based on the children being from Washington D.C., the Tallahassee police alerted the FBI to assist in the interstate investigation who were also working with Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

When the D.C. police were informed the Florida Police had captured the Finders, they said, “Holy shit! We’ve been looking at these freaks!”

According to the Washington City News in 1998, Tallahassee police officer Scott Hunt, D.C. Police believed at the time that The Finders were Satanists and/or survivalists, but claimed they were not criminals.

According to U.S. District Court records in Washington, a confidential informant had previously told police that the Finders were “a cult” that conducted “brainwashing” techniques at the warehouse and the Glover Park duplex at 3918-20 W St. NW. The source said they were being recruited by the Finders with promises of “financial reward and sexual gratification” and of being invited by one member to “explore” satanism with them, according to the documents.

The US Customs Report states:

“U.S. Customs was contacted because the police officers involved suspected the adults of being involved in child pornography and knew the Customs Service to have a network of child pornography investigators, and of the existence of the Child Pornography and Protection Unit.

SS/A [deleted] stated the two adults were well dressed white males. They had custody of six white children (boys and girls), ages three to six years. The children were observed to be poorly dressed, bruised, dirty, and behaving like wild animals in a public park in Tallahassee.

The police were notified by a concerned citizen and all eight persons were taken into custody. The subjects were living out of a white 1979 Dodge van, Virginia license no. XHW 557.”

According to US Customs:

“Upon being taken into custody, the adult white males refused to cooperate, one of whom produced a “business” card with a name on one side and a statement on the other. The statement indicated that the bearer knew his constitutional right to remain silent and that he intended to do so.

Upon interviewing the children, the police officers found that they could not adequately identify themselves or their custodians. Further, they stated that they were en route to Mexico to attend a school for “smart kids.”

SS/A [deleted] was further advised the children were unaware of the function and purpose of telephones, televisions and toilets, and that the children had stated they were not allowed to live indoors and were only given food as a reward,” the report said.

The two oldest children referred to as “Mary” and “Max”, were interviewed by law enforcement where it was discovered that the children were raised on a farm with little adult supervision and that they were being “weaned” from their mothers and were rarely allowed inside the house, even sleeping outside.

The children were examined by a doctor who found that all the children showed signs of malnourishment and two of the six children showed physical signs of sexual abuse and also found human bite marks on some of the children, but could not determine if the bite was from an adult or child.

A behavioral scientist said that the children behaved similarly to those who had been ‘institutionalized for a prolonged period.’

Based on the evidence, investigators were quickly able to obtain a search warrant from a judge for the Finders’ two D.C. properties which included a local warehouse and a duplex apartment.

After searching the properties, police found signs of Satanic rituals at the rear of the residence with a stone circle and a small very ornate gravestone propped up against the support pillar for the porch.

They also found brochures, photos, books on mind control, indices, and a large amount of computer equipment and “instructions for obtaining children for unspecified purposes.”

According to the US Customs report, filed by Ramon J. Martinez:

“During the execution of the warrant at 3918/20 W St., I was able to observe and access the entire building … There were several subjects on the premises. Only one was deemed to be connected with the Finders. [He] was located in a room equipped with several computers, printers, and numerous documents.

Cursory examination of the documents revealed detailed instructions for obtaining children for unspecified purposes. The instructions included the impregnation of female members of the community known as the Finders, purchasing children, trading, and kidnapping.

There were telex messages using MCI account numbers between a computer terminal believed to be located in the same room, and others located across the country and in foreign locations. One such telex specifically ordered the purchase of two children in Hong Kong to be arranged through a contact in the Chinese Embassy there.

Another telex expressed interest in ‘bank secrecy’ situations. Other documents identified interests in high-tech transfers to the United Kingdom, numerous properties under the control of the Finders, a keen interest in terrorism, explosives, and the evasion of law enforcement.

Also found in the ‘computer room’ was a detailed summary of the events surrounding the arrest and taking into custody of the two adults and six children in Tallahassee the previous night. There were also a set of instructions which appeared to be broadcast via a computer network which advised the participants to move ‘the children’ and keep them moving through different jurisdictions, and instructions on how to avoid police attention,” Officer Ramon stated.

Martinez  also reported finding disturbing photographs of men dressed in white robes holding a severed goat head, and the children engaging in some type of Satanic ritual with one even holding a dead goat fetus that was pulled from a womb. These images were part of a file called “The Execution of Henrietta and Igor”.

Martinez said:

“On Friday, 2/6/87, I met Detective Bradley at the warehouse on 4th Street, N.E. I duly advised my acting group supervisor, SS/A Don Bludworth. I was again granted unlimited access to the premises. I was able to observe numerous documents which described explicit sexual conduct between the members of the community known as Finders.

I also saw a large collection of photographs of unidentified persons. Some of the photographs were nudes, believed to be of members of the Finders. There were numerous photos of children, some nude, at least one of which was a photo of a child ‘on display’ and appearing to accent the child’s genitals.

I was only able to examine a very small amount of the photos at this time. However, one of the officers presented me with a photo album for my review. The album contained a series of photos of adults and children dressed in white sheets participating in a ‘blood ritual.’ The ritual centered around the execution of at least two goats.

The photos portrayed the execution, disembowelment, skinning and dismemberment of the goats at the hands of the children. This included the removal of the testes of a male goat, the discovery of a female goat’s “womb” and the “baby goats” inside the womb, and the presentation of a goat’s head to one of the children.”

The police report further stated:

“..numerous files relating to activities of the organization in different parts of the world. Locations
I observed are as follows: London, Germany, the Bahamas, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Africa, Costa Rica, and ‘Europe.’ There was also a file identified as ‘Palestinian.’

Other files were identified by member name or ‘project’ name. The projects appearing to be operated for commercial purposes under front names for the Finders. There was one file entitled ‘Pentagon Break-In,’ and others referring to members operating in foreign countries.

Not observed by me but related by an MPD officer were intelligence files on private families not related to the Finders. The process undertaken appears to be have been a systematic response to local newspaper advertisements for babysitters, tutors, etc.

A member of the Finders would respond and gather as much information as possible about the habits, identity, occupation, etc., of the family. The use to which this information was to be put is still unknown. There was also a large amount of data collected on various child care organizations.

The warehouse contained a large library, two kitchens, a sauna, hot-tub, and a ‘video room.’ The video room seemed to be set up as an indoctrination center. It also appeared that the organization had the capability to produce its own videos.

There were what appeared to be training areas for children and what appeared to be an altar set up in a residential area of the warehouse. Many jars of urine and feces were located in this area,” police investigators wrote in the original report.

Virginia state police spokesman Charles Vaughn issued this statement to the press about the evidence found:

Among the pictures were those of a crying child looking at a decapitated goat, another captioned ″Ben finds Henrietta’s womb,″ and three others showing children playing with goat fetuses.

″I don’t know exactly how to interpret those photographs. I don’t think that anyone does,″ Vaughn said.

The Finders claimed this was done for “hands-on” educational purposes.

″As long as we have existed there have been allegations against us on many topics because people don’t understand us and strike out against us,″ said Robert Gardner Terrell, a Finders spokesman, in an interview in Washington.

″We had two goats there in the summer and rather than just leave them there to starve in the winter, we butchered and ate them,″ he said.

″We did it with the children present because we thought it would be a good learning experience for them. It turned out to be a delightful experience for them,″ Terrell said.

″We took pictures of the event and kept them for the children as a keepsake. That was what the police found,″ he said.

Officer Hunt of the Tallahassee PD told the Miami Herald, “It is our belief these kids were not kidnapped but that their parents gave them away, because one of the rites of passage into this satanic organization is that you have to give up your rights to you children, and that the leaders of this organization can do what they want to with your children.”

And he said to the Tallahassee Democrat, “As far as we’re concerned, this goes from coast to coast and from Canada to Mexico … There is no doubt in our mind that this will have at least national, if not international, repercussions.”

CBS News reporter from D.C., Mike Buchanan reported that after researching police files, he claimed that the Finders had “worldwide connections,” used “sex and children to obtain power and money,” and had two bank accounts with over $100,000 in each.

About two weeks after the initial investigation began, it was suddenly announced that the MPD and Tallahassee police were dropping all charges due to “insignificant evidence”. They had claimed that after finding no evidence of child sexual exploitation, kidnapping or any related crimes, they dropped the case.

“The lifestyle of the so-called Finders organization may differ from the societal norm, but so far the Metropolitan Police Department has not uncovered any evidence of criminal wrongdoing by members of the group,” Washington Police Chief Maurice Turner told the Democrat.

”There was apparently the killing of goats and some type of blood,” Chief Turner said, adding that it appeared the children did not participate in the killing. Other police officials suggested that the goats were actually butchered for meat, not for some sort of satanic animal sacrifice.

”A photograph can paint 1,001 pictures,” Chief Turner said.

”The life style of the so-called Finders organization may differ from the societal norm,” he added, ”but so far, the Metropolitan Police Department has not uncovered any evidence of criminal wrongdoing by members of the group.

”At this point the Metropolitan Police Department has not found any materials among the seized documents or records that would initially corroborate allegations made by an informant that the organization is a cult and that its activities involve satanic rituals. Documents Being Reviewed

”However, we are still involved in an extensive and detailed review process of the documents and records seized,” he added.

Asked if the group was dangerous, Chief Turner replied: ”I don’t really believe so. If they are a danger, from what I can see, they would be a danger to themselves.”

Another document said a customs agent who asked to review evidence in the case was told it was a CIA internal matter.

In typical CIA fashion, the agency denied any cover-up, saying the charges were like a “nothing burger.”

“This story is a non-story,” CIA spokesman Dave Christian told the Democrat in December 1993. “I think of it as a nothing-burger.”

The doctor who originally examined the children did an about-face on her original assessment by later saying that there was no “conclusive” evidence of child sexual abuse.

Local police officers followed suit by claiming that it all was just a misunderstanding as part of the “Satanic Panic” that has spread across the country.

However, the 324-page file released by the FBI in 2019 paints a much different story.

The FBI discovered that The Finders traveled to places like North Korea, Russia, and Vietnam, which were considered ‘no travel’ zones.

The CIA was made aware of the FBI and local police department’s investigation and claimed to be conducting their own, but refused to cooperate with the FBI or local police. On record, a member of the FBI asks a member of the CIA if the investigation was “treading on anyone’s toes”, to which the CIA agent responded “Sort of…

Marion Pettie continued to live in the same town he operated his cult in relative obscurity until his death in 2004.

He was interviewed before he died in 1998 by Eddie Dean with the Steamshovel Press. It is a telling tale of a man who operated a Satanic pedophile cult for the CIA and had absolutely no regrets.

Hell, why would a government protected asset and most likely paid psychopath think any different?

In the interview, Marion appears to try to find redemption by halfway coming clean about his involvement with intelligence agencies. He tells Dean, “I kept open house mainly to intelligence people in Washington. OSS people passing through, things like that.”

But of course, he says that he was not an intelligence asset himself but he claimed to be a private citizen who spent his life as a “spy of spies.” He claimed to be something akin to a CIA watchdog, proclaiming that he had been studying them since before they were born.

As for Pettie’s wife’s employment with the CIA, hell, that was a secret operation in which he sent her in as a spy, to spy on the CIA for Marion. Being in charge of the records department, his wife was able to find out things for Marion. He also acknowledges that his son worked for the CIA company, Air America.

Here is part of Dean’s interview with Marion Pettie:

“I ask him about the history of the Finders.

Pettie explains that his group is actually the “second round” of a long-term, ongoing experiment he calls the “topsy-turvy university,” in which everyone teaches him, the Student.

“I’ve been keeping open house to fools since the ’30s,” he says. “I rented two apartments in Washington and had open house. Anyone that wanted to could come and stay with me—I’m still doing it.

And by watching these fools, that’s where I get most of my learning. I do just about anything to humor these bunch of fools that want to come along and be nice to me. And of course, I’m a big fool, too.”

He describes the odd work of the Finders nonchalantly.

“My goal is to know everything and say nothing. I run a private intelligence game, and I send people out undercover to find out various things.

I’ve been investigating the CIA before it was the CIA, when it was the OSS.”

“The only conflict I’ve ever had in my life are with these ungrateful wretches that are suing me now,” mutters Pettie.

“They were dope fiends and emotionally disturbed people, and they got cured in my mental hospital and they left. Now they come back and want to take the hospital.”

He knocks some ashes off the cigar and points the smoldering butt at the silent Berns, scribbling away in his note pad: “These people like him, they’re not cured yet, and he’s only been here 25 years.

He came here as a dope fiend and sick 25 years ago, and I just let him lay on the porch in the sun for a couple of years; now he’s one of my main lieutenants.”

Berns, expressionless, simply nods his head in agreement.

Pettie continues to interview himself while I reel from the cigar and the colliding topics. “Culpeper is a model of a well-run little town,” he explains, pleading no personal attachment to the place.

“I’ve been studying this town for 70 years. I like it here because nobody talks to me. You’re the first person to come here and talk to me.”



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Finders’ Keeper

How Pornhub and MindGeek Allow Child Rape Videos on its Platform

How Pornhub and MindGeek Allow Child Rape Videos on its Platform

The online pornography video behemoth, Pornhub, and its parent company, MindGeek has seen their fair share of bad publicity over the years for allowing videos of child sexual exploitation and rape on their websites, as you will see.

MindGeek, formerly known as ManWin, has been embroiled in several lawsuits related to videos of child sexual assault and trafficking that have been levied against them.

Both Visa and Mastercard cut ties in December 2020 over allegations that Pornhub hosts videos depicting child pornography, which sparked lawsuits against Visa.

But keep in mind that there are many other lawsuits and criminal cases going back several years that have proven this is common knowledge. A simple Google search and you will find a plethora of criminal cases and allegations made against Pornhub and MindGeek.

All the while, Pornhub is generating millions of dollars monthly in advertising and membership revenue with almost 50 billion visits and over 6 million videos uploaded per year.

The most recent case of child exploitation involves a 12-year-old boy from Alabama who was drugged and raped by a 35-year-old man on numerous occasions and then uploaded the videos to Porhub. The videos remained on the pornography platform for months garnishing over 150,000 views and thousands of dollars in revenue for the pedophile rapist and all the companies involved in allowing it to happen.

According to the USDOJ, “Rocky Shay Franklin, a 36-year-old residing in Greenville, Alabama during the commission of his crimes, was sentenced to 480 months in prison for sexual exploitation of a child, advertising child pornography, and distribution of child pornography.”

In the initial criminal suit against Franklin, the complaint details how Franklin drugged and raped the 14-year-old — known only under the pseudonym CV1 — filming the entire ordeal and uploading the footage to Pornhub.

During a plea hearing that took place on July 28, 2021, Franklin specifically admitted that in the summer of 2018, he used, induced, and enticed two minors to engage in sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing a visual depiction.

In addition, Franklin acknowledged that from May 30, 2019, through October 11, 2019, he uploaded multiple videos to a pornography website.

“Franklin did so from various locations in Greenville, Alabama and Montgomery, Alabama. The videos contained visual depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

Franklin advertised these files through the website and requested a monetary fee for distribution. Franklin also admitted to distributing child pornography on at least three occasions using various online accounts and platforms,” the USDOJ said.

In other recent news, a 15-year-old girl who had been missing for a year was discovered on Pornhub after a tipster spotted the rape videos of the girl on the website and alerted her mother.

The man who was seen raping the child in approximately 58 videos was later apprehended by legal authorities using surveillance footage where he was spotted with his victim. He is now in prison.

In February 2020, the BBC reported a horrific story of 14-year-old Rose Kalemba from Ohio who was kidnapped at knifepoint and raped for twelve hours while the scum bag videotaped the crime and then uploaded them to Pornhub.

The victim claimed that she pleaded with Pornhub to remove the videos for months, but the company ignored the pleas. It wasn’t until she posed as a lawyer and threatened legal action that the company finally took the videos of the crime down.

A Sunday Times investigation reported finding “dozens” of illegal child abuse videos within “minutes” on Ponhub, including videos of children as young as three years old with some garnishing 350,000 views and had been on the platform for several years.

22 women recently won a $12.7 million lawsuit against MindGeek after they were deceived and coerced by Michael Pratt, owner of GirlsDoPorn, into performing sex acts on film and then uploading them to Pornhub. According to the federal complaint, Pratt and his co-conspirators filmed and produced child rape, sexual abuse content, and trafficking in minors.

Pratt fled the United States for New Zealand and is currently wanted on a federal warrant as of September 2020, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) added him to its Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list offering a reward of $100,000 for information leading to his arrest.

From 2012 to 2019, Pratt owned and operated GirlsDoPorn and GirlsDoToys, which generated more than $17 million in revenue, the FBI said. “Locating Pratt is a high priority for the FBI in order to stop him from victimizing anyone else,” Special Agent in Charge Stacey Moy said.

Pratt is from New Zealand but founded GirlsDoPorn in San Diego. “Michael James Pratt preyed on young women and girls and allegedly coerced or forced them through threats and fraud to participate in pornographic videos,” Moy said.

MindGeek has repeatedly said its hands are clean by denying such accusations.

But the evidence speaks for itself. They are laughing all the way to the bank as children get raped and the criminals cash in on these horrific crimes.

One time is too many. Two or more is unacceptable.

This is now to the point that Washington DC lawmakers need to intervene before more children become victims or they too will be complicit in these crimes.

As well as owning Pornhub, MindGeek owns many other pornography sites, including xHamster, RedTube, and YouPorn.

In June 2022, MindGeek announced that its CEO, Feras Antoon, and Chief Operating Officer David Tassillo resigned after more than a decade.

The company said that their departure was planned since early 2022 and that both Antoon and Tassillo will remain shareholders of the company.

Instead of being in prison where they belong, Antoon and Tassillo received the customary golden parachute to hell as they sip champagne after the carnage they had allowed to happen to young children and women under their watch for years.

Only in the Satanic State of America.


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