The hierarchical nature of the helical DNA molecule within the cell carries the genetic instructions and such a large volume of information packed within its “supercoiled” architecture. What makes DNA perfect for data storage is that you can store an enormous amount of data in tiny amounts of mass. It is also one of the most stable and long-lasting substances in all the world, lasting up to the oldest DNA ever sequenced which is 700,000 years old.

In a recent interview that I conducted with DNA scientist Dr. Max Rempel, who has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the Institute of Gene Biology in Moscow, Russia, he informed me that DNA is a physical substance that can be placed in a tube and measured. He says it acts like a quantum computer with an antenna connecting to a fiber-optic network transmitting our energy, knowledge, and memories into the earth’s biofield.

This concept was fascinating because I have been writing about what I dubbed DNA Gnosis and our DNA computers back in 2012. I had written a series of essays detailing how our DNA stores knowledge. As a result, we can not only participate in adding more knowledge, but we can also travel back in time and tap into ancient ancestral knowledge by researching their lives and historical records. By doing so, you become connected to the proper computer network and, more appropriately, the true hierarchical structure that both nature and God had intended for the human race.

Dr. Rempel had said, “It is exactly what it’s called facia. And it is a network, a fiber-optic network, which transmits energy by a field. DNA resonance model, genomic resonance model every cell with DNA in 99% of the cells have DNA except erythrocytes, which is red blood cells and everybody, everything else has DNA, participating in in the biofield.

And we are thinking in part of the brain’s thinking, but in part, we think with the whole body, the whole, with the whole DNA of the planet, and this facia is a fiber-optic network, which connects to the tissue. So you have the computers on the internet you have with the wires and the facial is are the hubs which connect everything. Obviously, the main thinking work happens in the cells, in the cell’s nucleus, in the brain cells, and all the other sense of the body’s cells makes sense.”

“Basically, it’s the molecular mechanism; scientists love that, and everybody else is scared like a nonscientist, but the molecular mechanism, how the DNA makes the biofield. One thing is to say DNA is a magic molecule that makes the biofield,” he said.

When I listened further to Dr. Rempel educate me about the secret world of DNA, it made me think about the hierarchical structure of the order of the earth. How the animals, mammals, insects, and, more importantly, the microscopic and magical world of fungi each have their own hierarchical system and play a significant role in the earth’s biofield and human evolution, and our mental and physical health.

Hence, I contend that the natural human hierarchy with its various genuses, races, and nationalities acts in a similar way to nature’s hierarchies when our society is properly managed. This can be done by structuring a hierarchical government and society by first matching a person who has a certain DNA Haplogroup and its historical and empirical physical traits and secondly by their knowledge and skills into their proper position in the hierarchical structure of the world.

Dr, Rempel further stated, “And another thing is to describe the physics of that. I described only minimum, but I can point to the molecular structure and say, these electrons, these aromatic electrons of Purin rings, basically of these structures within the GNA. They form a liquid crystal structure.

Okay. DNA for Analytica, liquid, crystal structure, and periods for within the structure, form an antenna and an antenna that creates the field basically to create a field. You’d like to run to, to radiate it out.”

So this is an antenna and this proton’s electrons are negatively charged. Protons are the smallest, positively charged elementary particles. There have the sign H plus protons H so they H two O they have two ages. There are protons in the water. So these protons in the DNA form a string. Electrons make clouds of spirits, specific shapes and protons make strings, creating another oscillator and another antenna.

And together, they create I pronounce the world, a computer and specifically a quantum computer. 

So a sequence of DNA made four letters, a C T it creates a program for that computer and forms the body of that computer. Within this letter, there is a badge of that computer, which thinks within the DNA.

And as I mentioned, each cell contains 6 billion letters. So this is a pretty sophisticated program like a big library equivalent of a big library, but it can also be written on a DVD or put on a flash drive, six gigabytes. It’s big, but it is manageable. So now I have published the mechanism, how the DNA creates the field.”

It is this field or biofield that is controlled by our own bodies and also our human interactions. It is no secret that there is a hierarchical structure in nature in how it operates each of its functions, with a particular animal, mammal, insect, and fungi species naturally obtaining their rank in the order. This order is arranged by the size and the violence and death that the specific species is able to exert on its fellow competitors.

For example, the lions of Africa and other countries stand at the top of the animal hierarchy, and when you go to Alaska, it is the bears or in the ocean, it is the Killer Whale who can quickly kill a Great White shark who stands 2nd in the hierarchy of the ocean. This type of hierarchal order can be witnessed in all life down to the microscopic fungi who I contend are the “hard drive” running the human-computer, and our DNA is the software creating the property structure of human order by means of knowledge, intelligence, and IQ, rather than a person’s body size and violence they are capable of like we see in animal and mammal kingdoms.

The various human Haplogroups do this via their contribution to humanity’s enlightenment and moral progress or lack thereof over history. I contend this natural hierarchy can also be artificially influenced and usurped by violence and laws that create a lack of wisdom and reason in governing the people instituted by the same said usurpers, causing the Apex of the human pyramid structure to become temporarily inverted. This inversion causes our world to operate in an automaton-type fashion or a group-think based on the very ideas and laws that govern us, which change over time accordingly.

As author and political strategist, Dr. Nikolas Laos explains in his essay, The Enlightenment of the Soviet Union, And The Revival of An Enlightened Civilisation, “Enlightenment is a movement of intellectual change that penetrated Europe (and America) during the eighteenth century. He says that it aimed essentially to emancipate human reason from the thraldom of prejudice and superstition (and especially from the feudal ethos and institutions) and to apply it to the cause of social and political reform. This changed many times over history simply by the rulers’ values and morals or lack thereof and the culture as a whole.

Dr. Laos had written,

“Even though, in different segments of historical space-time, different values were placed at the apex of the corresponding “moral pyramid,” certain values, such as “veracity,” “uprightness,” “accountability,” “strength,” and “perseverance,” irrespective of the particular ways in which they are interpreted by different human communities, seem to have been exerting indisputable moral authority over humanity throughout its known history.

In addition, if we inquire into the forms of moral values, and if we approach morality in a formalist way, then we realize that, in every segment of historical space-time, humanity makes a fundamental distinction between “good,” perceived as moral positivity, and “evil,” perceived as moral negativity. Therefore, by inquiring into the contents of moral values and into the forms through which moral values are manifested, we realize that moral consciousness has some recurrent qualitative features (meaning that it is characterized by structural stability),” Dr. Laos had said.

He further writes, “It goes without saying that the social system exerts significant influence over moral consciousness, and the latter internalizes and reflects social values. But the social system does not create moral consciousness itself, and moral consciousness can always judge and change the established system of values instead of passively complying with it. Hence, moral consciousness seems to be an innate attribute of the human being. In particular, through a combination of sentiments, volition, and reason, moral consciousness obtains a conception of the “good,” and it determines the conditions under which the “good” can be historically objectified and, thus, become historically meaningful.”

The social systems are created either by degree of knowledge and wisdom acquiesced, which equates to moralistic and ethical reasoning, leads to the “good,” i.e., good people leading.


Advanced life forms, such as humans, dogs, and whales, have what are called eukaryotic cells. Unlike prokaryotic cells such as bacteria, Eukaryotic cells contain a nucleus that stores and protects the genetic material, DNA, which is “condensed” (i.e., packaged) into chromosomes. To get an idea of just how condensed DNA is, inside every one of the 30 to 40 trillion cells (excluding bacteria and reproductive cells) that make up a human, if you were to stretch the 3 billion base pairs of DNA end to end, its length would be about two meters.

In humans, DNA is found in almost all the body’s cells and provides the instructions they need to grow, function, and respond to their environment. DNA stores biological information, such as eye color, hair color, skin tone, and much more information that science is just beginning to discover.

When a cell of the body divides, it will pass on a copy of its DNA to each of its daughter cells. DNA is also passed on at the level of organisms, with the DNA in sperm and egg cells combining to form a new organism with genetic material from both its parents. Physically speaking, DNA is a long string of paired chemical units (nucleotides) that come in four different types, and it carries information organized into units called genes. Genes typically provide instructions for making proteins, which give cells and organisms their functional characteristics.

The genetic data contained in DNA serves as a blueprint for each cell to perform its functions. It is as if it was specially made by nature to encode knowledge and information that is compressed and packaged within the nucleus of our cells for the instructions needed for our continued operation. An internal operation manual but also a program for the human body that can be hacked by the operator by adding and taking away information and highjacked by the outside biofield.

An energy transfer of sorts via the very microscopic entities that reside in our blood and these fields such as viruses and fungi as well. This is done through vertical and or lateral gene transfer that shows a symbiotic or pathogenic which I have discussed in my previous essays.

The Scientist reports:

“Lateral Gene Transfer is not limited to bacteria. Scientists now recognize that microbes transfer DNA to the plants, fungi, and animals they infect or reside in, and conversely, human long interspersed elements (LINEs) have been found in bacterial genomes. Moreover, researchers have documented LGT from fungi to insects and from algae to sea slugs. There is a reason to believe that any two major groups of organisms—including humans—can share their genetic codes.

“A new analysis published last year by Alastair Crisp of the University of Cambridge and colleagues found more than 130 traces of possible LGT events in the human genome—including the presence of fungal hyaluronan synthases, a fat mass and obesity-associated gene (FTO), and the gene responsible for blood types (ABO).”

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The computer industry has a data storage problem. The torrent of information created over the last two years is more than in all of preceding human history, which may soon outstrip the ability of computer hard drives to store it all. However, some of the world’s brightest researchers have created a new way to encode information as digital data within DNA to create the largest data storage devices invented.

According to Harvard, “It is estimated that 1 gram of DNA can hold up to ~215 petabytes (1 petabyte = 1 million gigabytes) of information, although this number fluctuates as different research teams break new grounds in testing the upper storage limit of DNA.” Microsoft, who is also currently engaged in DNA research, noting on their website: “Using DNA to archive data is an attractive possibility because it is extremely dense (up to about 1 exabyte per cubic millimeter) and durable (half-life of over 500 years).”

“DNA won’t degrade over time like cassette tapes and CDs, and it won’t become obsolete,” says Yaniv Erlich.

This statement by Erlich coincides with the research showing that DNA can last for hundreds of thousands of years and also Dr. Max Rempel’s comments that DNA is a type of quantum computer with an antenna connecting us to the biofield. I believe that as humans act morally, ethically, and responsibly when we search, acquire, and act upon the knowledge, we are not only creating a symbiotic relationship with this biofield, we are participating in the natural hierarchal order of humanity as God intended.

I contend this DNA and the human endeavor of acquiring knowledge, information, and experience has created a natural human hierarchy that spans the globe since this same said knowledge was applied to governing empires and imperialism.

In November 2020, a coalition of computing and biotech firms including Microsoft, Twist Bioscience, Illumina, and Western Digital announced forming the DNA Data Storage Alliance (DDSA). The alliance hopes to “organize the industry and think of how to build the whole ecosystem for DNA data storage”, says Xavier Godron, chief technology officer at DNA Script, a Paris-based developer of bench-top DNA synthesizers and a member of the alliance, according to

In June 2019, researchers reported that all 16 GB of text from Wikipedia’s English-language website had been encoded into synthetic DNA.

Researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and Harvard Medical School (HMS) have developed a low-cost DNA storage technique that enables encoding, storing, and retrieving digital information at a large scale.

DNA stores our biological information in sequences of four bases of nucleic acid — adenine (A), thymine (T), cytosine (C) and guanine (G) — which are strung along with ribbons of sugar-phosphate molecules in the shape of a double helix which serves as its owner’s complete genetic blueprint. The sequence of DNA bases is arranged into genes, most of which contain the instructions to build a protein. DNA stores information in the sequence of its bases. The data is grouped into genes. Protein is what is mainly coded.

These coded genes become the storage files of DNA is very much like hierarchical file systems that we find on Windows and Linux computer systems or a zip file. In the same manner that folders are contained within folders in a computer or zip file, individual genes within a DNA molecule are equivalent to “computer files” needed for the cell to function.

It is these human-computer files that work individually, acquiring knowledge and wisdom for the collective of humanity that naturally creates the true human hierarchy.

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